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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson, AGAIN

Nobody’s Fool

I meant to post one of Tucker’s video called, New War on Terror, which he made on 5/20/21, but I just couldn’t find it.

This was the closet video I could find to the subject.

Right now, Tucker is still, number one when it comes to showing us all the draconian tyranny being shoved at us every day by the “comrades” democrats in Congress.

America, is now under attack, and how much longer will FOX have him on their program? Right now, his show alone is probably funding the whole organization. (And Hannity) Like millions, after the election, I stopped watching FOX. But I do still search for Tucker….

He’s simply the best.

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Tucker Explains AGAIN

Nobody Knows…

That I’m taking a writing day off today, due to the fact that I WAS SCAMED AGAIN! sigh.

I spent hours on the phone trying to clean up the mess.

Anyway, Tucker didn’t take a day off, and as usual, he explains everything so well. He goes into our gas shortage and how happy the libs are with it.

Thanks Tucker!

And on a simple Nobody note: No doubt the Bush family, and Cheney are trying to form the republican party around Liz Cheney, and get Americans to back HER and hate Trump for President. I would not even worry about this except Glenn Beck today said something to the effect that we should not put all our cards on Trump.

Glenn did NOT want Trump before. He had to get on the Trump bandwagon, but no doubt, he still wants Ted Cruz to be President.

Hopefully, he is very careful about what direction he goes.

Clearly, Bush is out, Liz Cheney is vicious, and they are going full throttle against Trump running again.

Like I’ve said before: She’s Hillary’s Clone. Pretty sickening. She is also siting the “constitution” in every other sentence.

All we need now is Hillary to come back to declare the democratic nomination. LOL.

Okay, wait Joyanna, you are saying…you SAID you are taking a day off! Shut up!


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Rudi KNOWS Where the Corruption Lies

Nobody Flashes

To even think that this man, this great man who was the ONLY leader that gave us all comfort and stability on 9/11, is being harassed by the FBI and Biden, is proof that the administration that has taken over, makes Putin look like a “nice guy.” This is Russia communist tactics, is it not?

Here, Rudi tells us what happened. So many people were involved in Ukraine’s big money train, so many at the top of the democratic party, are still trying to hide their corruption. Rudi knows all about it.

Rudi is now being smeared. And of course, they did it on the day Joe Biden made his State of the Union speech.

So, you wouldn’t notice. But…it’s IS a big deal.

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Nobody Cares About Joe Biden

Nobody Cares.

Did anybody watch Joe Biden’s big speech tonight? I didn’t. Evidently, not many did. Tucker summed it up, as pretty much the fact that the democrats are going to shove communism down our throats and destroy the country. And then act as if they did a WONDERFUL thing. They tell US what we can and cannot do.

In the meantime they flood the Covid-19 with illegals all over the country.

I often get a big kick out of the comments that are still allowed online by the Nobody Americans who know exactly what’s going on. While they kept saying over and over how the majority of Americans loved this trillion dollar bailout to New York, California, black farmers and Bill Gates, what they really meant is “Hey, I KNOW just by giving everybody a check, you’ll love it!”


  • COVID crisis 2020 replaces the housing/banking crisis 2008.
  • Pelosi repackages the TARP strategy as a COVID response.
  • States are bailed out in 2020 like the Too Big to Fail banks in 2008.
  • Union leadership benefit as they did in the 2008 operation.

…And the great reset begins.

House Votes 220-211 to Approve Massive Government Expansion and Bailout Under Auspices of COVID Relief Bill – The Last Refuge (


Here’s some comments from the most noble peanut gallery, that hopefully will at least bring you comfort in knowing,




 March 10, 2021 8:23 pm

 Reply to  regitiger

Pssst.. Trump or no Trump, the Great Reset Agenda 21 New/ One World Order was long planned for 2021.

These people are NOT afraid of us.

They are provoking us to light that long planned fuse. Then they can blame all the pre-planned destruction on US. And as long as the ENEmedia plays along, the rubes and the useful idiots will never know the difference.

Look … free money !! Of course most average voters won’t see the crap that’s happening to them as long as there’s all this shiny bling being flung at them.

And Pelosi and her thugs will keep shoveling out as much as possible before the next election, knowing they’ll probably lose big time.

In a straight stack, one trillion US $1 bills would be a stack 67,866 miles high


 March 10, 2021 6:46 pm

Bill Gates . . . billions to that insufferable weirdo. . . so does this mean he doesn’t really have that much money or people should stop praising HIM for being so generous? It isn’t HIS money!

Romy Swillman

 March 10, 2021 7:13 pm

Stealing the Election, was just to get the License to Steal Everything Else.


