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The ability to camouflage your appearance is fundamental in nature, so that your enemies don’t devour you. Here David Gallo does one of his spectacular presentations of underwater life. Funny though…after watching this you realize when watching politicians that they do exactly the same thing…morph into their environment. Wherever they are…they say what everyone in that room wants to hear. Not to mention, they hide the side of themselves they don’t want you to see.

Okay…so everyone does this. Nevertheless…to change the color of your skin…now THAT’s something we could all have fun with! Does this mean someday we’ll be able to blend into the bedspreads if our lover comes into a room and catches us with another person? And does this mean since some marine life can do things we can’t, it means that we really aren’t that all evolved at all? And WHY can’t we blend into the wall?

Why didn’t humans get this wonderful trick in OUR evolution? Should we even start that conversation with Al Gore?  HA!


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