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Nobody Flashes: Happy New Year!

And probably the most important advice to start off with.


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Nobody Knows Paulina’s Lack of True Love

Nobody Knows

I found this video to be eye-opening. Paulina was certainly one of the most beautiful women in the world, and also a woman who suffered from scars clearly left by the abandoment of her parents in childhood. Then the really insufferable second husband divorcing her because she ‘lost’ her looks and got old. Or, too old for him.

What was really sad is that she is still searching for the love she needs. Her face has aged, and she has had no work done, but her body is one even most 30-year olds would love. She takes off her clothes to prove it.

She made her living by being the “perfect” body and face, and nobody dared to know her as a person, in fact, if she had shown how smart she is, which she is trying to do now, many would berate her to get “back into her proper dumb and beautiful” package that made them all so much money.

People think beautiful women have it made. Melania was beautiful but completely ignored by all the jealous people in the industry, not just because of her husband.

Beauty in woman has since the beginning of time, been what men AND woman wanted. I realized because I was on stage that I had to make the most of what I had and learned the art of makeup, and it IS an art. Make of it what you will.

This is why you see so many ‘feminists’ and democratic women go ballistic. They have been shunned, if they are born on the plain side, and refuse to wear makeup, and so blame society and men for their sorrrows of not being loved.

And look at the men who are torturing us all: Gates, Klaus…really all the very rich men…most of them a woman would not even look twice at. So, they got rich. But deep inside? Almost evil.

Hopefully, this video will find Paulina a man who will REALLY love her for herself.

But, I must admit, it was a brave confession, and one most people would not expect.

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Nobody FLASHES: Jim Jordan for Speaker!

Nobody Flashes

THIS is the man who by all accounts and reason, should be the next speaker of the House. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has fought harder and with more guts and brains than Jim Jordan.

Jim would bring back justice to the House, and faith in the House once again.

If they elect Kevin McCarthy, then the American people will once again, be pushed into the duldroms of eternal hopelessness.

Frankly, I don’t care who Trump supports at this moment in time.

Jim Jordan, SHOULD be speaker. Period.

And that’s my Nobody Opinion.

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Nobody Knows the REAL Elon Musk

Nobody Knows

So, what are we to think about Elon Musk? He’s become the new DeSantis, in fact, he supports DeSantis for the next president because…well…Trump will be too old he says.

How do we take Elon? He’s all over the news lately, and that is usually NOT a coincidence. Nobodies like us should tread very carefully to thinking Elon is a God when it comes to his political insights. They are, as always…good for him. Remember, he voted for Obama and Hillary? That’s shows you he’s not that bright.

Elon has been tweeting and doing some popular things. He bought Twitter and exposed the corruption of the FBI paying Twitter to get Trump elected. Trump called him a hero. Elon lost money because the liberals came after him. But to be fair, Biden had already screwed him. Biden kept him out of the electric car business and supported GM instead. Biden works for China. So, Elon had to take a stand.

So, to me, it looked like buying Twitter was payback time.

He exposed all the secrets of the progressive Obama government and fired half of the liberals that worked there. Conservatives exploded with applause. Now he admits ALL the social networks were doing it. He supports kids, free speech, and many other conservative causes.

Okay. Almost like another Ron DeSantis. What’s not to like?

But, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Elon also loves China. China will take over the world he says and rightfully so. There is no free speech in China. China released the deadly virus along with Fauci.

He claims Fauci is a mass murdered but he’s silent on XI. I find that…not exactly trustworthy.

Elon makes a lot of money in China. It’s where he makes most of his electric car sales. Elon also wants to hook up humans to computers. He wants to go to Mars, and ‘save’ humanity. While noble, it’s the way the ‘progressive’ have been going for years. Control the masses through electronics. Elon is all for that.

Elon reaks with duplicity. Like a phoenix rising and not knowing which direction to go.

Trump called him a BS artist, and if you think about it, he is. He is gung-ho about DeSantis. But then again, DeSantis is supported by Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and most of the RINOS…and that includes Glenn Beck and many of his media guys.

So, what DO we think about Elon? The American people want America first. Elon? Not so much. I think we judge whether he really is on the global stage.

