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Farage Explains NATO….

Nobody Wins

I couldn’t believe my eyes today: Waking up to President Trump telling the world how Angela Merkel was putting her country at risk, while paying Russia billions for its natural gas, (While we foot her defense bill) and Trump letting the world know how stupid it was….a proud moment indeed…

ONLY to turn on FOX news this afternoon with Shepard Smith and watch him give a whole history lesson on NATO, and how President Trump is destroying the world. Talk about globalist propaganda…he is the poster child for the globalists. Gay and all.

Nobody Wins when FOX news has a liberal on hating the President everyday. We can turn on CNN if we want to see that.

Nevertheless….It was a great day for America. And Nobody explains it better than Nigel Farage, who IS the nearest thing to Winston Churchill, sorry Hillary. If you want to compare yourself to a historical figure, try Ethel Rosenberg.

Nigel SHOULD be the Prime Minister, if England’s elites would just get out-of-the-way.



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Nobody’s Fool: Nigel Farage & Sheriff Clarke

Nobody’s Fool

Last week, there were two great speeches from CPAC that everyone should see. Two of my readers, Mrs .O, and ‘g’ man, turned me on to Sheriff’s Clarke’s great speech on the rule of law. Truly one of the best speeches ever given on the matter.

The other one was from Nigel Farage, who paints the whole picture of what’s happening to us all. The global revolution is what is happening. The rich elites do not want to let go of their power…and we have seen this with the recent appearance of X President George W. Bush siding with the Obamas against Trump, and Tony Blair, his partner in globalization trashing anybody who refutes  their global plans for takeover of the world.

Any GOP Congress member who does not back Trump is on our list of enemies.

Nigel is the Thomas Paine of our revolution. Common Sense is back.

So, turn off the cable guys…because they don’t work for you. Eighty percent of the time its all about getting you to doubt your new President.

Instead, enjoy the common sense of these two great men.

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Nobody’s Fool: Nigel Farage

Nobody’s Fool

There is one thing to know about common sense: When you see it, it sticks out like gem in a five and dime store.

Nigel Farage graciously, and with great wisdom, speaks out to help America come to its senses. In this video he speak about one of my pet peeves: early voting. Early voting is a progressive  invention to promote voter fraud. As he says in this video: People should show up on the day, and vote.

The brilliant and tenacious Nigel, fought to keep England free and Independent. This video was taken BEFORE the third debate, which as we know now, has happened.

I thought this video would tie into my Nobody’s Opinion tomorrow, in which I will point out some good signs about what’s going on, and why we should never lose hope.

So…congratulations Nigel! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for saving your country from global corporate tyranny!

Winston, would be proud.  God bless you dear sir, for trying to help America, and for keeping up the good fight.

(Thanks to Alex Jones for the video, and amfortas for turning me onto Nigel in the first place.)





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Greece Gets Bailed Out—Stock Market Soars

Nobody Cares

This great speech was given by Nigel Farage while Germany was trying to figure out if they would “bail” out Greece. He was even applauded. Rare for Nigel.

Nevertheless…notice the look on Alexis Tsipras’s face. He is furious at Nigel. Today, we find out, that he caved in, and took the money. Either it has been his intention all along, and he was just forcing the EU to pay up, or he is mad at Nigel for something else. Who cares? Greece lost the opportunity to get out.

Greece will remain in the EU with all probability and under their thumb. There was so much hope wasn’t there?

The Stock Markets soared…after the news—which is what it’s all about anyway.

The big New World Order banks got their way.

The warning signs in this speech is what is happening in America. Our Presidents have “joined” us with Mexico and South America (and Canada) with the North American treaty. They didn’t ask us if we wanted those 40 millions (by now 60) immigrants into our country. They didn’t ASK us to grant them all a living and health care, and college educations. They didn’t ASK us if we wanted to become a bilingual country. They don’t ask us anything. The Illegals are getting Social Security, having never even paid into the system, and the citizens here are getting theirs cut.

Redistribution. Easy when you have control.

They just quietly did it. The Bushes. The Clintons. The Obama’s.

They just have yet to change the currency into the Amero…and they have to pick the right moment. After all, Americans…still have guns.

They are not just flooding the borders for democratic votes. They are trying to merge the three continents into one…and the EU is trying to keep the one its got.

In America, they can’t be so honest about it, because the American people would not stand for it.

And so, they ‘fundamentally’ change America into a Marxist/fascist country…and because they don’t teach communism or fascism in the schools, people have no idea what is happening. They also do not teach anything about the stock market in high schools, and that’s by design.

That’s knowledge reserved only for the rich.

In the meantime, they are all getting VERY rich at the latest EU victory.




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Nigel Farage…YOU GO SIR!

Nobody Cares—

If I end the week with another one of my favorite Brits! Nigel is not as eloquent as Daniel, but his attacks are much more fun. Americans should be paying close attention to what is happening in Europe…the EU is wiping out democracy. And Nigel lets them have it both guns blaring.


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Nobody’s Fool: Nigel Farage

Nobody’s Fool

Nigel Farage, from South England, is another one of Daniel Hannan’s freedom fighters.  He takes the EU on with a little more “Paul Revere” verve. Here he talks about how they have screwed everybody up with their dictatorial economic takeovers. He attacks the hegemony like a bulldog.

Enjoy! Go get em Nigel!

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