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Diversity Buffalowed

Nobody’s Opinion

Diversity. It’s being buffaloed down our throats. Like a fat woman trying to stuff herself in jeans she had when she was young. That zipper just won’t zip. Try to zip it up, and it will rip right out of the jeans. And not many women nowadays could sew it back in.

Sew? What’s that? The elites are trying to stuff us all into their make believe utopia of a brown world of obediant slave workers, who eat bugs and remain stoned and drunk and watching sports on their big screen TVS.

The elites want a ‘brown’ world. And for that to happen the ‘white’ lower class of people must stop producing and just plain disappear. We are being brainwashed every second, in our commercials. On social media. Constantly.

White people are stupid, raciest, and white men are gay and don’t know it yet.

Like the black men who sold their black people into white slavery, the white man is now selling his own people into global slavery.

You want to know what white people REALLY thinks about the fact that everybody now has to bow to diversity?

Read some of the Nobody Opinions on this: Why is it only black people in commercial any more? – GirlsAskGuys

Yep. And now, it’s not just the black with the white women, it’s the CHINESE in every single commerical and TV program.


It’s called “social engineering” and it’s been going on for decades, except now, because of Trump and many people not WANTING to go into the elite takeover, it’s being put on steroids.

Will it work? Well, this pronoun “They/she/it/” crap is being taught in every school. So, yeah.

Get the kids young enough…it will work. UNLESS…the parants demand it to stop.

The attack on our minds is relentless. And if you tune out, you’ll have no clue what hit you when all of a sudden your kids claim they are gay. And you need to respect them.

Hillary Clinton pushed the state raising the children in her book “It Takes a Village.”

And that was long ago…look how far they have come!

Zip up.

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