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Nobody’s Perfect: Captain Schettino VS ‘MOM’

Nobody’s Perfect:

We have two individuals that abandoned their duties this week: Captain Francesco Schettino of the Love Italian Boat: Carnival Titanic, and a lady whose name is only, “mom'” who abandoned her kids to go hide in a couple of bushes while she went inside McDonalds to sit in a warm room and eat.

Let’s take the Captain first, as he is being held for murder. 

According to the Coast Guard, the whole population of Italy, and certainly James Cameron, Francesco Schettino is a cad, a coward, and pretty much has a deep psychological problem with trying to impress the locals by not looking at his very expensive radar equipment, thereby crashing into a reef, and tearing a deep hole in his 10 story high luxury multimillion dollar cruise boat. One can only imagine what kind of damage the Captain would have done with a good iceberg.

And to do it during dinner, is an extra crime.

The Captain got off the boat pretty quick, claiming he was THROWN into the lifeboat… and even though the Coast Guard ORDERED him to get back on that ship he said, “No way! I’m not going to die!”

Okay, he said: ‘You climb on that ladder and go on board the ship’, but Schettino replies: ‘I’m in a lifeboat… I am not going anywhere’.

Spoken like a true Love Boat Captain. Due to his severe lack of concern, some of the missing 29 people are probably never going to be found. The dead are still…dead.

Then, on the other hand, we a have a homeless mom who decided to leave her kids outside hiding in a bush, in 40 degree weather, while she had a nice hamburger inside McDonalds.

Usually when a mother leaves her kids abandoned it means she hoping somebody picks them up, because she really didn’t want to take care of them anymore. (But let’s be real: there aren’t many Catholic Churches anymore to leave them to. If your homeless…odds are, there is a McDonalds right around the corner from you.)

Instead she caught a break: another man who had once been homeless called the police, and now she is getting three square meals a day, along with free TV., a college education, and many more wonderful things provided by our lovely prison system. And she doesn’t have to take care of pesky kids anymore.

Who knows what will happen to the kids? Her excuse was: she was drunk.

The Captain’s excuse? He doesn’t have one, but insists he saved thousands of lives by actually steering that close, so that most of them could get ashore themselves, therefore he didn’t even HAVE to get out of that lifeboat, he’d taken care of the situation. This was after he robbed the safe of course to save all the precious jewels of the clients.

If he ever gets out of prison, Francisco has real possibilities as a politician.

Who won this contest of being so imperfect that you can’t think straight? MOM. The prisons in America are much nicer than the ones in Italy. The Captain’s new vessel, has no life boats to speak of.

Let’s hope he’s not in love, but maybe the two could hook up….they share a common denominator, called: stupidity.   

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