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Ugly Chair: Ugly Purses

Nobody Flashes

This is your ugly chair alert. Someone decided that a chair should have gold charms hanging off the side of it.

No doubt, they were denied a charm bracelet by their mother when they were a child. Maybe it was a boy whose mum didn’t think it would be very becoming for her son to wear charm bracelets. I try not to think about these things, but when they jump out at you, there is not much you can do.

Wait a minute. My own mother once deprived me of a charm when I was about five! We were standing in some store and she was waiting to buy something, and I saw this little tiny silver charm of a bicycle. It’s little petals went around and around as did the wheels and I begged my mother to buy it for me. She turned and said to me, “You know, there are so many children in the world who don’t have anything. There are little babies in Africa…STARVING and they don’t have any toys!” Yes, she used the old liberal “guilt” trip on me.

It was devastating. Not only did I know I would never in my life get to own such a beautiful charm, I also know my mother didn’t love me, and that I was trash for even wanting it. I didn’t eat for…the rest of the day.

Good God. My mother scarred me for life! Is it any wonder that I don’t like to ride bikes? (Nobody is hoping that her readers know she is having too much fun trying to blame her mother.)

Anyway, back to my rant.

Those dorky looking baby brambles on the legs also need explaining.  Just imagine, if someday the world is destroyed by a virus, which eats flesh, and leaves ugly chairs alone.

I’m not going there. Besides, who would FIT in that? Half of America couldn’t even try.

The world has way too many ugly purses and ugly chairs. And speaking of ugly purses, this one is not cheap.Those are real pearls. The skull–I must admit, is nice though. It’s nice that it has at least one redeeming factor.

So, dear reader, if you had to pick between the two…which would you choose?

Which is worth more? The gold charms or the pearls?

Don’t be shy. Just because I think they are both ugly, doesn’t man you don’t think they are really cool. I’m sure YOUR mother would have bought you a charm!

You know what? I don’t think those pearls are real—do you? And as far as we can tell…those gold charms are gold painted fishhooks.



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Obama Reinvents—The “Rule of Law” To “Rule By Me”

Nobody’s Notes

Well, it’s Friday, and the week went pretty much as we all expected. Super Tuesday announced Mitt Romney as the winner, only to have Newt send out an email, saying, “Wait a minute folks, those delegates don’t actually register until the convention!”  

So far, Mitt is winning.  And now we are wondering, who is going to be his VP? Rubio? Jeb? In order to fight for Mitt old mamma grizzly Barbara Bush was sent out to tell all the candidates to quit being nasty. Behave children! And who is she to make any comment? It’s the one thing that we hate–our entrenched politicans think they are royalty. We’re tired of it.

I don’t know about you, but it annoys the heck out of me that the politicians use their “women” to say things they want to say. 

The one thing we do know about Mitt is that Obama has congratulated him on winning…but then Obama has also just congratulated Vladimir Putin for winning his election in Russia. Obama would call Hitler if he was still alive to congratulate him on winning—which brings me to what’s been on my mind all week:

The death of Andrew Brietbart. Many people who knew him personally, think the government could have “assassinated” him, which, If Obama considered him a ‘threat” to the country, would have been perfectly legal for him to do. (He made sure he got that law made.) Looking at it from Obama’s point of view, Andrew could have killed his reelection run, and since he thinks he is the only one who can save America, in his mind, Andrew would be a “threat” to the country.

Nobody has ever deemed the sudden deaths of very famous people beyond speculation that they could have been assassinated because they were threats to whomever would have benefitted from their fact, I think it’s actually logical to think so, with all the power and trillions involved.

First JFK: Who benefited? LBJ

Princess Diana:  Who benefited? Prince Charles, who then was free to marry his true love.

JFK Jr: Who benefitted? The Clintons.

Andrew Brietbart:  Who benefitted? Obama

The sad part is…whatever journalist who even dares to look into the real true facts of the matter are shut down. Google sends them to the basement. Once all books are online…most of that will be hard to find.

Nobody Thinks:  If something happens to Alex Jones, then we can all stop speculating.

Nobody is also bothered by the fact that Obama wants a homegrown police force right here in our country. (see video) This civilian army is completely un-American. That’s Russia…China, that’s not us.

While Hillary and Obama were quick to embraced the Arab spring and the rights of people to protest, Nobody doubts that if they succeed in building their civilian army they would not hesitate to use it on their own citizens. Obama is taking a lesson from China.

China nips all protects in the bud, straight up. China spends more money on their state security apparatus, than on their own military.

This from the Atlantic:

“My wife and I were in China, mainly Beijing through February and March. In February (2011) a large number of the country’s human rights and public interest lawyers were arrested or detained or were disappeared in the style of Pinochet’s Chile. Once they were gone, people they might have represented and defended writers, professors, bloggers, activist of many sorts were arrested or made to disappear too.”

We haven’t come to that yet, but our political correct media is attacking good citizens with lies and vicious slandering every day. So far, enough of us have stood strong. But when they get their civilian army, it won’t be so easy.

Our “President” has also blatantly told us he will ignore Congress. Now we know why he put Panetta, in charge of our defense in the Middle East. He wanted a lawyer to protect his takeover of the Constitution. Panetta, who was just grilled by the Congress pretty much said the President can do what he wants, and takes his orders from the international community, not Congress.

Will Congress impeach him?

Nope. They should, but they don’t have the votes.

If a President makes himself King, what next? Now—he can kill anyone he wants without trial, he can start wars anywhere he wants, without congressional approval, he sides with communist dictators…could this president be what our founders feared?

A Manchurian candidate? And if so—who is controlling him?

Nobody Knows, but with half the people on the government dole, it’s going not going to be easy to defeat him. Can MItt?

At this point in time, I say we pray that Obama is defeated.  He is on track to become one of the biggest depots in History.

He becomes more dangerous every day.


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