 March 10, 2021 7:56 pm

But hey Im getting $1400! Im so happy. And its ONLY going to cost me $17,000. Thanks Joe. (More like $67,000)


 March 10, 2021 8:16 pm

“No Republicans supported the bill in the House or the Senate.”

Not. so. Fast.

They most certainly DID support the bill. Controlled opposition 101: When they followed Mitch, they capitulated to the Democrats and they defended the treasonous COUP.. They are absolutely 100 percent COMPLICIT in every downstream effect therein.

AS IF they had no idea any of this would happen. Give us a break!

very old white guy

 March 11, 2021 7:10 am

What a massive criminal enterprise the U S government has become.


No kidding. And THAT’s an understatement. No WONDER they want a permanent wall around the Capitol. THEY know how pissed off we really are. One guy on the radio day said it all:

“If the Patriots wanted to take over the Capitol that day, with over a million people there, they would have just done it.”

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson…AGAIN

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, Fox should be thanking their lucky stars that they STILL have Tucker Carlson on. He’s the best thing going right now, and the most honest and intelligent among all the voice out there right now about putting all this blatant destruction of our country together.

For instance, he’s right here. I remember living through the Kennedy assassination’s, and they certainly never brought up the point that Lee was a communist. Tucker’s right. They hide this from the public, in order to put LBJ in the White House. And it worked.

Sadly, we are just realizing now that our politicians have been doing this for years. They form the narrative, they control the narrative, so much now, it’s scary. And everyday we are told that we are free.

We are…not.

Enjoy and watch this incredible young man sum it up. He’s at his prime…let’s hope he doesn’t become Drudge.

This Nobody would like to say, “Thank you Mr. Carlson.” Now that Trump is gone America needs more than ever to trust someone. Right now, you’re the best.

God be with you…and guard YOU against the evil that is all around us.

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Nobody Wins: Tucker Carlson…The Purge Begins

Nobody Wins

You KNOW that the Democrat’s are the new Nazi party when they start going after conservatives…and they ARE. They are starting at the top. Trump of course, they want to well…this:

Tucker is right.

They prefer if we were all dead. At least that’s my opinion, and I’ve actually HEARD this from a liberal that I know. He said he wanted to shot us all in the head. And they all dream of this.

This cannot end well.

“Unity” ? Yeah. Right.

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Nobody Reports: Youtube’s Control on Tucker’s Repeats

It’s Sunday, and I’m not watching FOX News at all. If I find myself suddenly on the channel, I go OH…Quick! Flip it! I think I’m not the only person doing this out of protest because FOX New’s rating have plummeted. When once they were in 1st, now, they come in third over CNN and MSNBC.

Nobody Reports

Sure. I miss Hannity. I miss Tucker. And some of the guests on Laura. Even seeing Trump on FOX News in the Morning, but I feel that what they did to America on election night was JUST as egregious as Pelosi holding everyone’s relief money hostage. Fox and Drudge, conservative ships of safe shore, are now gone.

So, I look for Tucker on Youtube, and THIS is what I found. Watch this, and tell me if the video, AND audio are WAY off. You know me. I think this is on purpose so you will tune back into his program and bring the money back to FOX.

Let’s be real. Hannity and Tucker, could get a job on OAN or Newsmax. The only power we seem to have now, is our attention. If we don’t give them our attention, they can’t brainwash us now can they?

Anyway, here’s some good thoughts from Tucker as usual. And tell me if YOU get the messed up video like I did. I just listened to it. Watching it was too funny.

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Nobody Knows How China Is Taking Over

Nobody Knows, just how right President Trump is when he says that if Biden becomes President, China will own us. If you haven’t seen the two videos below, best watch them before they disappear. The Chinese themselves admit that China has it’s very heavy influence in the upper echelons of our government, and has for decades.

We KNOW that the Biden’s are deep in the pocket of China.

So is Diana Feinstein, who has had a Chinese limo driver for decades who worked directly for the Chinese military. I once saw the President of GM bowing like a simple servant to Xi Jinping. It was disgusting to me. He couldn’t have been more subservient.

This morning I saw Meryl Streep on TV, talking to Steven Colbert… trying to talk Chinese and explain a simple word in Chinese as if was just so beautiful.

Seriously? Love the glasses Meryl but why not just move there?

And I worry about how easliy they are getting into all our universities. It’s been said that It’s China that is FUNDING the antifa and colored revolution, modeled after their own cultural commuinst revolution.

For instance: In 2015, at the University of Columbia, Missouri, a school where many of the countries journalists are educated, a ‘colored” protest of black students who claimed that they were attacked by racist slurs, refused to play any sports. They demanded the replacement of the President, a white man named Wolfe. He has now been replaced by Mun Choi, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, from the U of Conn. He went to school in IL, and got his degree from Princeton, BOTH progressive universities.

