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Nobody’s Perfect: The Southside Chicago Parenting Style of the Obamas

Nobody’s Perfect

While President  “I deserve to be reelected” Obama, and his wife “I teach my children Southside Chicago Values” Michelle, are actually in the White House for the next few hours, their daughter Malia is down in Mexico with the rest of the 1% mostly white rich kids who come from all the elite colleges,  to party on spring break.

Our own country is not near exotic enough for the sex and beer orgies of the college kids anymore, and since NAFTA is all about free trade, our rich parents now send their kids down to Mexico to party.

But wait…Malia is not a college kid. She’s 13. (Malia Ann Obama – initials MAO, like Communist China’s Chairman MAO. ) Evidently she has reached puberty and so mom and dad decided to let her go take 12 of her friends and join in the college Mexican orgy of sex and beer….at our expense.

WTF? Says the average American who cannot afford to even send their kids to college let alone to Mexico to party. And WTF? How much is this going to cost the taxpayers?

Here’s a response from a reader at Glenn Beck’s site:  

This is the most absurd thing from the White House and Marie Antoinette wannabe yet. A 13-year-old needs to go on spring break on the taxpayer dime when there are children who are too hungry to go school and people who cannot afford the gas to drive their children to McDonalds. Sorry, my mistake, McDonalds is poison, Mexico – safe haven. This is immoral. What a spoiled little rich brat. I don‘t give a tinker’s dam about her safety that’s a problem for the Marxist in Chief and Marie Antoinette junior. The entitlement mentality is in the genes. What a direct slap in the face to the American people. The rich should pay more taxes right? Let’s decrease the presidential travel budget for the most arrogant unfeeling piece crap God ever put on earth. What a joke these people are and to Mexico of all places. Then again, why not. Fast and furious kingpin Obama and Holter are in bed with the Mexican drug cartel. The mafia princess will be safe.

Nobody SAYS: I love reading other people’s opinion. As you can see, most of America is appalled that any parent would send their daughter to witness a drunken sex orgy, even WITH 25 body guards. (Come much are we paying the whole Mexican police force?)  

Not to mention, if anything happens to the President’s daughter, we would have to fork out millions to save her. OR worse, go to war for his mistakes.

Michelle Obama told David Letterman recently that she has passed her Southside Chicago values on to her children. So, we can assume that Southside Chicago values include making sure your daughter experience  her budding sexuality in the finest manner: Sex is good. Getting drunk is fun: and it’s your body MAO , so be sure you have contraception, you don’t want to be burdened with a baby at 13.

No, as parents, most of us would agree that Michelle and Barack are not good role models, but as you can see—liberals believe that they are special: they want their children to experience all the life that they possibly can. Want to sit on a snake baby? Okay! Want to sit on an alligator? Okay! Want to go to the dangerous country Mexico and pick up boys! Okay!

Our own state department warns Americans about going to Mexico:

“Crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country and can occur anywhere. U.S. citizens have fallen victim to TCO activity, including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery.”

UPDATE: AND—a 7.5 earthquake just hit 119 miles north of where Malia is staying.

Good thing Obama told the press to take down the story on his daughter…since we are paying for the trip, Americans would like to know how much fun Malia had screaming while the ground beneath her rocked back and forth. We would like to know if those Southside Chicago values told her how to survive an Earthquake.

I doubt it. But you can be sure that one of the Southside Chicago Values is this:Spend as much of everybody else’s money as you possibly can because someday, their money will be gone. 

Right MAO?

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  1. Back again. Your welcome and happy belated birthday. SPELLING? REALLY? JEEZ-O-PETE! Again, liberalism at it’s pathetic best. Can’t see the forest for the trees I guess. How about that? – some bored individual from their desk at work reads your blog and the only thing that upsets (it) is a spelling issue. Is that type personality A? B? or kiss my what? Holy Smoke! You take the time to research and build a web-blog and stick your inner core beliefs on the corrupted inter-web while most people just surf and bitch. WHOA big fella, wait a minute. Oh yeah, I forgot – – – – – that’s why we’re fighting for the preservation of the 1st amendment. My bad. lol.

    Let’s just say, different strokes for different folks and it takes all kinds to make this thing work.

    Sincerely, the meager.

    P.S., maybe because I’m so opinionated is because I’m a musician also – a non-professional mind you -(whatever that means) but a musician just the same. Actually, I’m a never was, because, you have to be somebody first to be a has been. 🙂


    Comment by Phillip | June 19, 2014 | Reply

  2. obviously like your website but you need to check the spellingg on several of your posts.
    Several of them aree rife with spelling problems and
    I to find it very bothersome to tell the reality then again I will definitely come agyain again.


    Comment by auto insurance ny cheapest | June 18, 2014 | Reply

    • Sorry.   Someday I hope to go back and fix it all. In the meantime, very creative way of telling me. Yo di goodee!


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 19, 2014 | Reply

  3. Thanks for the article. I think the choir your preaching too is alive and well but just not ready to launch a revolution without proper leadership and funding. The lib-tard machine and it’s sister political correctness are bedfellows with an oligarchy we can’t fight without money and proper leadership.

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev has accomplished his mission, with roots so deep, the resolve would be an endless journey. My personal (who gives a rip about my opinion) is that one of the deepest roots our governing bodies have cleverly propagated is the Unified School system.

    About 54% of all local, state, and federal tax money feeds this monster – in the larger states. If anyone took the time to research communism, they would learn how this one system is the catalyst for our current demise. Get the children first and the rest of America will fall like a house of cards. Our colleges are a cesspool of evil dogma; B.S.; lies and altering beliefs that is accepted by the members of those elite Lib-tard groups that love Marxism and continue to proliferate their love for socialism without being questioned or doubted. Khrushchev has won on this front. Many of our ivy league colleges were Christian/Catholic institutions now designed to disassemble our traditions and equip our youth with anti-American beliefs.

    Next, control the lame stream media. Pay them to tell lies long enough so Lib-tard idiots will believe them. After that, remove God and Jesus Christ from as many municipal institutions and reduce the desire for a spiritual relationship with our maker – giving way to absolute moral chaos.

    Starve our military by crippling them with a lack of vital resources to fight a war – be it conflict – be it a liberation operation. This f_ _ king method is extremely important to the Lib-tard / communist’s because it becomes their brass ring of controversies to negate war for any reason. It galvanizes their utopian ideology that war is unnecessary and peace is possible through submission. The Lib-tard populous witnesses (in their ignorance) that our military is inefficient and should be eliminated because we can’t win anyway. All the while, our men and women are doing their job; fighting harder to accomplish their mission in spite of bastard Lib-tards punishing them for their honor, dignity, and allegiance to keep America on the playing field. Win the stupid and gullible over to peace without strength – then a subversive governing body of Lib-tards can overtake a community without incident. Which leads me to my next point – removing the 2nd amendment.

    I’ll stop for now – let’s just say that the root of all evil is Liberalism trying to control a nation of freedom believing, God fearing, independent seeking people that love fighting for their right to enjoy the life that our fore fathers and relatives fought for because they thought it was worth dying for.

    Sincerely, we need to be free of lib-tardation. (SAME AS COMMUNISM)


    Comment by Phillip | June 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Wow. That comment made my day! (And it’s my birthday….BUNKER HILL DAY!)   it was …excellent.   Thanks so much for saying that.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | June 17, 2014 | Reply

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