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Jordan Peterson: The New Moses

I literally cried, really I did, when I heard Jordan’s anouncement for the future meetings in London.

The poor people in the world cannot fight these insane and evil people who want to make us all into robots and slaves. They truly do. If you haven’t seen the video’s from Davos, go look them up.

But, Jordon is taking ACTION! Hopefully, he can get some of the REAL leaders of the world to stand up to these men. Power only understands other power. Remember Hong Kong? How many people stood up to China?

Did not matter one bit.

My fear is that the Kings of Davos will start WWIII before he can have this meeting.

God is with, this gracious man. The Moses of our time right now.

And I LOVED how he talked about Moses leading the people out of the desert and how they came to freedom. He can only get better…

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Nobody’s Fool: Dr. Vernon Coleman

Here’s a nobody, (well, he’s not well known) giving his two-cents in on the state of the world.

See? As long as Youtube continues to NOT censure these lesser knowns, we may see progress.

I thought this good Dr. was fantastic.

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We’ve all been brainwashed….AARP is WOKE

Nobody’s Opinion

With all the chaos going on right now in the world, it’s HARD for me to stick to just one subject…you have NO idea how hard that is. I can start with a subject early in the morning and by the time I get here at night…there are at least 20 subjects that came up during the day, that I can have an opinion on. You might have noticed, how often I break that grammar rule: post the first sentence as to the subject of your piece and follow through. I almost never do that. My mind spills onto the page like a bucket of golf balls spilling over onto a putting green. Hardly any of them ever hit the hole.

But there has been a REALLY big concern with me in the past year, and that pertains to how humanity is being brainwashed, as you will, into accepting the New World the elites are trying to form. The world and all the people in it, are being told and manipulated into how to think, how to act, what is cool, what is not, and how they are made to accept with thankfulness, the slavery that is coming to them. And the elites do this brainwashing so….sweetly and with such finesse nobody notices it, because they are that REALLY good at it.

Every paper, magazine, news report, movie, has a message.

As you all know, I read AARP every month. Let me use that as an example.

The editors CLAIM everything they do for the age is good: THEY ARE FIGHTHING FOR YOU, you old person that should not even be here.

I open the magazine…and the wokeness falls into my lap.

ELECTRIC CARS: Okay, so in the first few pages they give you their opinions on what new cars you should buy. And no surprise! All the cars they loved were electric! Ford Mustang Mach-E…so much better than the original? Uh…no.


Under the cars they tell you if you visit Seattle, New Orleans, or Memphis you don’t even NEED a car? Raise your hand if you have ANY desire to visit any of these cities?  

GAS STOVES: The next Upfront page give you info on stoves, and guess which one they warn you on?

“Recent studies show that using a gas fueled stove can result in elevated levels of nitrogen oxides, which are toxic gases. A leak can be deadly. “


FOOTBALL: THEN…a few more pages and they are promoting the SUPERBOWL! We all know with the new movie that has come out with the four again movie star women comedy going to the Superbowl, is also a way to get people BACK into the game. Millions have stopped watching it.


BLACK STUDIES: Then we have the book reviews at which Michelle Obama’s “the Light We Carry” is top of the list. Then there’s In the Black Fantastic by Ekow Eshum. A book about Elizabeth the II, and Abraham Lincoln and the American struggle, and Our America, a Photographic History, which I’m SURE is filled with blacks being attacked and the usual blacks being hung. We’ve seen that all a million times. What’s this mean? Many are saying Michelle is going to run for President. And why not?


FEMINISM: Onward to Geena Davis who says, “We don’t just need one female president, we need lots of female president.” And adds to that the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. At the end of Thelma and Louise the movie, they both drive off a cliff and kill themselves because they can’t stand man’s abuse. Geena, the star of that movie says, “They took control of their lives and decided they’d pay any price to not give that up.”

WTH? Check. Suicide now a good idea for woman.

