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Nobody Thinks Gays Should NOT be Time Lords

Nobody Remembers

I was a BIG Doctor Who fan. My favorite doctor was Tom Baker of course…and just to meet the man, I donated my P.A. system for a convention, where I made up taped cassettes of Space Movies. If you donated something to the Dr. Who Convention (here in St. Louis) you got to go to the private party and met Tom Baker himself.

So, picture me. In a small hotel room, listening to a bunch of whiny space cadets, and in walks my big crush…with that big English smile of his, and immediately about 15 girls surrounded him and I knew that I couldn’t get even near him.

Therefore, I drank at the bar. And I drank some more. And then, I pushed my way to the front of the crowd and Tom Baker went into what I’m sure was the most brilliant conversation ever said to any human, and he talked about 30 minutes right to my face.

And I had NO idea what he said. It was beyond, not only my intellect, but my inebriated comprehension. As soon as he was done, I sat down on the nearest step and didn’t get up. He must have known I was drunk because before he left the room, he grabbed my face in-between those big hands of his and said “Goodbye My little drummer girl!”

And so, from that moment on, my 10-year-old son got to stay up late on Sunday Nights, past midnight, untill he was well into high school, just to watch Dr. Who with his mom. I figured he could learn a bigger vocabulary from watching Dr. Who, than anything taught at his public school. And I was right.

Which brings me to THIS: We now have a gay Dr. Who running the Universe. If not for Craig’s marvelous rendition of Dr. Who…I would say something. Wait…I am going to say something: Gays can be many things…but they should NOT be TimeLords. That’s just my Nobody Opinion.


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  1. Tom Baker was overtaken by age and good food. He was a later member (as family ‘black sheep) of the Scottish TV Soapy called ‘Monarch of the Glen’. By then he was as rotund as I am and with hair the same colour as mine (Silver for those that don’t know). But he played the part to the full with humour and a rougish charm. In fact, I think he was trying hard to be me.



    Comment by Amfortas | March 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Well, of course he was!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | March 14, 2012 | Reply

  2. I have been watching Dr Who since the beginning. It is the longest running ‘sci-fi’ show in history and deserves respect..

    But that ain’t what it has recieved from the writers and actors in recent years.

    The rot set in in that typical ‘little britain’ mode we know so well. The whole ‘tone’ became ‘inclusive’ and ‘diverse’. As though aliens of the organic and non-organic sort were not diverse enough, we have been overwhelmed by chavettes and other loud-mouthed feminist types, from the ghettos of single-mother estates, complete with a less than adequate grasp of the English language.

    There have always been feisty girls keeping the various Drs’ feet on the groung, but over the years (with the occasional exception – like Rose) they have become crass, overbearing, crude and whining, culminating in the awful Donna Noble. Even the most grusome alien would stop short of swallowing such a compalining, screeching harpy. Whenever a Dalek comes along one is almost hoping they score a win for a change.

    Along the way the various incarnations of the Dr have suffered from Integity and Authenticity fatigue and a decent into childishness. The last three have had to explain that they are over 900 years old simply because they appear to be 12. And a particularly obnoxious 12 y/o at that. And he has picked up ‘friends’ which no Dr’s Mum would have approved of. The garish gay, ‘Capt’ Jack (who wears a frigging RAF Group Captain’s coat – that is what you Americans would call a Colonel), who seems hell bent on kissing and bonking similarly inclined queers which we are to understand populate the entire friggin’ universe.

    There has been an attempt to bring some mature femininity to the show. River Song is a delight. Even Amy Pond has her good moments. But the move toward casting the Dr as a ‘dark power’ has come along with them.

    The feminisation of Dr Who has taken us down strange and unwanted paths. Blokes are either gay or sidelined. The various ‘Assistants’ male friends are cast aside or marginalised or emasculated by the assistant du jour.

    The future looks grim. Roll on the Daleks’ success.


    Comment by Amfortas | March 14, 2012 | Reply

    • And I thought I was alone! Yes, I agree about Donna Noble. Who ever thought of that woman was obviously a “feminist.” She was every thing in a woman that made one want to change the channels. Tom Bakers’ shoes were hard to fill, but there have been a few actors that did a decent job. By the way, I think Tom is still alive. He was an amazing actor, and was as entertaining in person as he was on the screen. He told some wonderful stories at the convention…that I still have on tape. And why in the world did they get rid of K-9? Really. I agree…it’s been trashed.

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | March 14, 2012 | Reply

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