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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS Rush

Nobody’s Perfect

Ah…Last week, we had the 30-year-old misabused Georgetown student named Fluke, who testified in front of Congress that ‘women students’ are walking around the Georgetown University (that she can’t seen to get enough good grades to graduate from)  depressed, because they don’t have the money to pay for birth control. NONE of these very wealthy “students” seem to be able to figure out how to get a man to buy a condom, (But they plan to win great cases in court) and so in her testimony, MS Fluke is out to save them all—all the poor little college girls–from collapsed fallopian tubes, mental illness, rashes, cancer…etc.

Suddenly, a woman without a birth control pill is a woman condemned to suffer untold maladies. No other time in history has this occurred.

Upon hearing all this total nonsense, Rush Limbaugh reacted much the same way a majority of the men in the world reacted, you know, the ones that still think ladies “exist” …and blurted out the fact that she is asking the American people to fund her “very humongous thirst for sex” (my words)  thereby making the American taxpayers the “pimp and her the slut.”

Rush got down.

Liberals in the world, can call a woman a slut, ho, bitch, fuck, cunt…and we all know it–and it’s considered very cool. But it’s the conservative that gets slammed when they slip— and why? Obvious isn’t it? They hardly ever resort to that level because they have respect for women. Liberals don’t.

Rush is now losing his advertisers because this woman, was handpicked to cause an uproar, as sure as Hillary Clinton was handpicked to take down Richard Nixon. (Not that Nixon didn’t need to be taken down) but  it’s the hypocrisy that screams to be noticed.

So, let’s take the gloves off. This Nobody as a woman, thinks Obama and his wife owe all the women in the United States an apology. Also, the blacks. They love to have “rappers” in the White House at all their parties. Rappers don’t sing,  Not much. They say the most disgusting thing about women and black people that anyone can imagine. The above video is JAY -Z…who has been to the White House many times.

Here’s the Chorus to Jay-Z wonderful song: ..”Ain’t No Nigger Like the One I got…No One Can Fuck You Better.”

I advise you to closely listen to the words. Obama and Michelle love this guy.

Another favorite of Michelle is Mr. Common. (see video below)

These people DISGRACE the White House.. And the White House is not Obama’s House, it’s the people’s house. If they want to throw birthday parties for themselves with their rapper friends who pretty much put all woman in the slut category, and also the n word every other line, then let them do it when they get out of office.

What great parents huh?

Obama of course, called Ms Fluke right on cue. He saw an opening and he went for the throat of Rush Limbaugh…who said this?  

“This is the mistake I made: In fighting them on this issue last week, I became like them. Against my own instincts, against my own knowledge, against everything I know to be right and wrong, I descended to their level when I used those two words to describe Sandra Fluke. That was my error.

A woman of class would have said, “I accept the apology.” Not Fluke, because she is not a lady of class.

We all know this is to keep the focus off Obama.

Nobody Bets that MS Fluke will be dancing at the next rapper party in the White House, and will be smiling when Jay Z comes over to here and says, “No One Can Fuck You Better!” I wouldn’t doubt if Obama lets them stay in the Lincoln Bedroom, which has been rented out so many times by Democrats,  it’s seen more traffic than the Bunny Ranch.

Nobody hopes the conservative women will come out on this issue. We must stand up for the conservative men..and demand a President who doesn’t hang around with “sluts.”

If Jay-Z doesn’t fit that bill, I don’t know who does..

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