MONEY: And then there’s the ‘money’ advice, which I might write a whole column on. Basically…we KNOW you are losing, once again, your retirement money in your 401k’s but…LEAVE IT ALONE! In 35 years it will be back up. Of course, you’ll be dead, but best leave the dumping stocks to Pelosi. She knows what she’s doing, you don’t. Not to mention, they are working on a digital global currency. The dollar will be worthless.


Okay, I’m only halfway through the magazine. My point being EVERYTHING I read, or listen to, or watch goes through my ‘filter’ mind with amazing speed to the detriment of anybody who knows me.

I’m…I’ll say it. I can be obnoxious. I can hardly watch a movie without yelling “Chinese! Or Pee scene! Or here’s comes the puke! Or…sex…or climate change and mankind is destroying the earth!. Whatever.”

 THAT’s how much it bothers me. And the more I know, the more I KNOW that this kind of brainwashing has been going on around the world forever, by the men who run the world.

And it all comes down to follow the money.

I know. Too simple. But, most of the time, true.

Did I stick to one subject?

What subject? See what I mean…there goes my mind.

What I think should happen is that everyone should wake up to just how insidious they are being lead down the path to their own destruction.

And how do any of us do that? Wake the whole world up to what’s happening?

Nobody knows.

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And Now, a Break from our Sponcer

With all this gloom and destruction going on, I thought two of my most favorite things in life would be very much welcomed.

Animals and Music.

What’s not to like? Enjoy!

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IT’S Friday! Release the Riots!

Nobody Wins.

I don’t know about you, but the elites that control the world like to gaslight the public, with info or ‘racist’ video’s on Friday so that the country burns down MORE over the weekend. College kids have to go to class during the week you know.

They released a video, where five BIG burly black cops could not contain another black man, if you watch the video, it’s like watching a regular night in any New York or Chicago beat down of a white person, except this time it was a black guy and the beat down was done by black cops, in Memphis.

Notice, if you’ve seen the videos, when the ONE white cop shows up, they stop beating him.

I don’t know who gave these guys a badge, but clearly, they were like any thugs off the streets. I feel for all the good police in the United States tonight, because we have watched them all do a better job. To most anyone, these were NOT trained officers. They kept spraying themselves in eyes, with tear gas.

What is NOT discussed is WHY they were pulling him over. Why? And the way they talked this guy REALLY pissed them all off. Just like the Rodey King video in LA, we never knew what Rodney did to piss off the cops. And Rodney admitted years later, well, he really did a lot.

Nevertheless. There was no reason in the world to release this on a Friday night.

One reporter said:

In the case of the release of the Tyre Nichols arrest video, the intention by the leftists collaborating at every level is to set Memphis and other cities across the country on fire this weekend.

Add to that, ..the Police released the video of Pelosi’s husband being attacked, with a HAMMER. Clearly, the guy wanted this on a video, BY the police. It all looks suspicious, what guy WAITS until the police are watching and THEN attacks? I’m sorry. Something is very funny about this whole thing. Will they blame the police for this too?

So, you wanna know what I think? The video that was realeased yesterday about how Pfizer was maybe planning on making the virus more lethal, and Project Veratas caught the man on video, well, that was very upsetting I’m sure.

Also, the Biden tapes in his garage, and let’s not forget, he just declared WWIII on Russia by sending over tanks. Something had to be done and fast.

Was this staged? I don’t know. It looks real enough. BUT…we are finding out January the 6th was also staged pretty much.

Anything is possible when it comes to protecting the elites and their money.

This IS how they will get those BIGGER headlines off the news, and EVERYONE will forget Tanks, Deadly (Planned)Vaccine shots, and the crimes of Hunter and Joe biden.

We are going to be hearing about a call to dismantle the police.

And pay attention: BLM is now being mostly done by rich white kids. The blacks are wising up. If you want to see the video of the cops, I’m sure it will be all over the media this weekend.

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Hottest Video on the Net….

This is WHY we should all be thankful to Elon Musk. James O’Keefe and Veritas Staff, once again, go undercover to report what we all have suspected: The virus is being manipulated to kill and make money for Pfizer and many other companies.

