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Diversity Buffalowed

Nobody’s Opinion

Diversity. It’s being buffaloed down our throats. Like a fat woman trying to stuff herself in jeans she had when she was young. That zipper just won’t zip. Try to zip it up, and it will rip right out of the jeans. And not many women nowadays could sew it back in.

Sew? What’s that? The elites are trying to stuff us all into their make believe utopia of a brown world of obediant slave workers, who eat bugs and remain stoned and drunk and watching sports on their big screen TVS.

The elites want a ‘brown’ world. And for that to happen the ‘white’ lower class of people must stop producing and just plain disappear. We are being brainwashed every second, in our commercials. On social media. Constantly.

White people are stupid, raciest, and white men are gay and don’t know it yet.

Like the black men who sold their black people into white slavery, the white man is now selling his own people into global slavery.

You want to know what white people REALLY thinks about the fact that everybody now has to bow to diversity?

Read some of the Nobody Opinions on this: Why is it only black people in commercial any more? – GirlsAskGuys

Yep. And now, it’s not just the black with the white women, it’s the CHINESE in every single commerical and TV program.


It’s called “social engineering” and it’s been going on for decades, except now, because of Trump and many people not WANTING to go into the elite takeover, it’s being put on steroids.

Will it work? Well, this pronoun “They/she/it/” crap is being taught in every school. So, yeah.

Get the kids young enough…it will work. UNLESS…the parants demand it to stop.

The attack on our minds is relentless. And if you tune out, you’ll have no clue what hit you when all of a sudden your kids claim they are gay. And you need to respect them.

Hillary Clinton pushed the state raising the children in her book “It Takes a Village.”

And that was long ago…look how far they have come!

Zip up.

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Little Brother, WAKE UP

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows and Nobody seems to care just how MUCH and how insidiously the masses are being brainwashed daily to accept the policies of the top 1 percent who rule the world, and now want to control every single human on the planet. From interracial marriage, to all men should be dweebs, to only our politicians know what’s going on, to what we MUST put in our bodies, to being gay is NORMAL, to all whites are racists and privileged, to America needs to step off the global stage of being suspicious to open borders are a good thing, to we should go into war with Russia, and President Donald Trump actually LOST the election to Biden…to.…you will get used to owning nothing and like it.

The brainwashing is in EVERYTHING: Commercials. Books. Late night talk shows hosts, and most of all, our schools.

It’s being done and HAS been done to us all for years, this psychological manipulation, and very cleverly. The trouble is, we are distracted by the entertainment, and don’t pay much attention to the lessons hidden in the texts, in the scripts, in the very hourly broadcasts.

Myself, I am sick to death of it all.

Klaus Schwab, the new ruler of the World, admits in his book “The Great Narrative,” that he knows this is what they do.

Good old comrade Klaus wants us all to be chipped and, in the future, to be connected with chips in our brains to the internet, the new 4th revolution where all humans will be monitored and “improved” with tech. But even he admits there is a problem with getting us all to accept this. He plans to do it…through what they HAVE been using to change society: through the movies.

Why do you think TV’s are so cheap right now?

Here’s how Klaus explains it in his book:


“Potent narratives in literature, movies, or comics (Like the Japanese manga) have the power to instill fear or alternatively engender reassurance with regard to technology and innovation.


He goes on to talk about how Metaverse was taken from a sci-fi book, and “there is no doubt that this whole process will be a transformative one. Some loathe the idea. Others’ embrace it with enthusiasm.


He goes on to mention the influence of Hollywood:


“We did a survey in the UK. If people are concerned about AI, they cite “the Terminator” by contrast, Japanese attitudes to AI are dramatically less dystopian because of the unique cultural history of robots in Japanese manga. Two of the country’s most famous animated series, “Astro Boy is a little android with superhuman power who coexist happily with humans, with Doraemon is a cut blue cat who happens to be a robot and who travels back in time to save a young boy. Compared with The Terminator, that is such a different perspective on what AI could be. Having that different narrative history completely changes the way in which people think about TECH.”


Yesterday I posted a video in which Mark Dice pointed out the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck’s stance on homosexuals adopting kids. It’s my Nobody Opinion that Glenn has been influenced BY this massive, and very overwhelming narrative that all gay people should have the right to have kids, and if you don’t believe that, you’re a horrible person. That has been the narrative for a long time. By the way, he was rasied a Catholic which I believe is one of the reason for his ‘compassion’. Also, money is important to Glenn and his successful broadcast.

But, is this healthy for the kids? No mother? What is the history of gay men with children? Sure, many of them can be loving parents…BUT…if the gay men had been married before to a woman, had kids, then divorced and married a man, those children had a mother. That would be…honest. BUT…

Does nobody remember Jeffery Dalmer? He was a gay man, who loved and killed, and ate young boys. And he wasn’t the only gay mass murderer.

Let us not forget the massive crimes done in the Catholic church, the boy scouts, and we could go on and on, and YET, we should trust our children to gay men because they adopt the kids?

Was this in Jesus’s teachings somewhere?

 Right now, Disney is promoting gayness on the kids and are fighting Ron DeSantis’s new bill, while at the same time they are trying to get Disney into many Muslim countries where they KILL gays.