Or, maybe HE wants to run for President.

You never know. We are in strange waters.

One thing is sure: Would Elon or DeSantis draw the huge crowds that Trump does?

I doubt it, but then again, Trump used Twitter well in 2016.

Now…it’s all Elon’s platform.

Nobody Knows just how smart the American people are.

And how often they can be fooled.

But Twitter is a powerful tool. And Elon is using it to it’s fullest capacity.

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The Secrets We All Hold

I was reading in the book The Great Thoughts today, and came upon this bit written in The Buried Life (1852) It was written by an English poet named Matthew Arnold, and I thought on it all day:

Here it is:


—Alas, is even Love too weak

To unlock the heart, and let it speak?

Are even lovers powerless to reveal

To one another what indeed they feel?

I knew the mass of men conceal’d

Their thoughts, for fear that if reveal’d

They would by other men be met

With blank indifference, or with blame reprov’d:

I knew they liv’d and mov’d

Trick’d in disguises, alien to the rest

Of men, and alien to themselves—and yet

The same heart beats in every human breast.


Tell me, how many people actually reveal their deepest secrets?

Men, women? Governments? Children? Think of it.

Not many.

I thought about this all day, and sadly, it’s true. If another man can destroy you with the secret that you told him, or woman, the temptation is just too strong.

Probably that’s why the concept of sin is so strong. Even animals rebel when they are wronged.

I was watching my parakeets today. One female was so upset, because I had let the other five parakeets into her cage to have fun. She attacked another female, and was trying to tell me about it in her own way. When I separated them all, she felt safe again.

It was obvious to anyone watching, how upset she was.

How many times during the day do WE get upset, feel slighted, and yet, dare not tell a soul?

And now, there is fear of the mass public ridiculed if you even say “there are only two sexes.” They come after you with pickforks as sharp as knives.

So, you keep your secrets close to your heart. Even from your lovers.

I think, everyone does this…

Is it a good thing? It’s a survival thing. But is it a good thing?

Nobody Knows.

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Nobody’s Fool: Dane Wigington

Yeah, this is a LONG movie. This one man is doing what I’ve been talking about for quite sometime…chemtrails, and the poisoning of the planet.

For the last ten years, I have found it too coincidental that political events often coinside perfectly with some sort of storm or weather disaster.

Obama’s appearance at the right moment after Hurricane Sandy destroyed New Jersey’s shore. That certainly helped him win the Presidency.

Hurricane Katrina…Bill Clinton putting New Orleans in his MY LIFE book, BEFORE it happened. And then, George Bush looking like a fool.

Ian, hitting Ft. Meyers RIGHT before the Midterms. DeSantis comes out looking like a King.

California burning down…mostly in the conservative areas. And the globalists wanting to make carbon taxes because of ‘global warming.’

And just this Christmas…millions suffer the worst snow storms we can remember. The cold. And then the WARM? Too weird. My freind’s swan froze to death, as did many a human. So did the strawberries in Florida. Expect OJ and Strawberries to cost more than a steak next year.

Long ago, there once was a reader of my blog, (I called him g-man) who whenever I would tell him about chemtrials and what they were doing to our weather, he told me all planes made chemtrails. He thought I was nuts. But, I’ve been watching the chemtrials over my house for decades. And remembering Defense Secretary Cohen say that the next wars would be weather wars.

I believed him.

Nobody talks about what’s happeing in the skies, and it’s all about MONEY, and control.

For the climate change dicatorship they all have planned.

Elon? Beck? Somebody should start talking about this.

Well, g-man, if you are still out there, this video proves I was right. Generals…talk about it. In fact, If there is one video you might want to give this a watch…this man is right. If we let this continue, another virus won’t matter.

Dane is one hell of a man. Even if you don’t watch, pass it around.

Please. Look up next time you go outside, and maybe, just maybe watch this video.

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The Starving Children

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I was having a constance thought on my mind. My husband and I were watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, and there was an “ice storm” in the town, and the local innskeeper invited all the people of the town, whose electric was cut off, to come and stay at his little inn.

I know. Charity was pressed in every line of the program. When the last scene was shot, there was two gay guys dancing, two woman gays dancing, one black guy dancing with an hispanic, and the white couple staring in the movie.

