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Lately I’ve noticed…some of my readers are concerned about me. Joyanna… can’t do anything about the world. You’re going to blow a gasket. You silly nobody…it’s not all that bad. Go outside and dig in your garden.

I’m not sure how to take this. I will take it in a good way. The last thing we need in the world is another crazy blogger going into the debts of …seriousness.

Granted, they have a point. My mother had a massive stroke after Bill Clinton said one of his famous “I did not lie” on the TV. I am my mother’s daughter. It’s in my blood, and of course Nobody blames my mother..who could blame it on HER father, and HIS grandmother…all the way back to the instigators of ancestors who decided to throw perfectly good tea into the Boston Harbor.  I just can’t help myself…SO. I have my work cut out for me. I have brown eyes…I need blue. (actually my eyes are…gray.) I could use violet ones, but Elizabeth has yet to will them to me.

Tonight to prove that I’m not all that serious— I did check the clouds, to notice that according to our weatherman…tornadoes are coming. Do I give in to my natural proclivity to go into “Oh boy…what if a tornado hits my house, will some kid in Kansas find my Altas Shurgs book? Will he mail it back to me, damage and all?” With such powerful screwed up  genetics this nobody can imagine any worse case scenario that you can dream of. I’ve often wanted to dial-up Steven Spielberg and say, “Hey Steve”—you want to make a REAL 3D movie? Take my dreams….nobody will believe it.” (Yes, I dream WAY too much.) I like the dreams where I redesign really cool houses with swimming pools going through the bedrooms…but I haven’t had those in some time. I had to STOP that.

For example: Today is February the 29th…all over the United States there are teenagers born on this day that have to wait to tomorrow to pass their drivers test. Do they feel lost? Special? Robbed? I don’t know, but I’d like to know. It’s means nothing at all to anything, but I’d still like to know.

And on this leap day, Mitt Romney was upset about Rick Santorum calling Democrats to go and vote for him in Michigan. Wuss. Russ Limbaugh in the last presidential primaries told everyone to vote for Hillary. We all know how well that turned out. If you have read me, then you know that I think that MITT was picked by the “rich” guys to be the nominee…and then we’ll see. Frankly…the thought of another 4 years of Obama has me almost to the point of wanting to start up a band of 90- year- olds, with a bass player that can tell dirty jokes. It would be the only way I could keep my sanity. I would name the band, “The Ageless Bunkerfucks” And I would play the drums, and sing old Donna Summer songs.: ‘I WIll SURVIVE(Rahm’s Missing finger)  

Here’s what I’m going to think is important tonight: Fingers. Look for politicians with all their fingers. Rahm Emanuel for example…is missing a finger. Henry Paulson, looks like HIS finger was mangled beyond recognition. I checked, Both Rich and Mitt still have their fingers.

I suggest, we watch those hands. Whomever goes missing a finger in the next year, is to be suspected of being ruled by the Mob, and they will be elected.

There…is that not serious  enough? Okay. You’re welcomed. Don’t worry about me. I do enough worrying for the planet. YOU my readers should just sit back and go…

My god…thank goodness she worries, better she blow her gasket than me!

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