Disney can pick and choose their narratives.

I guess in Libya, Micky will kill a gay Goofy.

And that brings me to the horrible subject that Pedophilia is being now pushed to be normal, from the new Supreme Court Nominee to watching Joe Biden kiss every kid he’s around to, what the Sam Hill was Michael Jackson doing sleeping with all those kids?

That is the new normal. We got the “whites are racists.” To the “Black people are being kept from voting” to “women are now the best warriors, but a man can beat them in sports” to “Dr. Fauci’s IS Science” to we need to have open borders because we had so many abortions, we need cheap labor to compete with China.

The NARRATIVE of Klaus is never ending. And the narrative while being complained about, is transforming society at an alarming rate.

The GREAT NARRATIVE was used in the Covid Outbreak to cause great fear among the people of the world, and then they took control, got us all to isolate, because of the fear. Small businesses were closed, the fact that it WAS a bioweapon hidden, was hidden, so were the cures.

And the rich got even richer.

They will ALWAYS use the great narrative to create fear in us all.

The next fear being pumped is “The world will starve without us rulers, or Ebola will be released among the population and ONLY those with a Covid Vaccine will live. Because the Ebola vaccine will only be given to those vaccinated. And as Klause tell you below, only the rich governments can save you all.

Or so I’ve read.

Guess what? They already have the Ebola vaccine ready to go. It’s true.

In history, BEFORE the invention of TV and film, many tales of the boogey man were invented to keep children obeying. Devils and Saints were invented to keep the masses obeying. But if the adults do not wake up to this mind control, of just how relentlessly they are being brainwashed to obey, keeping the masses in fear, we really are doomed.

As the video above notes: We need to get our spiritual mojo going. Our courage to stand up. As she says, the big brother cannot exist without the little brother.

And that’s the message they will NEVER give you ever.

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Don’t Look Up: Movie Prediction or Opinion?

Nobody’s Opinion:

In politics, nothing is a coincidence: So, said FDR. Let’s include movies into that shall we? Especially Net flick.

My husband and I watched this movie on Netflix on Christmas Eve. It had every liberal Hollywood actor and actress you can think of in the leads: DiCaprio is the main character. He plays a scientist who discovers that the earth is going to be hit and destroyed by a Comet. At the beginning of this trailer, it SAYS it was based on true events. (Give me a break.)

But in the end, everyone dies when the comet hits the earth.

Okay. All through it I kept thinking wow, this could be about the Covid Virus, but they switched it to another threat. Covid has killed, and now the vaccine is going to kill. Many doctors have been trying to warn the public about the vaccine killer, but they are being censored and laughed at, and Dicaprio is pretty much playing THOSE guys.

Basically, the movie portrays the Presidents, (Played by a GOP Meryl Streep) who also hangs out with Bill Clinton, as a narcissistic idiot.

It also exposes, with great clarity, the hypocritical media and all the sex scandals. In other words, nobody is going to save the planet because they just don’t care.

I won’t tell you about the ending except keep going pass the credits.

While I’m pretty good at being about to see the ‘message’ in most Hollywood films, this one, is confusing. IF you are a progressive, you will think the movie is about how climate change is going to kill everyone, even though nothing about the climate is even mentioned.

IF you are a conservative, you will see in the script sympathy with Anti-Vaxers and the alarming rate at how politicians do not care at all about people, just their polls numbers. You will think of the Virus, which is killing millions.

What they ARE trying to do with it, is convinced the world that the elites know the earth is going to be hit by a comet and are building bunkers right now. You will just die.

I’m not sure THAT kind of information would NOT get out, are you?

While Dicaprio has been on the full fledge boat of “climate change” is coming, and the planet will die, I do remember he made an excellent film about Ulysses S. Grant. I couldn’t believe he would even make such a movie. It seemed so against his progressive character in real life.

And now Trump is right by Fauci’s side, flip flopping just like Fauci…who would have thought?

How can any of us know what the hell is going on?

Is all this mass confusing intentional psychotically warfare?

Or, as the movie suggest, our politicians are all morons?

I’d like to have some feedback on this…if any of you watch this movie, let me know what YOU think.

In other notes, I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas.

The Year ahead is bound to be…like a comet hitting the earth.

And I think we’d all better “Look up.” In the meantime, I’m watching this again.

Somehow, I missed something.

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson…AGAIN

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, Fox should be thanking their lucky stars that they STILL have Tucker Carlson on. He’s the best thing going right now, and the most honest and intelligent among all the voice out there right now about putting all this blatant destruction of our country together.

For instance, he’s right here. I remember living through the Kennedy assassination’s, and they certainly never brought up the point that Lee was a communist. Tucker’s right. They hide this from the public, in order to put LBJ in the White House. And it worked.

Sadly, we are just realizing now that our politicians have been doing this for years. They form the narrative, they control the narrative, so much now, it’s scary. And everyday we are told that we are free.

We are…not.

Enjoy and watch this incredible young man sum it up. He’s at his prime…let’s hope he doesn’t become Drudge.

This Nobody would like to say, “Thank you Mr. Carlson.” Now that Trump is gone America needs more than ever to trust someone. Right now, you’re the best.

God be with you…and guard YOU against the evil that is all around us.

