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Nobody Remembers John Cotton and John Wayne Walding

Nobody Remembers

UPDATE: Before I start into my little history bit, I think it’s fair to say that the man who won the debate tonight, and who will ALWAYS be remembered by most Americans was John Wayne Walding.John Wayne two

I didn’t watch the FOX debate, of course, but I can tell from the face of Megyn Kelly in her after show, that the viewership was worse than they imagined.

I watched Trump’s event for the veterans, and it was the vets, and especially John Wayne Walding…who stole the show from everybody, including Donald Trump.

Which proves to you that Donald Trump knows what he is doing.

Who won the debate tonight? John Wayne Walding…an American vet who lost his leg serving in Afghanistan and the other vets he bought on stage who let us all know, that 22 vets a DAY commit suicide. It will be John Wayne Walding…that everybody will remember tonight, which leads up to this bit of history that fits the night:

A speech by John Cotton, who preached the farewell sermon to John Winthrop’s fleet that headed for America on the Arbella…the first governor of Massachusetts Bay.

John Cotton eventually fled King Charles, and became the first minister at the First church in Boston, serving from 1633 to 1652. The Harvard historian and expert on the Puritans Perry Miller called him “the dominating figure in the councils of the New England clergy” who “se the model for New England orthodoxy.”John Cotton

Cotton wrote in 1644:

“The People, in whom fundamentally all power lyes,” said it was necessary “that all power that is on earth be limited, Church power or other.”

At the time, it was the Catholic Church that the Puritans were running from, because James II was a Catholic who revoked the original charter of Massachusetts Bay.

And solong before the revolution, the American people wanted to rule their own lives…and that’s why they got angry when James II started taking away their rights.

So…I ask myself…. are we at a time when Americans are seeing the tyranny in the distant land called Washington D.C., looking much like like the Monarchy in merry old England?

Will the American people join together in the near future to try to claim their country back, like their forefathers did?

Seeing those vets on stage tonight, reminded Americans, that America is great, not because of her politicians, but because of her people. We need to hear more from the people, and LESS from all the politicians.

I think you could actually apply that same rule in every country on the planet.

Donald Trump…by doing what he did tonight…showed America, that it’s all about THEM. That’s what he was trying to do.

John Cotton, and John Winthrop, would be proud.



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Nobody’s Fool: Rick Santorum

Nobody’s Fool

It is no surprise that Rick Santorum is going to Trump’s event for the Veterans tonight. I have watched every single GOP debate, and in every one, the two I trusted the most, were Donald Trump and Rick Santorum.

Rick is actually, the most conservative of them all. Not Cruz, not Rand Paul…no…. Rick Santorum.

As I think back upon it, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t ON the main debates. As we are seeing, the cable channels decide who gets to be placed on the main stage, and I can see why Rick was pushed down to the bottom. He would have been a distraction from Cruz, Rubio and Jeb, and even Trump, if allowed to speak for very long.

I’m still for Trump (no brainer there) …nevertheless…for those who think Ted Cruz is the most wonderful thing since Crapper invented the flushing toilet, it might be wise to look at the actual records of both Santorum and Cruz. Rick points out here about Ted Cruz’s weakness on his conservative social fights. They are good points, and odds are, you won’t hear too much about them.

So, Congratulations Rick! You win my Nobody’s Fool Award for the week! For never giving up, and for standing firm for the American people and the core principles of conservative values.

The Vets will be happy to see you.


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