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Nobody Feels Like the Deer In the Headlights.

Nobody’s Opinion

If I had to pick a word for the 21st century, there is only one word that I can think of that sticks out—Surival Guide


We hear it every day: Survive the next market crash: Buy Gold. Survive ‘climate change’: Get solar power for your house: Survive Obamacare: Get a colonoscopy. Survive a car crash: Buckle your seat beat. Survive your mother-in-law’s Sunday dinner: (I’ll get back to you on that one.)

My first lesson in survival was how to fend off an older brother, who loved to pin me down. He would sit on my stomach, pin my arms down with his legs, and slap my face, all the while laughing…until I learned how to wrap my legs around his neck and slam him back, and then kick hard. (I love my brother!)

Most people have the misconception— mostly from seeing movies, that people panic during a time for survival, but that’s not true: Most people…freeze. They shut down. Clueless. Even animals pretend to be dead.

Nobody Thinks that right now, a whole nation is staring at the corruption in Washington like deer with headlights in our eyes: We are just frozen. What do we do?

It’s just second nature, but that can literally get you killed.deer in headlights

Last year, I was about to throw away my childhood book on Robinson Crusoe, so I read it for the second time, and the lessons in it were clear: prepare. Prepare for next year…prepare for the worst.

Prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more.

Too bad they don’t teach that very valuable lesson in school. How many of us are prepared for what’s coming? I know I’m not. I just never DREAMED that the America I knew would ever end.

But back to Robinson Crusoe, who was stranded on an island, and he not only survived, he could have supported a whole town, he was such an excellent planner.

Survival is the nature of every man, woman, mammal, fish, and insect on the planet. Forget the “why are we here? Waste of time, It’s mainly to survive, until we die, isn’t it?Robinson Crusoe

And SINCE man is suppose to the superior King of the apes, you would think a simple thing like making sure your nation survives, would be a piece of cake. History shows…it’s really not.

Our piece of cake is turning into soup kitchen gumbo.

We are being invaded from the South, for people who want to ‘survive” and all due to the fact that the only survival instinct going on in Washington is how to keep their own butts forever swimming in the laps of luxury.

Too bad we don’t have a man like Rick Rescorla for President.

Who is he you might ask?

Rick Rescorla, saved 2,687 employees of the Morgan Stanley, on 9/11, and I just heard about him.

Rick Rescorla was born in England, and joined the U.S. military because he wanted to fight the communists in Vietnam. He won a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and a Purple heart and was memorialized in the 1992 book, We Were Soldiers…and Young.

He was the head of security for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, whose offices were in Tower 2. He expected an attack, because in 1990 he and an old war buddy wrote a report to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (which owns the Trade Center Site) on the need for more security in the parking garage.

They were ignored. Three years later Ramzi Yousef drove a truck full of explosives, and Bill Clinton acted as if it was just a ‘prank.’ That’s when Rick knew, you did NOT trust your government.Rick Rescorla

Because Rick knew it was coming he prepared everyone. He ordered everyone NOT to listen to the Port Authority in a real emergency. If you remember, the Port Authority told everyone to STAY in their places.

REALLY bad advice.

From Time, June, 2008:

“The radicalism of Rescorla’s drills cannot be overstated. Remember, Morgan Staley is an investment bank. Millionaire, high performance bankers on the 73red floor did not appreciate the interruption. Each drill, which pulled brokers off their pens and away from their computers, cost the company money. But Rescorlas did it anyway. His military training had taught him a simple rule of human nature The best way to get the brain to perform under extreme stress is to rapidly run it though rehearsals beforehand.

He even started timing them, and improving their time.

When 9/11 came, everyone knew what to do. They were on their way down the stairs, and on the 44th floor when the second plane hit, this time striking 38 floors above them.

“Stop.” Rescorla ordered through his bullhorn. “Be still. Be calm.” And then he started singing into the bullhorn, while people stayed quiet:

“Men of Cornwall stand ye steady. It cannot be easy said ye for the battle were not ready.”

Rick got everyone out. Only 13, including Rescorla and four of his security officers were inside.

He was last seen on the 10th floor heading up. His body was never found.