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Nobody Cares About AARP

Nobody Cares

I just got an email selling a book…well, it was free, you just had to pay the postage, which today, is so high, it’s not free is it? This book promised to tell you HOW the Deep State has stolen our government and why no President has any power whatsoever. Mmmm….a bit late I thought. Where was this book ten years ago?

The news gets worse every day. Justice Roberts didn’t want to cause riots so that’s why he kept the Supreme Court out of the very important election case. China Choa Senate Majority leader McConnell NOW trying to get the whole Senate to back Biden. Attorney General Barr quit, or got fired depending on who you listen to. The media already trying to get Biden replaced with Kamala, lockdowns are destroying the country, the stolen election being ignored, and now the FDA has approved Gates’ favorite vaccine, Moderna, and says we must stay masked and locked down for at least two more years.

China has come in for the kill or takeover…however you want to look at it.

President Trump stands alone with only the America people behind him, and they are not being allowed to even TALK to each other.

 It’s Friday afternoon, and the news is all COVID: nobody can celebrate Christmas unless it’s Hallmark marathon, and there is a snowstorm in the East.

Basically, once again, it’s the ‘End of the world as we know it!” Get used to it morons. The elites will CRUSH you in every way, unless you obey.

I was being bored of it all, when I was thinking about something, I had read that morning in a AARP magazine: How did these few really rich oligarchs take over the world so suddenly?

The truth is: it hasn’t been sudden. It’s been systematically planned for years. We just didn’t know about it. Turn on any local news program and you get cheery smiling faces and pictures of cities that look like Hallmark wonderlands. Except, we all know, most of them are cesspools of despair.

The way they hid the decades of decay has been very clever.

After all, the churches are closed.

AARP was instrumental in helping Justice Roberts get Obamacare passed. Now, they were working on getting Biden elected. After all, it’s mostly people over 50 who go to vote.

It was in the AARP paper magazine sent out right before the election, where the editors ‘present’ both candidates and their opinions, in order to help all the old people, make an informed decision. But AARP made SURE Biden looked more attractive than Trump, just by the clever editing.

It was Obama who elected in 2014, the CEO of AARP, a black lady named Jo Ann Jenkins. She pleads in her editorial for the socialist message: We are living in a moment when generosity matters more than ever. YOU the old must give up your money to keep the future going…”Let’s open our hearts and pay it forward.”

Translation: Universal health care, free college, free food, you know where this is going.

The question from AARP to Biden and Trump was this: What do you feel needs to happen to ensure that ALL Americans can exercise their right to cast a ballot? Notice the word “RIGHT.” Insinuating many people are being kept from that RIGHT. Which is total BS. Everybody knows it. If you want to vote, you can. Period.

Anyway, here’s how they edited the answer:


Biden: This president is trying to scare the hell out of people by suggesting that mail-in votes are a fraud, and indicating that your mail-in vote will not actually be counted. Make a plan a out how you’re going to vote.

NOBDODY; This is rich. When all the major channels have been ‘scaring’ the hell out of people since January, a full 10 months, that if they ever BREATHE the air of anybody else, they will die, whose really been scaring the hell out of everyone? The democrats didn’t WANT you to go to the polls. They wanted you to mail in the MILLIONS Of ballads they sent to the whole world, printed in China. And as we know, the fraud was extensive. The virus caused the scare, the mail- in illegal ballots that didn’t even have to be verified, overloaded the systems. Most countries have a law against them.

Biden: The bottom line is that the president keeps whining and fearmongering because he’s scared what will happen if more folks actually show up and vote.

NOBODY: What BS. Donald J. Trump, who drew records crowds in the tens of thousands everywhere he went was trying to get everyone to go and vote in person. Biden got twenty cars one time. The real fear was that NOBODY would show up to vote for Biden. So, they had to flood the country with illegal ballots.

Biden: Everybody should remember: We voted during the Civil War, we voted in the midst of the 1918 flu pandemic, we voted in two world wars, and we can do it again. We can protect our democracy and public health at the same time.

NOBODY: See the propaganda jujitsu here? Everybody went to the local polls during the civil war. Back then, there WERE no dominion voting machines that a guy in China could access and flip votes. It was all done by paper. And nobody was scared. The flu has been around for thousands of years, and people weren’t bombarded with massive propaganda saying they were going to die if they showed up and voted.


Not to mention, Joe Biden STOLE this line from President Trump himself.

Now, you KNOW Joe didn’t write any of this. And AARP has morphed into a socialist paper saying how much it CARES about old people, but it had a hand in editing these questions to make sure Joe sounded like such a wonderful guy, and Trump as someone who should go. Too many old people who are living on Social Security and do NOT have access to the few websites where the truth is told, and who cannot believe that Joe Biden would ever harm them, believed that Trump says mean tweets.

In other words, this is ignorance. How many people did AARP influence? Too many I’m afraid.

So, maybe I will get that book in my email. At least if I’m going to be fried like a lobster, I need to know how to get out of the pot.

But, do I want to pay $10 for shipping?

Ask me tomorrow.

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This is Extremely Dangerous to our “REPUBLIC”


“MOVE.” That’s what my orthopedic surgeon said after my knee replacement last year. He said I didn’t need therapy, I just needed to go home and ‘move.’

