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Eric Holder Suggests Fast and Furious Propaganda

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The Democrats LOVE to throw up the “Nazi” label to most everyone but themselves, but here we have proof that Eric Holder has taken a page directly out of Joseph Goebel’s bible of propaganda: repeat, repeat, repeat your message, and don’t stop with the propaganda…in fact start with the children. Get them “brainwashed” while they are young.

Make sure that every little child in the Uuited States think guns are bad, and  not “cool.”

They have to disarm America in order to control it. If Obama gets reelected, there is no doubt that the final push for “gun control” will just be mandated. Notice how tyranny is sold: Whatever they want you do to, it’s for …the good of the people.

Hey…communisn 101 comes to America in the form of “Hope and Change.” Whenever you hear Obama say “HE CARES”……that’s you’re cue that more of your freedom will be lost.

Remember..Hitler took the guns.

So what’s the good news? This was made in 1995, which means, Eric is not making much progress…guns are being sold at high levels all over the United States.

I can’t wait till this guy is gone as fast and as furious as he came in….can you?

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