So, this deer is asking—How do we survive Obama? How do we survive the upcoming invasion on our borders, which will bring a new strain of TB? Do I have to start wearing masks to Wal-Mart?

How DO we survive Obamacare, which will condemn millions to death…waiting to get into a doctor?Forward

Rick Rescorla and Robinson Crusoe would tell us. WAKE UP.. MOVE. Prepare…..

Think of every worse case scenario and start now.

The only thing our politicians are preparing for is millions of angry citizens. They have not prepared this country for even a sun flare, let alone an invasion.

They are only preparing for themselves and their friends.

Too bad we can’t throw them all into Robinson’s Crusoe’s Island for a month.


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Obama Ignores Small Town America

Nobody Reports

Several weeks ago, the towns of Harrisburg, IL, and Branson, MO were hit hard by tornadoes. FEMA…has refused federal help due to the fact that FEMA doesn’t consider either town a disaster area.

Nobody Thinks if there were poor blacks in this area, FEMA would be there. Nobody also thinks, Obama doesn’t really like white people. He just puts up with them. What else explains this egregious action by our government?

That’s just my Nobody’s Opinion.

We can feed the world, but we can’t help our own. 

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Nobody’s Fool: Nigel Farage

Nobody’s Fool

Nigel Farage, from South England, is another one of Daniel Hannan’s freedom fighters.  He takes the EU on with a little more “Paul Revere” verve. Here he talks about how they have screwed everybody up with their dictatorial economic takeovers. He attacks the hegemony like a bulldog.

Enjoy! Go get em Nigel!

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Nobody’s Perfect: Captain Schettino VS ‘MOM’

Nobody’s Perfect:

We have two individuals that abandoned their duties this week: Captain Francesco Schettino of the Love Italian Boat: Carnival Titanic, and a lady whose name is only, “mom'” who abandoned her kids to go hide in a couple of bushes while she went inside McDonalds to sit in a warm room and eat.

Let’s take the Captain first, as he is being held for murder. 

According to the Coast Guard, the whole population of Italy, and certainly James Cameron, Francesco Schettino is a cad, a coward, and pretty much has a deep psychological problem with trying to impress the locals by not looking at his very expensive radar equipment, thereby crashing into a reef, and tearing a deep hole in his 10 story high luxury multimillion dollar cruise boat. One can only imagine what kind of damage the Captain would have done with a good iceberg.

And to do it during dinner, is an extra crime.

The Captain got off the boat pretty quick, claiming he was THROWN into the lifeboat… and even though the Coast Guard ORDERED him to get back on that ship he said, “No way! I’m not going to die!”

Okay, he said: ‘You climb on that ladder and go on board the ship’, but Schettino replies: ‘I’m in a lifeboat… I am not going anywhere’.

Spoken like a true Love Boat Captain. Due to his severe lack of concern, some of the missing 29 people are probably never going to be found. The dead are still…dead.

Then, on the other hand, we a have a homeless mom who decided to leave her kids outside hiding in a bush, in 40 degree weather, while she had a nice hamburger inside McDonalds.

Usually when a mother leaves her kids abandoned it means she hoping somebody picks them up, because she really didn’t want to take care of them anymore. (But let’s be real: there aren’t many Catholic Churches anymore to leave them to. If your homeless…odds are, there is a McDonalds right around the corner from you.)

Instead she caught a break: another man who had once been homeless called the police, and now she is getting three square meals a day, along with free TV., a college education, and many more wonderful things provided by our lovely prison system. And she doesn’t have to take care of pesky kids anymore.

Who knows what will happen to the kids? Her excuse was: she was drunk.

The Captain’s excuse? He doesn’t have one, but insists he saved thousands of lives by actually steering that close, so that most of them could get ashore themselves, therefore he didn’t even HAVE to get out of that lifeboat, he’d taken care of the situation. This was after he robbed the safe of course to save all the precious jewels of the clients.

If he ever gets out of prison, Francisco has real possibilities as a politician.

Who won this contest of being so imperfect that you can’t think straight? MOM. The prisons in America are much nicer than the ones in Italy. The Captain’s new vessel, has no life boats to speak of.

Let’s hope he’s not in love, but maybe the two could hook up….they share a common denominator, called: stupidity.   

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