So, I did. I joined a gym, and went swimming every day. And then, they closed the gym down…not once but three times. I had to do something, get some sun…MOVE. Not many places were open to move in.

My neighbor, who is recovering from cancer, agreed to go for walks. Every weekday we try to walk.  And of course, you HAVE to talk while you walk, and my friend never asks me a question or has an opinion about anything unless it’s about dogs. Gail, (not her real name) was concerned about my rantings of politics and loss of freedoms,…yada, yada…and getting sick of it, so last week, she had this advice:

‘Turn it off. They are just trying to divide us. And besides, we’ll dead soon, so what does it matter?”

Yes, she voted for Biden, by mail because of Trump’s tweets.

WHAT DOES IT MATTER?!! What do you say to someone who really doesn’t care about anything but her own little corner of the block.

Still…I find her lack of foresight almost frightening.

She had just finished telling me how she had been told that this year, their yearly family had informed them that both she and her brother (they live together) were NOT invited to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, everybody else, who by way, have children, were going to Florida for Thanksgiving, but they didn’t want either one of them coming along.

Gail was pretty pissed off about it.

Gail, never married and has no kids. Her sister’s kids are the only kids in her life and they evidently love her like a grandma. It seems most every year, Gail holds the Thanksgiving at her home and being as she is from a big family, it’s something she looks forward to every year.

I’m SURE she blames this year and her family cutting her out of the Thanksgiving family dinner on Trump, NOT her family.

She saw no connection with politics and her family situation.

“Well, do you realized that YOU cannot buy food unless you put on a mask to go to the grocery store?” I said to her.

She could care less. A mask? So what? She really doesn’t go anywhere. She’s BEEN everywhere in her life, so the couch is okay with her.

I brought up freedoms. “You know, they will come after our guns.”

She could care less. She had never had reason to use a gun.

By this time, I realized she had been gripped by the brainwashing media.

You see, Gail, only watches her local channels. She only uses her computer to get on ZOOM to talk to her relatives.

And THIS is what she is being told: Trump is destroying our democracy.

You see, Gail thinks we live in a democracy, the majority should win. ALL our politicians of both parties can’t stop saying the word ‘democracy’ enough. They want the “republic” to die. What all our founders warned us about. Democracies NEVER last. Democracy is mob rule.

And if I showed Gail this video would she be alarmed?

No…and that’s the problem. She really doesn’t care one bit. As long as she can live to eat another day, and go to her church. Which by the way, she has to volunteer an hour of her day to attend.

Gail doesn’t really care anymore about her country. She doesn’t think anything will effect HER life. And Nobody Thinks, Gail isn’t the only American who has given up on it all. She has been bombarded with propaganda and bad news so much, she has given up.

Leave her alone, go away. I want my lovely chair, and dinner please.

Yes, after cancer, we can all understand…but…

That’s why the few that have not given up has to fight for them, because as Jesus once said, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”

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Progressives: Make America a “BLUE ZONE”

Nobody’s Opinion

If you are over 50, odds are, you get the AARP magazine every month. Just about everybody joins, because if you don’t, you miss out on a lot of things. There are a lot of good suggestions in that magazine, don’t get me wrong, but there is also, the progressive/global/N W O (Ha…try to type those initials. You can’t.) articles nudging towards the global future they have for us all.

For instance, in the December issue there was an article titled, “They Don’t Have a Word for Retirement.”

Some guy named Dan Buettner, has gone around the world to study the ‘blue zone’ areas where people live to be REALLY old. The places he came up with were: Okinawa, Ikaria in Greece, Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and a Seventh day Adventist community in Loma Linda.

And here’s what he said they ALL had in common: No ‘mechanized conveniences’— in other words, no cars or buses. They had to walk everywhere. The old people are treated with respect. They eat mostly nuts, beans, greens and grains. And they have the same thing to eat almost every day.
His conclusion is they don’t eat meat, and they live in poverty basically. But hey! They live longer!

Anyway, this guy is going around the United States trying to tell people to give up their cars, walk everywhere, and live on berries and nuts and guess what? Americans are basically saying…

You do it. I’m happy.

Dan decided people won’t change and it’s up to guys like HIM to change our live for us. Adding more sidewalks, bike, lanes…and as we are seeing now, having fast food places make their hamburgers out of grass.

His conclusion:

“We have a $3.7 trillion health care problem that ain’t going away. We need to stop beating the dead horse of individual responsibility and switch the focus to changing people’s environment. It’s completely delusional to think we’re going to get 330 million Americans to eat the right diet, do 300 minutes of physical activity a week and live a purpose driven life. We need to improve the ecosystem we live in, one that sets Americans up for success.”

Can I slap this guy? So, the truth comes out. They don’t want to be paying all those future Medicare costs.

So, the government will come in, tell you WHAT you can eat, where you can live, and how much physical activity you must do a day. They will mandate no cars in any city.

Communism comes through the ‘we care about you’ liberal mandate.

Remember that scene in 1984 where the guy lived in a little apartment and got up every morning and did his jumping jacks?
Clearly, Dan’s never followed an American at any job they do during the day. My husband alone walks at least 12 miles a day around his warehouse, and most jobs don’t give people enough time to even eat a decent meal. Half of the time, we don’t have time to cook.

