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Nobody Wonders Why NOBODY Remembers When Reagan Walked Away….

Nobody WondersDonald Trump tweet

I was listening to C-Span this morning, and the callers who were mad at Trump kept repeating that if Trump was afraid to stand up to Megyn Kelly, then just imagine what Putin would do.

And of course, I wondered why NOBODY mentioned that Ronald Reagan’s most famous moment in history, besides when he said, “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL,” was when he stood up from the table, during nuclear negotiations, and walked away from Gorbachev..which helped defeat the Soviet Union without a shot.Reagan walks away

If you do not win at the table, it’s smart to get up and walk away. Reagan had no problem whatsoever walking away from something, when it served no purpose, and Fox News has done nothing but try to make Trump look bad. To pretend they have not is almost to the point of absurdity.

I didn’t see Megyn Kelly with Michael Moore last night, but really? That was her answer to the snub from Donald Trump?

Communist Michael Moore? She couldn’t find anybody else to help her trash him?

Nobody Wonders if Donald is going to show up to the next debate at the last-minute, they all think that his ego is too big to resist appearing. I think they might be in for a big surprise.

Of all the debates I’ve watched, the warm-up debates with Santorum and Huckabee were MUCH more informative than the main event. When the big guys came on, the Fox News Reporters (And the CNN reporters)  kept treating it like it was a boxing match. All you learned was who said what to put down whom. FIGHTS! That’s all they wanted…FIGHTS!… to stir up the ratings.

FOX NEWS is just plain stupid. CNN will be glad to have Trump on…are you kidding? Megyn Kelly and Moore

Another wonder is Ted Cruz challenging Trump to a debate MANO E MANO, where the questions would be all about some cases of legal law so Cruz can show off his knowledge.

Not going to happen, and Ted Knows it. And besides, almost everybody knows when a man challenges another man to a Mano e Mano duel, the one doing it is usually the one who is the lesser man of the two. That’s schoolboy psychology. It made Ted look incompetent.

Nobody also Wonders  about how surprising it was to see Ted Cruz bring out his father, whom, I think at this point, has a bit more street sense than his son, this early in the game.  He must be desperate.

And then there’s the democrats: Nobody Wonders when Hillary is going to use her “health” problems to drop out of the race. She’s just so tired all the time you know, due to her thyroid. And if that’s true, then you really don’t want her as President on that issue alone. IF your thyroid is not working properly it can affect your brain.

And speaking of brains…

Nobody Wonders what political advisor told the Bush family to put Barbara Bush in a football gear, to issue a warning to Donald Trump, because you see, the boys in the family WANT to make the threat, but they dare not. So they got mom to do it. Typical of the Bushes style.barbara Bush

What is the threat?

Donald Trump should “be careful.”

Hopefully, Donald has his own mechanics.

That’s like Putin sending out his girlfriend to tell some one criticizing him to…”Be careful.”

Mob warning from Mom. Sweet!  🙂

Nobody Wonders: Was this a very serious threat disguised as a joke?

Or something else?

Nobody Knows…but something tells me Hillary isn’t the only old matriarch with skeletons in the proverbial closet. Talk about keeping secrets…

Think about it. What DO any of us know about Barbara Bush?



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