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Obama Ignores Small Town America

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Several weeks ago, the towns of Harrisburg, IL, and Branson, MO were hit hard by tornadoes. FEMA…has refused federal help due to the fact that FEMA doesn’t consider either town a disaster area.

Nobody Thinks if there were poor blacks in this area, FEMA would be there. Nobody also thinks, Obama doesn’t really like white people. He just puts up with them. What else explains this egregious action by our government?

That’s just my Nobody’s Opinion.

We can feed the world, but we can’t help our own. 

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Nobody’s Perfect: Sapporo Beer VS Bud Light

Nobody’s Perfect:

America likes to think it’s King of the World when it comes to advertising. But let’s compare these two beer commercials.

If you can, put the Japanese Beer commercial above on your big screen. It has 3D effects…

Then, compare the BUD LIGHT commercial, where the humor is in making fun of the American man.

Which beer would YOU want to try?

We fought a World War…and we defeated the Japanese…and then it seems the women took over. I wouldn’t doubt if some foreign company did this Bud Light commercial. WAIT…Bud is now owned by Belgian/Brazilian company: InBev.  Do you think that had anything to do with making fun of American man?

That’s what happens with globalization. Other countries can make fun of you while making a buck. Nobody Thinks the Bud Light commericals are very funny, though…let’s all remember that there are bad dancers and smelly men in every country…even Japan, where they make sure that their culture is glorified, even in their beer commercials.

Who won the contest? You decide.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe for the Sapporo commercial)

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