Trust me, most of those people that live to be 100 couldn’t follow an American around for a day, let alone two.

MOST American are working their butts off, and don’t have time NOR the money to buy ‘healthy” food. And it’s a FACT that older people need MORE protein, not less.

No, the progressives want to control our lives. And getting rid of meat is high on the list. You want to live long? Better eat protein.

And AARP, while they tell you they are exist to help the old in the country, the truth is….Like CNN, they have a progressive slant. AARP is a social engineering magazine, truly.

These people that live long lives in those poverty places, don’t have the stress that we do, and stress causes many illnesses.

Would we all be happier going back to the jungle? Hell no.

But… this nobody can think of one guy who we can send back:

Dan Buettner: And I bet you a pork and a pig that he eats bacon for breakfast.

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The Movies You See…Are Meant to ‘Nudge’ You

Nobody Wins

For those of you who read me, you probably remember that I have been complaining about the content in movies and television shows that are being filled with puking, peeing, and bathroom scenes. Things that all throughout history, most animals found to say the least: unpleasant.

Obviously, it’s some kind of social engineering, put out by those who run Hollywood, who also seem to be running hand in hand with the liberals. If you want to see the movie, you have to, do as I do, close your eyes.

But hold on…you think I’ve stop complaining? You know me. This stuff just GETS me going.

So, last week, on Netflic, we picked a Netflic original to watch called Travelers. Basically, there were three seasons of a series, and it was about people from the future coming back to the past to try to “save lives.” They would take over a body that was about to die, and ‘host’ their body. Anyway, there was no political messages at all the first two seasons. They first saved millions from a comet attack, then the second season, something more likely, but THEN at the last episode…I turned to my husband and said:

“HERE IT COMES!” And sure enough, the main character from the future said that mankind had destroyed the whole planet with climate change.

You see, what they are doing is getting the conservatives to WATCH the program, get emotionally attracted to the characters, before they hit them with the powerful politically correct message: People are destroying the planet.

Okay, so tonight we watched another movie on Netflic called, The BOX, staring Cameron Diaz. A couple gets a box, presented to them by a stranger and told that all they have to do is push a button, and a ‘stranger’ will be killed and then they will get a million dollars.

Of course, this couple is middle class, living “paycheck to paycheck” and the box looks stupid, so they push it. While entertaining enough, close to the end of the movie I turned to my husband and said.


The big liberal message was that people should sacrifice themselves for the greater good. (And if not you WILL be punished) The old communist, socialist line that the liberals like Bernie Sanders and the Pope love to repeat whenever they can.

And again: I’m thinking to myself…. doesn’t anybody else but me get pissed off at the latent social engineering going on here?

This is nothing new of course. Hollywood did the same thing with the television series ‘24’. They got conservatives everywhere hooked on the tough, honest, gun totting, Jack Bauer and THEN introduced a black man as the greatest President that ever lived or could even be imagined.

That ‘social engineering’ was so good, Americans elected their first ‘back’ President even though he had a name like Barack Hussein Obama.

That’s how good Hollywood is at doing this.

Today we were in a Menards store, talking to one of the employees, and he said he didn’t like Trump tweeting, although he liked Trump.

I pointed out to the man that he was being TOLD over and over by RINOS, and EVERYONE that Trump tweets too much and that I listened to the news all day, and tweeting really IS the only way (Besides the few stations that cover him on TV that he can get out his message)… and that they were using the old Goebbels “Repeat a lie enough, and it becomes the truth.”
but I could tell by the guy’s eyes, that he still thought Trump tweeted too much.

He works 70 hours a week, and trust me, he has NO idea what’s going on. He’s just hearing that thought being repeated by everyone. I am sure he couldn’t even tell you what Trump has tweeted.

My point is, most people don’t have the time, and when they see a movie, they don’t think what’s going on is something to worry about.

But it is. Obama and Michelle, Hillary and her daughter are going to be producing more of this crap.

Rush Limbaugh said today that Jane Fonda and Sissy Spacek came out PLEADING for the poor farmers in the Midwest.

Something tells me no midwestern farmer is going to fall for THAT bull.

But, some young kid, just voting for the first time, watching some movie, just might believe them.

Nobody Wins, when our movies are being used to brain wash us all to accept the world that they have planned for us all.

It’s time SOMEBODY start talking about it besides me. MOST all of the stuff we see as entertainment, is much more than that now.

Frankly, I’m starting to feel very alone in my concern. Does ANYBODY else feel concerned about it but me?

As you all know, I’m just a nobody at the bottom of the Google dustbin.

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Where’s a Dragon When You Need One?

Nobody’s Opinion

Every morning, the mainstream news on either Google or Bing are FILLED with vicious attacks on our President. This also happens every single hour on the FOX radio station. I listen to Rush, and on the hour, the local news comes on and some voice says…something like: “In an unprecedented historical move, GOP is now calling for Trump’s impeachment.” The voice SPITS it out.

(sigh) EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF EVERY SINGLE DAY. What is this…Russia?

It’s become an encumbrance to even read headless anymore.

Why? Let me share what at the top of the news on my Microsoft search Bing page this morning: By CNN of course!


