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___What’s next for the space program…is it dead? Will we go to the moon ever again, or MARS? Fear not..the best minds on the planet have plans….

When NASA bit the dust, the great minds and explorers who dreamed of going to MARS and beyond to explore other planets, are now finding out what Richard Branson has in mind. Yes, the Virgin himself, and Playboy have joined heads to dream up this:

A Virgin Galactic Men’s Club in Space!

Where rich men can go to get away from their wives, and surly the most beautiful women on the planet will take care of their romantic needs over the dreamy view of the earth below. A place where the leaders and CEO’s of the world can finally get along, after their many pleasurable bunny space meetings, by discussing various “austerity measures”  in the restaurant. The Saudi Kings will look down upon the world and say, “Yes…really. Look at that little Israel. It’s such a puny little thing, we should let them be.”


The Adult magazine company Playboy is vying to take pleasure and entertainment to a new level by mapping a concept for a Playboy Club in space. The “intergalactic entertainment destination” comprises of a zero-gravity dance club and Playboy bunnies with jet packs. A.J Baime and Jason Harper of Playboy Magazine have collaborated with various individuals on the project including artist Thomas Tenery, Virgin Galactic head designer Adam Wells and former NASA scientist Stan Kent to conceptualize this idea. Their intellectual unison has brought into being the concept of a wheel-shaped space station that packs in a casino, restaurant and “orbital pleasure domes”. The restaurant would be situated in the spinning section of the station where centrifugal force would create artificial gravity to prevent your meal from floating away.

Many an “obital pleasure dome” will be put to the test of gravity, not to mention Bunnies trying not to overshoot their jet packs, when fixing their bunny tails.

What’s this tell you? That in our not so distant future, a handful of men are going to have more money than GOD…and so why not spend it on the biggest brothel ever conceived by man? Funding for birth control pills of course will be supplied by the American Taxpayer. Who says testostorone levels are waning?

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Diversity: Not Just Another Pretty Word


Diversity. The word is thrown at you day and night. Now you turn on your TV and your news program is bound to have a Middle Eastern anchor,  and sitting next to them, a Black. OR a White with a Black. OR a Black with a Hispanic. All the news programs from CNN to FOX news make sure that they are “diverse” and with good reason too…it’s in our laws.

Even while you are watching STAR TREK, you see a Russian, an Alien,  a Black,  a White, a Scot, and an Asian– all working in cool harmony for the FEDERATION, and it becomes more than just a cool space movie. It becomes a feel good movie to make you want to be a part of it all.  Everyone working for the planet of Earth. Who wouldn’t want that?

But while we have been told that diversity is a “racial” equality thing…I found this little tidbit today from “FUTURE SHOCK”  that made me realize there has been another reason for this push by our leaders for diversity.

There is much more to it then “We need to all get along and it will be a better world.” It’s all about control. If your neighborhood is made up of people of all different ethic backgrounds, you will never “bond” together and identity with each other, and therefore can be easily controlled by BIG BROTHER.

Says the Dean of Yale; “Of course we still send our recruiting people to out-of-the-way places like Nebraska, but there’s really as much diversity in taking Harlem, Park Avenue, and Queens.”

Right, the guy from Nebraska will more than likely want to return to Nebraska, and that’s not what he is being educated for.

It’s one of the reason that the TEA PARTY is attacked. These people believe in family, in America: passionately attached to the ideas of liberty, their communities, and willing to fight for its permanence. It’s why progressive Republicans, who want to continue the global one-world scenario control, tried to come in and take them over.

As we have all seen, affirmative action laws have forced “minorities” into colleges they were not even prepared to go to. Most of the Blacks, don’t make it past the first year…but Harvard and Yale have big monetary incentives to admit them…guaranteed money from the state. So, affirmative action was as much about keeping the universities and their administrations and salaries forever in place and assured with taxpayers money, as any “we want a diverse atmosphere” program.

It’s much the same reason the bankers could do anything…the FED backed it if they loss. Same reason: money.

But let’s go further:

“So far the decline in commitment to place is gone, according to Prof. John Dyckman of the University of Pennsylvania, that “Allegiance to a city or state is even now weaker for many than allegiance to a corporation, a profession, or a voluntary association.” Thus it might be said the commitments  are shifting from place related social structures (city, state, nation, or neighborhood) to those(corporation, profession, friendship network) that are themselves mobile, fluid, and for all practical purposes, place-less.

This was a way to break down states rights, and communities, and families. The aim…global government and control by a powerful structure of very rich elites at the top. Jeffery Immult, the CEO of GE, once told Charlie Rose that he would fire any employee that refused to move to China.

So, diversity was sold to us as being the Christian tolerant thing to do. But in reality, it’s all about breaking up the strong family, states, and communities, to make people have no control over their lives..and by its very essence leaves every individual less free.

Now, you will not feel passion for your family, or your state, or even your nation…but to your corporation or “government” organization.


Diversity  is social engineering…and it was planned long ago. For instance Bill Clinton, with the taxpayers money, airlifted 180,000 Bosnians and dropped them into houses (also at taxpayers’ expense) into St. Louis. Obama is doing the same with Muslims and the Chinese. We are going to see much more of this in the future.

It’s the long version of the Tower of Babel. It’s also why they have at great expense, gotten rid of forcing foreigners to learn English. In the last five years, my neighborhood has changed dramatically. It is now filled with Muslims, Blacks, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Whites…who were the first ones there.  I talk to my new neighbors in English, and they have no clue what I’m saying.

They don’t WANT a united citizenship. They want to control an easily led sheeple.

How do we survive it? This utopia is not about “a global world of peace and property” it’s about..power and money for a hand-picked elite and their families.

Obama is the perfect president for this crowd. He looks like a Black, has a Muslim Name, pretends to be Christian, and can morph into any character that he needs to, to promote the NEW WORLD ORDER of diversity.  Since they have mixed up America to the point of almost non-recognition, it’s a sure bet that Obama will be around for a long time. If not here, then in the United Nations.

George Will is right: Our best bet right now, is putting people in Congress that will fight for America, because if Obama is reelected, we will need one last place to make a stand.

The Tower of Babel was a forewarning to us all. And that’s why it’s more than likely that Obama will stay in place. He is very good at dividing and destroying.

Let’s not let him.

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