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Nobody Remembers Galileo

Nobody Remembers

Galileo, Galilei: Today was his birthday: He was born February the 15th, 1564, and not a word was mentioned about the guy.

According to Wikipedia:

Galileo has been called the “father of modern “observational astronomy” , the father of “modern physics”  the “father of science”,  and “the Father of Modern Science”.  His contributions to observational astronomy include the telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter (named the Galilean moons  honor), and the observation and analysis of sunspots. Galileo also worked in applied science and technology, inventing an improved military compass and other instruments. According to Stephen Hawking, Galileo probably bears more of the responsibility for the birth of modern science than anybody else,  and Albert Einstein called him the father of modern science.

Of course the Catholic harassed him all his life for heresy, so I think we can see a message here: It was Galileo that proved that the earth and the planets revolve around the sun. (working on Copernicus’s theory before him) Nobody suggests, in honor of the great man, that we should all proclaim in the devastating news of the closing of NASA, that the planet earth does not revolve around Barack Obama. Now, it’s not the Catholic church that seeks to stop the exploration of the planets…it’s our government. Did any of our schools celebrate this man today between lunch box raids? You tell me.
BECAUSE Galileo was so smart: We now can look at pictures like these: God Bless Galileo.

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Now, Watch the Destruction of Rick Santorum

Nobody Knows

First it was Sarah Palin…she was the rising star that the people were hoping would run…not even George W. Bush, or Richard Nixon was vilified as much as Sarah in the press. They attacked her children, her family, even her baby. It was too much for her..she got out. Then we had Newt. Newt was destroyed by the media, and his own past. Mitt Romney ran nasty ads while claiming that he had nothing to do with those ads. The media again…attacking viciously. Yes, candidate after candidate has rose up, and then gotten knocked down.

The people know that it’s Romney who bears the Bush mantle…which hold the powerful in Washington D.C.. What they don’t tell you is that the powerful from both parties..would prefer Mitt to run.Running out of choices, the people are now going with Rick Santorum. And already, he is the next man to fall.

On the left, he is being attacked as some kind of scary religious right-winger who is out to put women back into the 18th century.
From the right..we are seeing his past. Here’s a few things we should all know about Rick, put up by Chuck Norris, (who supports Newt) on WND last Sunday.

Rick said, “I’m not saying necessarily earmarks are bad. I have had a lot of earmarks. In fact, I’m very proud of all the earmarks I’ve put in bills. I’ll defend earmarks.”
• Santorum voted to raise the national debt ceiling five times
• Santorum voted for taxes in the Internet Access Tax Bill
• Santorum had the audacity to vote to continue funding the Bridge to Nowhere rather than send the money to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.”
• Santorum voted for CAFTA, which removes duties on textile and apparel goods traded among participating nations, resulting in nearly ALL textile companies leaving the South.
• Santorum voted for HR 3448 – Minimum Wage Increase bill
• Santorum voted for HR 796 – the protection of abortion clinics
• Santorum actively supports the Global Fund, which was created by the United Nations to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, but also “channels a large portion of its funds through Planned Parenthood’s affiliates around the world and through a British group Marie Stopes International (the largest chain of abortion mills in the UK, with 66,000 abortions a year.)… to operate in Cambodia, Fiji, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Burma, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries,” according to the pro-life Gerard Health Foundation that provides millions of dollars to pro-life groups
• Santorum opposed the tea party and its reforms in the Republican Party and conservative movement just a couple of years ago saying, “I have some real concerns about this movement within the Republican party … to sort of refashion conservatism. And I will vocally and publicly oppose it.”

So, he’s going to get attacked from the left AND the right. After Rick, the only one close to the people will be Ron Paul.

Out of the clear blue sky, Rick is the poster boy for the ‘right’ taking away woman’s right to contraception. They are using Rick to SCARE the women into thinking they won’t be able to get contraceptives, AND in Rick they found a perfect opportunity to expose the “everyone has a right to free birth control” in the Obamacare. Since there are more single women than married, they are counting on them wanting that big free handout.

FREE PILLS GIRLS! FREE ABORTIONS! Obama is your sugar Daddy!

They use to just hand out beer for votes. Baby, you’ve come a long way.

If the feminists were smart, they would have insisted on vasectomy to control the population, but instead they make the women take those pills, which many believe to be the cause of so many future cancers. If I were a man, I’d sue for my  free vasectomy. Especially if I were a Liberal man. How dare they forget you.

Rick is being made to be some kind of religious zealot who will put all woman back in the home having babies, and would outlaw contraceptives. That’s absurd, but it’s their talking point. It’s the old bogey man, works every time.

His record on voting to fund abortions throughout the world, proving that he supports contraceptives, will never be mentioned. Norris likes the tea party, and Rick..well…he’s a party man. And if you had listened to Obama’s big speech today, he sounds just like a party man too…republican. So, why does Obama have to sound all patriotic? Because he needs some conservative votes.

Would Rick be better than Mitt?

Nobody Knows…but if history go on as usually…he will rise and fall with the rest. All Mitt has to do is get out-of-the-way, and both party leaders will do the work for him. It’s all about protecting the rich of Washington.

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