1. Delegitimating Oversight.
Basically, he is not cooperating with MORE investigations. Let’s see. Hillary didn’t even LET anybody look at her emails. She destroyed all evidence. Trump has given up at least 850 witnesses and over a million documents, and he figures that’s enough. Where does it say in the Constitution that Congress can have power OVER a President? It doesn’t. Besides, Obama knew AND ignored the Russian interference with both Hillary and the election. Where’s the oversight on that midnight plane full of cash to Iran?

2. Using the bully pulpit for disinformation

“If you LIKE your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor!” Oh. Wait. That was Obama. How many times did Obama use the bully pulpit to pitch his Obamacare? Or call out racism when there was none? They say Trump is spreading disinformation? Confusing the public debate? For instance, correct me if I’m wrong, but Trump offered to give citizenship to the ‘dreamers’ right after he became President. The liberals refused to work with him at all. Oh, but now he hates the dreamers. Those poor dreamers! It’s all TRUMP’s fault! Besides, ONLY on Twitter can we get an honest remark from our President about anything. The vast network of ALL the news working against Trump is beyond anything we have ever seen in history. Even Abe Lincoln had his supporters in the news. The author sites Trump making up his crowd on inauguration day, when everybody later saw how the news cut out the crowds. Now, the cameras won’t even SHOW the crowds.

3. Legitimating conflict of interest.

WTH does this even MEAN? Oh. He won’t give us his tax returns. He was a rich man before he was President. Tell me, how many Congressmen in the Black Caucus owe millions in back taxes? Amazon pays no taxes. I bet half of Congress pays no taxes. This is just plain viciousness on the part of Congress. They don’t like that he uses his presidential weekends at his resorts.  Bush went to Texas and had the Saudi Kings there. Congress has NO say whatsoever in where a President decides to have his guests meet. FDR had his yacht. Obama just had his Hawaii retreats. Why should Trump forgo his business just so Congress can feel better about destroying him? Sorry Congress. You have no say in the matter.

4. Using national emergency power to replace legislating.

This one is a real kicker. They refuse to even talk to the man on anything whatsoever, and a KING would just order it done. But it’s the President job to protect the country…and that’s IN the Constitution. Oh, he wants to stop the invasion at the border. It’s a CLEAR invasion. Every body can see it.

The REAL Kings here are the Marxists liberals who are trashing our rights, our Constitution, censoring our free speech, destroying our country,  and trying to overturn a very poplar President who has done nothing but good for us all. Clearly, these arguments are pretty stupid. Pretty weak. And yet, they repeat them over, and over, and over, and over, in hopes that enough stupid people will just assume they should be mad too.

Tell me….Where’s a dragon when you need one?



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Nobody’s Fool: David Icke and Sharyl Attkisson: Brains Washing 101

Nobody’s Fool

Some people think David Icke is nuts, but here, he makes a lot of sense.

Sadly.Everything we watch nowadays, is carefully crafted to manipulate some kind of response.

As you might know, I just finished Sharyl Attkisson’s book The Smear, and she says a similar thing, but just in a more subtle way:

Sharyl Attkisson reported THIS manipulation in her book, about David Brock (Hillary’s butt-boy) and Media Matters, a more national kind of brain-washing:

His flagship is Media Matters. He’s collected salaries from at least seven of his organizations. Brock has made millions from his tax-exempt groups.

Together the entities spend millions upon millions advancing the interests of a relatively small group of donors. They spread money under different monikers to give the impression of great breadth and diversity. They did up dirt to use against their targets. IF they can’t find any sources to indicate, they’re not beyond repeating unproven or discredited information. They amplify their message with simultaneous, relentless attacks that exaggerate the impression of their numbers. They rain armies of messengers in the art of how to use propaganda to shape the news media and political agenda. They conduce secret polls. When the lists show a negative view of an interest they support, they set about changing the narrative. Unpopular concepts are reinvented, renamed by left-leaning interest, and then shed by Brock entities to the public.

Americans aren’t buying “global warming?” Call it “Climate change.” The term “liberal scores negatively?

Change it to progressive. Need to alter the way people think about “illegal” immigrant? Smear those who use the phrase as “racist or “white nationalists.”

They can masterfully steer the national agenda by launching a meme, coining a new phrase, or advancing a charged term. Microaggression. Body shaming. White Privilege. Alt-right. They can use their vast network to implant propagandist terminology in the daily lexicon of Americas. The malleable press adopts the jargon and soon even opponents are using it, unwittingly codifying the very ideas they oppose.

David Icke is Nobody’s Fool. And neither is Sharyl Attkisson.

I’m STILL wondering who came up with the LGBTQ meme to brainwash all our little children.

When I first heard it I went…WTH? They just made it up and slammed it in our face, as if it had been around a hundred years.

Anyway, that’s a perfect example of what they are talking about.

Brainwashing the world: One ‘phrase’ at a time.


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Mr. President….Full Twitter On!

“Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally & has gone so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat,” he said. “She is so petrified of the “lefties” in her party that she has lost control…And by the way, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they are disgusting!”

–President Donald Trump’s Twitter answer to Nancy’s rejection of his immigration proposal.

Ha ha ha….Twitter On Mr. President!

