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The Grass is Green—What’s that Mean? GOLF!

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—That I am a golf brat. It was my father’s daily pastime and my mother’s favorite game to hate. I was bought up on the fact that golf will ruin a man…My father played 18 holes a day, and 74 on weekends, even when it snowed.  My parents fought like cats and dogs for over 40 years, untill one day, after she retired from working…my mother got hooked on it to0.

Why my father didn’t get her hook on it sooner, I’ll never know. It would have saved me hours of listening to my mom complain about…”GO GET YOUR FATHER! HE”S STILL ON THE GOLF COURSE!”

Okay mom. —Yeah, the course was a few blocks away. I got pretty good at dodging golf balls.

So, I’ve seen a lot of golf shots in my day..but nothing like this.

Somebody blew on this ball…or it had some kind of magnet in it. Come on. This cannot be real….and who has a name like FUZZY? Did Fuzzy forget to take the trick golf ball out of his bag?


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  1. hahahahahaha.

    That was sheer serendipity.

    I recall back when I was about 20. I was down at the Butts (archery) in Singapore and there were just a few archers there, with about fifty spectators waiting for something to happen. Archery is not the greatest spectator sport ! One archer I knew was a paraplegic and shot from a wheelchair. I would generally get his arrows from the target for him.

    That day I stood next to him and prepared my gear. The targets were 100 yards away and the wind was just a lazy, warm breeze. My first arrow went right in the centre of the gold and the crowd erupted in applause.


    How do you follow that?

    There was not a hope for a polythene dog in hell that my next 100 arrows would do as well, so that was me for the day !!

    A ‘hole in one’ is when absolutely everything goes your way. Practice may help but is no guarantee of perfection.

    I spent the next three hours fetching the other chap’s arrows. I was happy!


    Comment by Amfortas | March 21, 2012 | Reply

    • LOL! Good for you! I wish I had been there….

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | March 21, 2012 | Reply

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