Here’s the first video: And then, the second in which the guy is caught, says he lied because he was on a “date” and will Congress do anything? They are already rolling out yearly bootster vaccines as we speak. If a democrat wins the White House, it WILL be mandatory. At least for all school children.

Stay tuned.

Thanks to James O’Keefe, and Elon Musk. And agree with the good doctor. Pfizer should be shut down and the COVID vaccine outlawed.

After this, would you trust ANY vaccine from this company or any other?

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Desantis:Pompeo, Trump…Pick a Card

Nobody Knows:

Yesterday, it looked like the Bush dynasty was supporting Mike Pompeo, but some of the big money is supporting DeSantis:

And then there’s the suggestions from Wayne Allen Root, who knows that the polls say Trump leads them all by A LOT.

And he suggests THIS to help him win the nomination:


  1. Upon election as the 47thPresident of the United States, Trump promises to immediately issue an Executive Order banning any federal lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates ever again. And he needs to make it clear, with him as President, no American will ever again be forced to take any experimental vaccine for any reason. Period. “Your body, your choice.”
  2. Even if Trump personally approves of the vaccine, and thinks the Covid vaccine is a life-saver, he must acknowledge the questions, debates, controversies, and fear swirling around this vaccine…and for the good of the country, ask the GOP House to immediately open a Congressional Investigation into the Covid-19 vaccine, to once and for all settle this issue.

Read more, and Trump himself suggest he will form a Patriot Party…a third party.

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Nobody Wonders: Deep State Picks….Mike Pompeo!?

Your next President…Mike Pompeo!

Nobody Wonders

Mike Pompeo was on ALL the talk shows this weekend. Like a bear coming out of its winter hibernation, all of a sudden, he’s being set up as the NEW hero to save the United States. Go on, Google him. OMG the gushing articles are everywhere. Most every interviewer I heard, and he was on ALL the shows, made sure the listeners knew ALL of Mike’s wonderful assets, and that basically, he’s running for President as soon as Mike and His Wife ‘get off their knees of prayers.”

He’s from California! He was head of the CIA! He is religious! He went to Harvard! (Was he in Skull and Bones?) THEN HE WIN!

Can I barf here? I hate it when these globalists are lying sacks of BS.

Mike Is a West Point graduate, and was promoting his well-timed new book called “Don’t give an inch.” Basically glorifying his stance in the Trump administration. You would have thought that Trump was a dunce and Pompeo had to wrestle with him everyday.

Last week, Condoleezza Rice and X CIA director Gates, wrote an article in the Washington Post saying that RUSSIA must be stopped because…well those minerals. Russia simply cannot get that land.

Speaking of minereals…why didn’t George W. Bush GET those minerals when he went to war in Iraq? Iraq’s mountains are full of minerals, and China…just got them given to them by Biden.

The disaster in the pullout of Iraq had Obama’s fingerprints all over it. After all, it was in Bengahzi that Obama was running weapons to the Taliban through his gay ambassador. They could have cared less about that guy.

Obama armed the Taliban for years.  Obama and Biden working for the enemies…whomever can give them enough money it seems.

I can smell George W. Bush all OVER this Pompeo Presidential run. Remember, the CIA killed Kennedy and the CIA was run by his father President George H.W. Bush at the time. Pompeo was the CIA director before he became Secretary of State under Trump.

Do any of us trust the CIA now?

And if you follow that logic, that both the Democrats and the RINOS have been pushing (Including Kevin McCarthy) war with Russia is necessary. But what’s disgusting is that they tell Americans if we DON’T send money to Ukraine, our boys will die in WWIII.

Are we not sick of this “We fight over there so they won’t come over here” BS?

They will die exactly because of war with Russia. And I fear that Russia WILL attack the U.S. (Or our own government will and blame it on Russia) and then Pompero will be the old soldier to ‘save America.”

The great global masters are so predictable it’s becoming boring.