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s got to be driving the old lady Pelosi bananas, all the President Tweets … that tweet especially. The President’s tweets are his main line of missile attacks against the World Wide Elitist War being fought against him per diem. After all, these handful of progressive elites who are running the world have put so much money into controlling us all, I’m sure they NEVER imagined in their wildest dreams a backlash, especially from another billionaire.

Gone are the days of long, bloviating, nonsensical, and confusing political diatribes by hypocritical progressive politicians. I’m SICK of them.

I’d rather listen to my dog bark.

Our President is a man of little words, and lots of action. Why in the WORLD would we want to go back to the same old BS long-winded excuses?

Trump lets us know, exactly what he is thinking.

Isn’t it grand?

Imagine Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, cringing with malice every time he reads one of the President’s tweets.

Imagine the chaos at Davos as the people of England, and France are marching in the streets. America’s silent majority would be marching if Google and Facebook weren’t doing such a good job of controlling and censoring what everybody sees. If they ‘arrest’ our President and Vice President as Alex Jones says they are planning, and put Nancy and Hillary in charge, I don’t even want to imagine the revolution they would have on their hands.

Besides, this Nobody Thinks they would try to assassinate the President before that would happen. Our President would have the military on his side, despite what you read in all the news. They might have gotten by with it once with Kennedy, but this President knows full well how much he’s hated.

Frankly, I for one am GLAD he’s not going to Davos.

And ABOUT That news: Not many people realize the MONEY and time that has gone into leftist propaganda. In her recent book, The Smear, Sharyl Attkisson exposes the hundreds of tax-exempt organizations that have been created over the years just to ‘smear’ conservatives, and they’ve been doing this for years:

The Progressive Talent Initiative was also established in 2009 as another subpart under Media Matters engaged in media training to “incubate a new generation of liberal pundits” for appearances on TV news to advance and defend liberal positions. It was an ingenious Brock creation recognizing the great value that could be gained by going beyond attempts to influence the news media on the outside. This would work the news from the inside, coaching liberal ambassadors on how to effectively present their message and argue their point in a telegenic way before mass audiences. The Twenty-four-Hour cable television universe had an endless appetite for content and Brock rightly postulated that if his groups could train and offer up pundits, they’d got lot of exposer. By 2011 the Progressive Talent Initiative declared that it had already trained more than 100 pundits who had appeared a combined 800 times on television and radio. A partner organization described Progressive Talent Initiative a female centric group with a bold goal: to prompt a “true values shift among the public …In particular…identifying and training promising women in order to increase the presence of female progressive voices throughout the mainstream media.”

So, you can bet your next back government pay check, that kid, David Hogg, was in training in some Media Matters training camp, long before that school shooting.

And that also explains WHY all the pundits on all the cable networks keep spewing out the very same lines of attack and hatred every single minute of every single day.

They figure with enough hated verbal bullets aimed at the President, he will lose. And the left is spending MILLIONS hiring writers and pundits to attack. The internet is FULL of bullet holes.

But, what they really want to silence, is the nuclear tweets that President Trump has mastered so well.

It’s GOT to be killing them inside, that for once, THIS technology, which they have used so effectively to mold and transform our nation, is being used against them in the most powerful way.


Your tweets burst out like the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Patriots everywhere, Thank you!

(Sorry Jack.)


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Punishing the Patriotic

Nobody’s Opinion

Seriously. The conservatives and regular admired radio and talk show hosts in our country need to start taking a deeper look at this brainwashing of the American population and start pointing it out.

And it’s being done with Marvel superhero’s.

It’s also being done with the people who run our networks.  It’s in all our movies, and even our commercials…and everything we see. Somewhere in the think tanks of global government, the brainwashing of the American citizens has gotten down to a REAL art.

I first started noticing it when I was watching the very popular TV series called ‘24’. The character of Jack Bauer, the very patriotic and “I will do ANYTHING to protect my country!” CIA agent played by Knifer Sutherland, was an enormous success. Almost everybody was hooked.

And then RIGHT before the election of Barack Obama, Jack started taking orders from a fictional black president on the TV. This black president, DAVID PALMER, was the most honest, the smartest, the most sensible president ever to exist in fiction or otherwise. To this day, I believe that, the seeds for the American people to TRUST a black president were put into the minds of millions of voters who voted for Obama. The actor who played him even admits it. 

In the last week, my husband and I have been watching a Net flick original series called “The Punisher.” It’s a carry over from the original Marvel Movie of the same name.

Netflick is the new venue where social engineering can be done is the most entertaining way.

The main character is an x Marine whose family gets killed by corrupt men in the CIA who are smuggling drugs in dead soldier’s bodies back from Iraq, and the hero of the program goes about planning revenge.

The script is good, the action is intense, the acting, like 24, is all good…and you can’t stop watching it.

Like I said: Art. But the story line…well, let’s just say…scary.

You see they have a white terrorist who is killing people and planting bombs and he is an x Marine who believes in the 2nd amendment and believes that the government is taking away our rights…everything most good Americans who elected Trump believe in every day. And they make this patriotic x Marine into a nutcase terrorist, who talks just like you or I, and most of all of us who are conservatives.

