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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Joseph Watson…Wins AGAIN.

Nobody’s Fool:

So…the government puts up fake cell phone towers to spy on you without a warrant, and..surprise! Nobody talks about it on any of the local news, national news, or even foreign press.

I don’t know about you, but I remember one morning waking up and going out to shop, and voila! Overnight there were HUGE poles all over the highways…with camera’s on them, and you think, “Where in the WORLD did they get the money to put all those up? And what are they for? Gee, they can put up over a hundred poles during the night, but they can’t fix the sewer problems?”

And then I just went about my day. What else can you do? I did get a bit mad when, sometimes, I would see a big American Flag flapping at the top, as IF putting an American Flag would make the spying okay. Tell me, what is all this spying doing for any of us? Is it any wonder Cops now have an attitude? Did they help during Ferguson?

Obviously, they were just recording the action, and watching it play out.

Our government has gone too far. Why make fake cell phone towers? Why not just come out and admit they are worse than Russia?

Once again, Paul Joseph Watson puts out another excellent video to warn people who what they are not hearing about, IS happening.

Congratulations Mr. Watson! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award…and when I win the next lottery, I’m sending you on a much-needed vacation.


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Nobody Wonders: How Obama Would Look As A Pimp?


Nobody Wonders

—-If at any time in American History, our military men were made to APOLOGISE publicly to the enemy for going into their territory, whether by mistake or on purpose.  Now, America apologizes, because “President” Obama feels one should not insult Iran.Iranina soldiers

Was this another Obama American FIRST?

—-Why anybody in St. Louis is upset that the Rams will be moving back to Los Angeles?  They were a crummy team anyway, and even though St. Louis is an incredible baseball town because of our excellent baseball teams thanks to Auggie Busch, football was never our thing.  The Democrats were  pushing a new stadium  for union jobs, so the taxpayers are happy…unless of course, the democrats decide to build a stadium anyway. I wouldn’t put it pass them.  Politicians make big bucks of the revenue, so they always push it. President George W. Bush helped get his good buddies a new baseball stadium when  brought he Cardinal franchise from the Busch family.Rams

—- Nobody Wonders why the game Monopoly doesn’t add a few baseball teams  on to its board. Put the New York Yankees right near Boardwalk.

–If Hillary is upset that her favorite news channel, Al Jazeera, is going to shut down during an election year when she needs them the most.  I’m pretty happy about it.

NEW YORK — Al Jazeera America will shut down its operations in the United States by the end of April, the company told employees in a meeting on Wednesday.Obama pimp

___If Justice Ruth Ginsberg used drugs to stay awake during Obama’s State of the Union speech, and did she realize how un-American she looked giving Obama a big fat hug in front of the world?

—If an illegal immigrant wins the Powerball will he be deported first? And if one DOES win, how many citizens of America are going to be really pissed off?

—-How come Rand Paul was delegated out of the next debate when he does better in the polls than Jeb Bush? (Well…we all KNOW the answer to that)

—If Bernie Sanders is going to be our next President? Some “Bible code machine’ which was developed by two men…who SWEAR it’s accurate, predicted that Bernie Sanders would be our next President. If that’s true, then it should also be able to pick the winning Powerball numbers right? And can we smash it?Bernie Sanders

—-How many people realize that the reason the Rhino is almost extinct is because the men from Yemen have killed them all off because they like to have the horns to make knife holders for their weapons. And will Obama blame the disappearance of the Rhino’s on global warming?

Can John Kerry get any more idiotic?

—How do you get RID of Publishers Clearing House junk mail?

—If my readers will ever forgive me for attacking David Bowie’s music on his deathbed…after all, we all have our favorites. I happen to really likJohn Kerry twoe the music of African pygmies, which I’m sure not many people could stomach pass the first song.

___How Obama can say the State of the Union is good, when Flint, Michigan has lead in its water, and last week, over 83 million gallons of sewage was poured into the very radioactive Cold Water Creek near my house..

–what’s’ in my shower water?

–should I even TAKE a shower?

—-And most important…question of the week.

–if we can’t deport Nikki Haley… can we ‘fire’ her?

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