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It’s 2012…Do You Know Where YOUR Bunkerfunk Is?

Nobody Wins

Okay…can we get over this already? Can we see some future where Mad Max isn’t taking over the Golden Gate Bridge? Too many people are obsessed with the end of the earth. Really. Half of the programs on TV are about the end of all time. Want to find out how to survive after the Holocaust? We’ll show you! There’s “The Walking Dead” and “Terra Nova” and “Falling Skies” all filled with grand lessons in how to live with simple things like huts, no plumbing, smelly sweaty people, and social utopia. And then there’s my personal favorite “Supernatural.”

At least in Supernatural you can still get a hamburger while you’re fighting off Armageddon.

And all the Discovery programs…Life After Humans will be grand! How many of those did they make? Forty? And if you get tired of watching buildings grow vines, turn the channel and some scientist is filling you with doomsday horror: Any minute we could be hit by a: comet, sunburst, asteroid, falling space junk, magnetic pole shift, weather changes, Yellowstone exploding…or all of the above at once. But don’t worry…plantlife will flourish! And Michael Moore will repopulate the earth.

If the scientists don’t get you, the politicians will.

Our leaders are always coming out and putting the fear of god into all of us with “A nuclear bomb could go off at any time in any city.” Shut up already. What? Are they worried they won’t make it to their very expensive bunker where they will have to play simulated golf? What the heck are all of us out in powerless land suppose to do about it? Stock up on water and Nikes?

When did this stuff start? It’s 2012, and this is our last year on planet earth according to too many people, and if you go by the video, I should be really excited. Finally, some decent weather for my gardenia plants! Maybe if the Muslims got out of the desert they might evolved into some kind of  better understanding of life. (Fat chance. Okay.)

We have been told that the Mayans started this doomsday scenario: but, the Bible didn’t help much–at least the Bible was a lot more specific. Somewhere in a field in the middle East…Russia, and the United States, are going to kill each other off, and then Jesus will come down, and save all the “believers.” and then  Muhammad will appear out of some well on a flying horse, and say “Thank you Jesus for giving me the infidel” And Jesus who is really working for Muhammad (according to the Muslims) will give all the good souls to Allah.  They both agree that the people they don’t like are going to Satan.

Rick Santorum is going to be overwhelmed.

Then came the nuclear arms race. Everybody got the big bombs. Russia or Castro was going to detonate and we were all going to die.  Now, we have Iran, and dirty bombs, and bird flu, and weapons of mass destruction, and too many young Chinese boys without something to do, and EMP’s, and Al Gore…and horrible schools that damn you to flipping hamburgers the rest of you life.

Al Gore– got so mad upon losing the election, he had to take it out on us. He claims that we all need to be punished with carbon taxes before it’s too late. Prince Charles already thinks it too late.

This will of course be  as the Bible predicted: earthquakes, disease, tornadoes, tsunami, and more wars. And it’s not bad enough that we have to hear about it constantly, we have to now watch our destruction daily on 52-inch HD screen TV’s. I don’t know about you, but by the time I got to the end of the movie 2012, I wanted to sink all the rich snobs that made it to the boats.  If the peons didn’t get to live, then why should they?

Spielberg had to make War of the World, and hit us forever more with his sitcom…”Falling Skies” in which it’s aliens that will suck out our brains. I’m beginning to think he has one in his basement.

And frankly, nobody notices that most of the brains have been sucked dry already, and instead of planning a decent, and sensible future for the planet,  promoting movies that have great and optimistic endings, they’d much rather make a lot of money scaring us to death.–which is really is just some very clever minds sucking up what’s left of everyone’s money.

Maybe I should blame Rod Sterling. Or JFK. Or Nostradamus. Or Billy Graham. Or the people who have donated $75 millions dollars to reelect Obama. I mean really? Where did all THAT money come from? To me that says that some big money guy somewhere is buying our destruction.

Okay…so they’ve talked about it for so long, it’s now coming true. In Mark Steyn’s new book “After America” he says this:

“For American, the best-case scenario is that Washington’s ruling kleptocracy sleepwalks its subjects into smaller homes, smaller cars, smaller lives, and soft despotism so beguiling they don’t notice it’s over until late in the day. A more likely prospect is a catastrophically convulsed America that descends into Balkanized ruin and social collapse on a planet with no global order in which the formerly hyperpower still makes the most inviting target. “

You can thank Mark for not sugar-coating it. I sure he found the riots in Orlando today over Nikes will more than help his book sales.

You know, in the last depression at least THEY had Disney and Shirley Temple to escape all the gloom. What have we got? Brittany Spears? Whitney Houston? Dead drug addicts and American Idol Contests?

Today, a friend was dining in a popular chain Mexican restaurant here in St. Louis, called Casa Gallardo. Some men came in, and told everyone to get out. All the stores in St. Louis had closed. I watched all the major businesses close here: Ford, Busch, Pontiac, Chrysler, McDonald Douglass..then many of the big malls. Now..major restaruants chain. Who are we kidding? This summer. The post office. Obama is gutting the military. The economy is not going to come back.

Nobody Thinks this is a planned destruction. Too many people made too much money. Too many leaders were in bed with too many bankers. Too much was said about “globalization” being the wonder of the world. I don’t know…nobody is just tired of being bombarded daily with the end of the world.

I’m ready for the “Good Ship Lollipop.”  That next Star Trek movie is going to make billions. I don’t know about you…but I’m Bunkerfunked.

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