Every film is being ‘propagandized.’

Still, one event kept me up last night. Even though I live in a “Once was middle class” neighborhood, we don’t see too many homeless on the streets. We DO see a lot of stealing and cars stolen nightly. But so far, not too many have ventured inside the homes. YET.

BUT…on most of the highway corners there are always men begging at the stop signs. Nobody gives money to them anymore, because many of them are making at least 40-60 thousand a year, tax free. We know this because too many of them brag about it.

The other day, in the middle of the day, my husband and I were getting into our car outside of Wal-mart and a decently dressed man came walking up to ME, holding the hand a beautiful little blond girl. Both were dressed nice. “Have you any money to spare for some food?” he asked me?

“Sorry, I said. I never carry cash with me.” It was true. I don’t.

“It’s not for me, it’s for her.” he said.

“Well, why don’t you go into Walmart, there are so many people there that might help you?”

He said, “sorry” and just walked away, but away from the store, going down the road with the little girl walking beside him. She seemed content to be with him. As if…he was the father.

My husband said nothing. He thought the guy was probably using the kid to scam.

But…in my gut, there was something about them, that told me, they were in some kind of dire straights. Who knows? It was sad to see the little girl walking around in the cold. Who were they? Usually the beggars are poorly dressed. And not polite.

Lately, we are seeing hispanic mothers standing on Wal-Mart corners with three kids and babies and begging for food. IN THE COLD.

What gets me is there is so MANY places handing out free everything, why aren’t the police picking up these people and taking them there?

The trouble is: When your own government is flooding the country with millions of people, with kids, you really don’t know WHAT to do. What kind of mother would stand on a corner in the cold with her children and beg for money in a Wal-Mart parking lot?

Is this happening all over?

Where are the Churches?

I watched Glenn Beck’s Christmas special tonight. It was better than Hallmark. It was an old fashioned Christmas special.

But really, I can see why people go on vacations at Christmas. And I wonder, can you even get away from the homeless and sorrow?

In this cold, to see people begging on the streets…I feel like I’m in a Dickens novel.

Is this really, the depression we were warned about?

I fear, it’s true.

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Nobody Flashes Merry Christmas!


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Mary Did You Know? A Prayer for Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. Here in my house, my husband is asleep with a cold. Or something else. He was working in this cold bomb, and got sick. Millions in America will NOT be seeing their loved ones today, due to the weather.

All over the world is chaos. In Paris, riots. America is being bankrupted, and invaded. We are being threatened with wars, man made viruses, and starvation by an elite group of power hungry fools. Our government is broken. They’ve left the people.

2023 does not look good.

What can a Nobody do?

First off, pray. Second. Pray. Third…remember history, and don’t give up hope. Pray some more, and then, decide to take action, and never give in to tyranny.

After all, miracles CAN happen. This holiday alone proves that, does it not?

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Nobody Continues to Flash Some Wisdom and Christmas Cheer

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Nobody’s Christmas Countdown…And Warning

This song is EVERYWHERE on every store’s sound system. And why not? It’s just a catchy tune and you can’t help but start singing it. This guy was very popular with the girls, and sadly, his life turned to drugs and “coming out” so the women felt like “AW MAN…darn.”

Still, it’s an American Christmas favorite.

And then, “Don’t give it away” warning from George Orwell, who before he died wrote 1984, the classic 1984, a book which states the futue coming true right before our very eyes. Boots are on every human throats all over the world right now.

We need to take this warning to heart, and give our future hearts only to the “special.”

Or else, we might end up like the other George: Helpless.

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Nobody Flashes: Peterson, Pavarotti, and The Tabernacle Choir

And in his wisdom, and reflections, Jordon Peterson on God:

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Nobody Flashes: God Gives You Gifts: What You Do with it is Your Gift to God.

Nice. And well Said.

Rand Paul has a gift. He fights for us all.

And being as I’m parcel to drummers, I thought this was a very original rendition of the song…VERY Joyful, so Enjoy!

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Nobody Wins: ONE Good Way to Reduce the Population!

I know I played this last year, but every Christmas, I repeat it. I can’t help myself.

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