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Mr. B.— Angel First Class

Nobody Cares:

It’s Friday:

I read the headlines, but I don’t care:

I don’t care about Hillary’s breaking the law with her email server as she has done so many times in her life. I care that she is not in angel

I don’t care that she wants to be like Angela Merkel of Germany. I care that she wants to be another big socialist who dictates to her nation how to act. Merkel is trying to get Facebook, Twitter and Google to block people who criticize Muslims. Hillary would LOVE to get those companies to block whatever and whomever she feels “bullies” here, and it would start with every conservative that is left.

I don’t care that over a 100  German woman were raped by Muslims in Germany last New Year’s Eve—I care that the people of Germany don’t stand up to their government and do something about it.

I don’t care that they caught El Chapo. I care that they lost him in the first place.

I don’t care that Obama is going after our guns. I care that he keeps spreading the lie that he doesn’t want every gun. He might was well say, “If you like your gun, you can keep your gun.”

I don’t care about the stock market. I care that the average person has no clue how the banks control the economy of the world, to keep themselves rich. I care that when some FOX economic babe threatens Americans with “Don’t elect TRUMP, because you’re prices at Wal-Mart will go up!” can’t be made to shop at Wal-Mart herself.

I don’t care tonight about any of the scumbags running our country tonight.

Tonight I care about Mr. B.

Mr. B was Pattie’s dog. Big guy. Gentle giant. Big brown eyes. Big tan coat.  A  big mongrel mutt that just wanted to be feed and loved. She told me today she put him to sleep because he couldn’t walk anymore.

No, he wasn’t MY dog. But, I loved Mr. B more than any of my neighbors, and certainly more than most of the people that I see on my TV every day. I didn’t see him often enough, but he was one of the highlights of my nobody life. Always at the door for me to pet…to talk to…to just adore.

I will miss you Mr. B. You were too good for this world. And that’s why tonight…

I don’t give a damn about any of it.

Tomorrow…I will. But not tonight. Tonight…I will just…try not to cry too much. Because damn it…

Dogs are the best. If people could only be so good, we’d have a better world.

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