Mun Choi, President of Columbia University MO

Now this might not mean much, but remember: Boeing has a major manufacturing hub next to Lambert Field here in St. Louis, and Amazon is building major warehouses RIGHT next to Boeing, and I have written how China wants Lambert field to be a major hub. Put Amazon and Boeing, together with China, and Mun Choi sending in his ‘students’ to run the show, and you can picture Trump’s worst nightmare coming true.

By the way, Lambert Field is run by the City, which is run by democrats and one very radical House representative who is a Marxist of BLM fame. Somehow, out of ALL the state being red, SHE got the big position. Gee.

China is slowly taking us over, with the help of our politicians. Don’t miss Tucker’s video below, or Dick’s who go further into exposing the truth.

If ONLY more of our politicians would see the danger.

They released the bio-weapon, to take out Trump, rigged the election, and destroyed our economy in order to take us over.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker

Many Americans, will not be watching FOX anymore, so missing Tucker who, next to Hannity is the only redeeming program to watch, will have to be on Youtube, untill of course, they decide to get rid of him.

Tucker can always go elsewhere. Newsmax and OAN and other networks are becoming popular.

Here he gives his opinions on mostly the unfairness in our systems. I got this from one of Don Jr.’s tweets.

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Nobody’s Opinion

“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate and tireless minority keen on setting brushfires. of freedom in the minds of men.”  Sam Adams 

Fear. Fear has been used to manipulate countries and peoples throughout history. The fear of going to hell has controlled the masses in many religions since long before Christ. The Jewish God of the old bible put fear in every other sentence.

And fear is what they are using now, to take control of the world. Tucker Carlson is right. They are using the virus to scare everyone to STAY AWAY from the voting booths in November…FEAR. Mostly it’s the older people who vote, and so, the virus is just right to use to scare them.

Fear. I was listening to Chris Wallace today who has written a book on the dropping of the bomb on Japan, and there was NO doubt at this time, the fear of a nuclear war is going to be used. As if the virus wasn’t enough to scare you, Chris will remind you we could have a nuclear attack with Trump as President.

Wait for it. I bet it will be a leading question in one of the debates.

Nothing these people do is just sheer coincidence.

Antifa is being used to scare all white people in their homes, and all people who dare suggest they love America to be afraid of their lives. The BLM are allowed to ruin your whole town, close down your business, and fear will run rampart through your streets.

When the Muslims flooded into Sweden the fear of rape was so great, the women stayed home at night. I imagine that will be going on here soon if Trump wins the election, which despite the media telling you how hated he is, already they are rigging the ballots so AS to be contested.

They WANT revolution. They WANT fear to reign. Many of them are threatening it now, with the Obama’s and Hillary backing them up.

This week is going to crazy. So far, the Democrats are winning the propaganda war. With the released virus (Thank you Fauci, China, and Mr. Gates) the United States has been brought to its knees.

Okay. I know in history, elections have been worse. I remember my grandfather getting in big fights with one of his best friends, Mrs. Pib, who was a teacher. He hated FDR. But the elections went on. The elites of the world have released the perfect weapon: FEAR OF DYING.

AND THEY CAN’T be blamed.

This week, the biggest stars in the now Democratic/communist party are going to go on TV Monday night: Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama. They will blast the President for causing every problem. Problems THEY created.  The cities are burning, the black people are so oppressed, racism is growing, people are starving…yada, yada, yada, all the whole trashing Trump and calling him a dictator.

Never mind that he has not ONCE done anything that is against the Constitution…but they have.

The democrats attempted a coup takeover that they are STILL doing. It’s a coup not just of our President, but complete takeover of our lives. In their future, we WILL become China.

The Jews in Germany at least had places some of them could escape to. The white man? Where can he go? The American man and woman? Where?

They will say that because TRUMP has taken over the Post office, depriving the POOR AND OLD and SICK and BLACKS from voting, he will NOT leave office.

That is why President Trump MUST come out swinging. For us. For America. For Freedom. And he will. He will.

But, there needs to be more of us, fighting back.

Remember when Susan Rice went BACK dated an email about one of Obama’s last meetings in the white house? She did that to rewrite history. To SAVE her own butt and all of them from the treason they committed.

That’s the same thing Bill Gates did with his TED talk. He knew that the corporate elites of the world, along with the politicians have had major plans to transform the world into their new technical communist utopia. He was covering up his own ass by saying it would happen.

He KNEW it would. He already had the patents on it.

They are now saying anyone who sees the truth, the treason, the massive planning out in the open, the lies, the control, the insidious takeover of the few freedoms left upon the earth, as conspiracy nuts.