Why does this make me mad? Because all of the mass shooting in the last 20 years have either been done by REAL Muslim terrorist or democratic Antifa people. Watching this, millions of people are thinking that young white soldiers back from Iraq, are really not to be trusted.

The has been no NRA patriotic person, or x-soldier, blowing up people or committing mass shootings. As for the Las Vegas shooter? He must have worked for the CIA or somebody in the Middle East, because they sure covered up that investigation pretty quickly, didn’t they?

In one of the Punisher episodes, they had a fake Senator, who wanted “gun control” saying…the exact same words we are hearing today after the Florida shootings.

And I mean “THE EXACT.” I remember thinking what are the odds, that the script writer had the very same words being said all over my television now, and yet, it was written what…a year ago? Or did they just redo the scenes?

Now, granted…the hero uses violence, and he is just out for justice, so the good American can identify with him. That’s important, otherwise, all of the people who still believe in conservative values would not even WATCH the show.

Yes, it’s important that the main character is someone everyone wants to be. But…around that main character are the deceptions, and the very subtle subliminal messages they want you to see:

In the Punisher it’s that patriotic Americans that believe in gun control are wacko’s.

I haven’t seen the Black Panther movie, but I bet…the main character is very likeable, but I also bet you won’t know by watching it, but the subliminal message is: Wouldn’t an all-black world be sublime?

Anybody out there seen it yet? Tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, back to my original complaint: Until our main conservative talk show hosts start talking about the propaganda brainwashing going on in our entertainment, we won’t be able to stop the tide of the final dissolution of our Constitution.

It’s too good. It’s too well hidden. It’s actually, brilliant in many cases because… nobody even knows it happening, but the ones who are writing the scripts.

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Old Hippies Never Die: Hanks, Streep, Spielburg…

Nobody’s Opinion

I guess while Tom Hanks, Spielberg and Obama were hanging out on the billionaire’s yacht last summer, they hatched the plan to make a movie to bring America to its senses.

They made a movie about the Pentagon Papers, and brought back the Nixon years. Now they are going out and appearing on every channel to promote the movie, and say that President Trump is just like Nixon: Corrupt. And Trump is just like Nixon because he is attacking the ‘lst amendment.”‘

One thing you have to realize with liberals: whatever crime they are committing, they claim their enemies are doing it, and in turn act all offended.

It’s the defense they always use, and people are getting wise to it.

FIRST: ALL baby boomers hated Richard Nixon. And while Nixon was paranoid, he was NOT the one who started and continued the Vietnam war.

That war was started by a democrat (Kennedy) and all the lying and escalation upon which 50,000 American men lost their lives was the fault of…a DEMOCRAT and his democratic friends.

Lyndon B. Johnson.

McMasters wrote the truth about that, and uh…Tom didn’t mention that McMasters works for the President now…why how could that be?

Most people were thankful for the Pentagon Papers being released. Just like most American now were thankful that WikiLeaks released Podesta’s emails, where we found out that Hillary rigged her election.

Where’s Tom Hanks on that? Where is Tom Hanks on Hillary destroying computers, cell phones, and thousands of emails? That was all government property.

Does Tom Hanks thinks destroying evidence is a good thing? 

Wait…that’s right. He loved Hillary.

President Trump has not arrested any reporters. They attack him unmercifully every single day. Nixon would have probably done a Bill Clinton and bombed some factory somewhere if he had to put up with half of what President Trump has.

The left has lost control of the media. And they have been caught in lies so often, that nobody believes them anymore. Black men and women all over the country, are waking up.

Besides, both Hanks, MS poutie mouth and Spielberg owe their mass fortunes to that guy they hate so much, Richard Nixon.

It was Nixon who opened up China to trade, and that’s where Hollywood now makes it money, because the America people no longer wish to pay for propaganda, telling us stories of liberal progressive thinkspeak. So if not for Nixon, none of those idiots would have the mass fortunes they now have. 

I was pretty mad earlier today, but then I realized that most Trump supporters won’t bother to see the movie. The liberals  figure they will see it on Netflick out of curiously before the next election.

And we probably will…and you know what? Those of us who lived through the Nixon years know that President Trump stands up for ALL the rights of all Americans—

Even douchbags like rich, billionaire, narcissistic, movie stars.

And one more thing: The “poor women” story of Katherine Graham, is a joke.

If she had doubts, she should have: She was simply a wife before her husband died, and the rich and powerful came in and made her take over. She knew nothing about the business.

And when you talk about the “news” …we all know that you won’t find the truth in any New York Times, or Washington Post.

This is the last dying breath of the progressive moment, and they are still entrenched and fighting hard to censure all rejection of their core values.

Now, it’s up to us to tell our children and grandchildren the REAL truth.

And guess what? All the movie stars on the planet are NOT going to stop President Trump’s 1st amendment rights.

If we have to listen to them, THEY have to listen to him.

Obama, arrested a guy for making a video about the horrors of Islam. He also did stuff to reporters that Trump would never even dream of.

Go back to your boat guys.

You’re not relevant anymore. Also, the sixties are over…Hillary, Meryl, Tom—Steve…Obama.

Just thought, you should know.

Put down the weed pipe and the coke, hang up your bell bottoms, take off those stupid black glasses, and read something besides the New York Times.

Your stupidity is embarrassing us all.


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