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March 15: A Day for Spacebats

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Space….the final frontier…reminds us on this St. Patty’s Day weekend, —that we lost a brave Irish bat named Mahoney, on March 15, 2009.  (How do I know he was Irish? Listen the music…) Bat Mahoney…took to the sky, hitching a ride on the tail of NASA’s Discovery…to make that final voyage that from now on, will no longer be dreamed of by bats or American men.

We have ended our quest to explore space. But not every man is going to stop leaping new bounds. Now we have a brave German to take his place.

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner ( A GERMAN!)  took a practice jump today, (March 15, 2012) to help him prepare for his leap from the edge of space later this year where he hopes to not only break the sound barrier with his body, but also break the record for the longest free fall.

Yes, Felix, who wants to be the first man to break the sound barrier with his head, can thank the brave and noble Irish Bat Mahoney, for paving the way for men like him.  Will Felix’s body fall to the ground intact?

Will we hear a human sonic boom? Or a human sonic splat?

Or will, like poor Bat Mahoony, will Felix just fall onto the ground and someone will make a video with sweet German polka’s in the background remembering his great bravery?

Nobody Knows how much Red Bull is paying Felix to jump off its Red Bull Stratos, but I’ld like to personally think them for the entertainment.

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Obama’s Court Jester –Chris Rock

Nobody Wonders

–Why any white person in the country would vote for Barack Obama. Seriously. One of Obama’s favorite comedians is Chris Rock, and Chris Rock will tell you the truth, no black likes white people. While this “fact” was presented in his comedy routine, anybody who thinks that Chris is kidding, also thinks some black somewhere admires Obama’s white mother.

To the black racists– ( And Obama has many of them as friends) Obama is even more superhuman because he evolved from his white mothers defects into the perfect black that he is today. Many white racist think, if not for his white mother, Obama wouldn’t even be able to read a teleprompter.

Chris Rock was at Barack Obama’s big 50th birthday party at the White House, which was filled with blacks. They didn’t show too much of this party on TV because of that fact…but Chris Rock had this to say about the event:

Rock was standing with rapper-producer Jay-Z in the audience and watching singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder and pianist-composer Herbie Hancock perform together.

“Me and Jay-Z looked at each other like, ‘Oh, hell no, we’re never going to do shows here,’” Rock said in the video of his club appearance. “The president is never going to go, ‘Yes, ‘Big Pimpin,’ how did you like that?’” Rock said, referring to a Jay-Z song. … “That’s never going to happen. Let’s just be glad we’re invited.”

(Nobody Thinks that “Hit the Women with a Dick” comedy routine is not exactly White House material, or the “Black Hates White People” routine, isn’t either.)

The most surreal portion of the night, Rock said, was the moment Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” started playing. At that point, Rock recalled that first daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha Obama, 10,”came out of nowhere … and started doing the dougie” dance. “Think about this [expletive] moment, a bunch of black people doing the [expletive] dougie in a house slaves made,” Rock, who turned 47 himself last month, said, laughing.

Chris recently admitted he thought he had died and gone to black heaven when he walked into the all black birthday party at the White House.

Nobody Knows there is big money to be made by keeping the history of the black slave in America going forever. Even though not one white person living today had anything to do with it. It’s been the most lucrative power machine ever invented by a politician…next of course to pork.

With great racists remarks like that coming from the best bud of a black President…I can’t wait to see what the blacks  do when Martin Luther King’s statue is taken down and replaced with Che, and when someday an Hispanic President cuts the black people off of welfare and food stamps.

The blacks will then be put into the same hated bags as the whites. He will no longer be able to claim victimization greater than the hispanic slave, who were used as lowly farmers and house maids on stolen land.

The Mexican Music in the White House will be a lot less…racist. La Casa Casinos will go up everywhere.

Nobody THINKS…I will be dead–Chris Rock will be dead. And hopefully, I will see Chris’s face at the gates of St. Peters’s when he tells Chris he will be given a choice: he can go to heaven, but it’s full of white people too…so he might feel more comfortable going elsewhere.


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