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Nobody Knows the REAL Elon Musk

Nobody Knows

So, what are we to think about Elon Musk? He’s become the new DeSantis, in fact, he supports DeSantis for the next president because…well…Trump will be too old he says.

How do we take Elon? He’s all over the news lately, and that is usually NOT a coincidence. Nobodies like us should tread very carefully to thinking Elon is a God when it comes to his political insights. They are, as always…good for him. Remember, he voted for Obama and Hillary? That’s shows you he’s not that bright.

Elon has been tweeting and doing some popular things. He bought Twitter and exposed the corruption of the FBI paying Twitter to get Trump elected. Trump called him a hero. Elon lost money because the liberals came after him. But to be fair, Biden had already screwed him. Biden kept him out of the electric car business and supported GM instead. Biden works for China. So, Elon had to take a stand.

So, to me, it looked like buying Twitter was payback time.

He exposed all the secrets of the progressive Obama government and fired half of the liberals that worked there. Conservatives exploded with applause. Now he admits ALL the social networks were doing it. He supports kids, free speech, and many other conservative causes.

Okay. Almost like another Ron DeSantis. What’s not to like?

But, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Elon also loves China. China will take over the world he says and rightfully so. There is no free speech in China. China released the deadly virus along with Fauci.

He claims Fauci is a mass murdered but he’s silent on XI. I find that…not exactly trustworthy.

Elon makes a lot of money in China. It’s where he makes most of his electric car sales. Elon also wants to hook up humans to computers. He wants to go to Mars, and ‘save’ humanity. While noble, it’s the way the ‘progressive’ have been going for years. Control the masses through electronics. Elon is all for that.

Elon reaks with duplicity. Like a phoenix rising and not knowing which direction to go.

Trump called him a BS artist, and if you think about it, he is. He is gung-ho about DeSantis. But then again, DeSantis is supported by Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and most of the RINOS…and that includes Glenn Beck and many of his media guys.

So, what DO we think about Elon? The American people want America first. Elon? Not so much. I think we judge whether he really is on the global stage.

Or, maybe HE wants to run for President.

You never know. We are in strange waters.

One thing is sure: Would Elon or DeSantis draw the huge crowds that Trump does?

I doubt it, but then again, Trump used Twitter well in 2016.

Now…it’s all Elon’s platform.

Nobody Knows just how smart the American people are.

And how often they can be fooled.

But Twitter is a powerful tool. And Elon is using it to it’s fullest capacity.

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