Right. Sure.

And one bullet was shot that killed JFK. ONE bullet went through all those guys and jumped up and down and backwards and…sure.

They are silencing our voices. They are silencing our President’s voice. Just like Russia does. Just like China does.

President Trump is surrounded by liars in our own party…like Mitt Romney.

Now, the good news is President Trump has exposed them all. Little did we know how huge the corruption was. That’s a GOOD thing.

Nobody could have imagined that they would have released a virus upon the world to take over. But then again, nobody imagined Hitler did they?

So, that’s why I posted Tucker Carlson. He has the biggest ratings of anybody on TV.

He is paying the bills. He is telling the truth.

And for right now, as Sam Adams once said:

He is irate, and tireless, and setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. God bless him, for his own family I’m sure is being threatened.

If Hannity and Tucker are taken off the air, we WILL become…the USSA. United Socialist States of America.

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson

Nobody’s Fool

Tucker Carlson came through, as usual! YES!

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson Explains St. Louis Couple Protecting Their Home


Nobody’s Fool

It was all over the news this morning. A couple, here in St. Louis, fearful for their lives, came out to their front yard to protect their property from BLM. They came out with guns.  They are democratic lawyers, which goes to show, that maybe the crowd got the wrong house.

I know this neighborhood well. Right across from Forest Park, are the most beautiful mansions one can imagine. They were built during the 1904 Worlds’ fair in St. Louis, to house the various States exhibitions. It’s a private area now, of about two huge city blocks with about 40 big houses, some with over 40 rooms. And the very, VERY rich liberals live there. I know. I used to date Brett Cervantes, whose father Alphonso Cervantes was Major of St. Louis at one time, and built the arch.

It’s protected, so they HAD to break into this gate to get in. And notice, nobody came to protect those people.

Now, the upkeep of those houses has to be expensive, and I’m sure many of the rich moved away because it’s smack dap in the middle of poor black housing. Murders go on every night. Nobody even drives down there past dark.  I remember going into one house with Brett, to see one of his friends. The house had over 40 rooms, but only two had electric on. They couldn’t afford to keep the electric on. So I’m sure this couple loved the old house and put a lot of money into it.

And here they are, two lawyers, representing blacks against the cops. and the last thing they expected was to fear for their lives.

They came out and said it was a white crowd, but there were blacks in the videos, so it was BLM. I just imagine they are protecting themselves from further harm. Fat Chance. The liberal media AND the black city democrats are out to crucifiy them.

The BLM tried this in Beverly Hills, but those people have private security.. Not here. Mostly liberals lawyers and doctors and politicians live in these houses.

So, will the democrats now realized that they TOO will be targeted if they are not Beyonce or De Blasio?

We’ll see. Tucker is going to have the couple on tomorrow night. Frankly, I was glad to see this couple come out and show some spunk.

It’s what we ALL should do.

Tucker is on a roll, god bless him.

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Nobody Flashes Tucker Carlson…Again

Nobody Flashes

Once again, and because I’m on vacation, the great insights of Tucker Carlson.

Just in case, you missed it like I did.

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson

Nobody’s Fool

I first saw this young man on a liberal channel many years ago. He was the only conservative voice, and they only gave him a few seconds to talk. But back then, it was obvious, he was smart, succinct, and made points that nobody else made.

He’s still doing that and by all accounts has the MOST watched and popular show on all cable political networks.

Therefore, they MUST get rid of him. Disney and some Pizza place I won’t mention because their pizza literally makes me sick. I Swear they use horse or dog meat instant of sausage. Yes…they have pulled their advertising from his show. Okay. It’s John. Pappa John.

Yuk. I’ve been ‘boycotting’ Papa for years just because I don’t like the taste.

Anyway, the BLM business has taken over, backed by powerful people intent on destroying America and all has stood for. It’s history, and it’s culture, which up to a certain point has been a European one.

It was the European one, which formed the country in the first place, with the writing of the Constitution. And of course, that’s how communists take over a country. They destroy it’s history, it’s hero’s, it’s statues.

But, tyranny cannot survive with that ‘outdated’ Constitution, so now, as Tucker has pointed out recently, we must all BOW and kiss the feet of the great black thugs among us.

I hope FOX is not stupid enough to bow to BLM and George Soros and cancel his show. Right now, between Tucker and Hannity and of course Rush, there isn’t much else speaking out to the truth besides the President.

So, before the election, those horrible, racist, white people will have to come out in full force if they want to keep their freedom.

I’m ready.

Tucker…you win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the year so far.

Just for being so brilliant.

So…Thank you! Thank you very much, and don’t stop…ever.

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