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Barack Insane: State of HIS Own Tyrannical Union

Nobody Wins

Last night I wrote a post, and then TRIED to upload it to WordPress, but either WordPress had crashed, or Obama was making sure nobody criticized his big wonderful State of MY Union address.

Whatever. The Post is lost to cyberspace.

I didn’t watch his speech. And as usual, the established GOP, attacked Donald Trump, afterwards. funny meme

The attacks on Trump by the GOP are more vicious than ANYTHING they have EVER said about Hilary Clinton OR Barack Insane. Proof of why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are winning in both parties. Most all of America knows who our politicians are working for.

So, if you watched his speech, remember: Obama lies. Watch the video to see how much.

And one more thing: He is making everyone believe that closing Gitmo is about the prison. Gitmo is one of our MOST important military bases due to the location.

You close Gitmo, you close one of the most important assets that our military has to protect the country. It’s a military airport among many things. It’s not just a prison. And by the way, if he thinks it’s too expensive than he should have stopped going on his $80 million dollar tax paid vacations.

Obama is destroying our military, and saying its’ a smart move. Why, just the fact that we HAVE Gitmo, makes our enemies want to enlist more people he says.

And then he ships them all into our country.

The man is our number one enemy, and yet, our politicians are silent.

And when it comes to Ted Cruz, ask yourself: Who is going to handle the corrupt politicians better: Donald or Ted?





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