While Pompero didn’t really CUT down Trump as much as Pence, he made sure he took credit for all of Trump’s Foreign policies. He mentioned that he ‘served’ and he stayed on how Russia is our main enemy, and why we can’t let Russia win, and we should be sending more equipment, money etc, to Ukraine. And he insisted that it was HE stood up to Xi in China. Trump just wanted to be his friend.

Can’t these guys get off of continuous war?

At the same time in all the papers and news is how President Trump, Vice President and now VP Biden, AND Pence all were very careless with classified documents. It’s as if they want to take out all three contenders for President.

Of course they do.

Yes, the office is just too important, best we choose someone we can trust. Mike Pompeo.

So, Nobody Wonders if Mike will be the next President, simply because the pick is already in. Trump would win the popular support, but Mike…he’ll get the electoral college, that will be the argument, and that will be AFTER the attack, remember I said AFTER, whenever that comes.

And this attack will come before 2024.

It won’t wipe us all out, but it will put the fear of Putin in Americans, and help the narrative that only a West Point graduate can save the country.

Nobody Wonders….will THIS be the next page for the globalists?

Will America fall for it?

Will it even matter?

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Nobody’s Fool:Tucker on Banning Gas Stoves

Nobody Does It Better, what else can I say? Tucker is simply the best.


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RIP: Diamond Was Bigger than Lucy

I wrote below about these two, and the sudden death of Diamond. If you never saw her and her sister, let’s start watching them on Youtube. I know I missed a lot.

R.I.P. Diamond. And watch over your sister and keep her going for us.

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Diamond In the Sky, and Trump

Nobody’s Opinion:

When Diamond and Silk, came out in support of Trump during the elections of 2016, everyone simply fell in love with them. And let’s face it, they helped get Trump elected in 2016. They were real warriors for common sense, and God only knows how many people they got to vote for him.

Diamond did most of the talking at first. And then, the shock: She has died suddenly of a heart attack. (Remember, I said they pick off the Trump supporters, one by one.)

Now, according to many Diamond was NOT vaccinated, but then again, she got Covid, got very sick and was put into a hospital. I’m sure, anybody in the middle of the night could have gotten that vaccine into her body. I’ve put up a few video’s on how dangerous the hospitals are right now.

At Davos, no other than Tony Blair has insisted that everyone in the world MUST get vaccinated. Then the I.D. cards come.

Not to mention, Trump supported the vaccine, and still does. It’s his nemesis. Sadly, many Americans are lead to believe that he helped with all the deaths. In fact, Dr. Malone, who has done a great job warning the public about the danger of the vaccines cannot support Trump anymore, he said. He’s right in that due to his position as one of the inventors.

But gee, thats coming from a man who got the vaccine himself? So did Elon Musk? Makes you wonder, if he was that smart, the man who invented the mRNI, he would never have gotten it would he? He warned the rest of the world about it’s danger and then he gets it himself? What’s up with that?

Yes, this Nobody Wonders. He got sick. Lucky him. We are watching people fall dead all over the world. And it’s from, the vaccine.

While I have tried to use the excuse that Trump had no choice, because NO President could have disobeyed Fauci when a world wide pandemic emergency was declared, (Thank you Congress) and that superceded the President, the longer he keeps silent now about it’s dangers the more you suspect: THEY’VE GOT HIM.

I feel for Trump. I think he really believes it when he said that he saved millions of lives. In his books, he brags about how quickly he can get things done. Like the New York skating rink. It’s something he takes a LOT of pride in. It’s a good thing, but this, time…the one talent that he was so very proud of, getting things done, in the long run, hurt him the most.

It’s like they caught him in his own web.

But then again, if he still thinks the vaccine is a good thing, (And I don’t see how he can see that with all the proof that it kills) tip-toeing around the subject and talking forever about how things were good during his Presidency is not enough to battle the onslaught of the deep state.

I don’t think he should have gone to that funeral at all. Send a picture. Talk about the two of them on the social platforms, Pay for it by all means. But we have watched Democrats make political speeches at funerals time and time again…it was rather sad to see Trump doing the same, no matter how sad he felt.

Sometimes I think, being a good guy is the one thing that will get you.

I think he did because he truly is a good man. Just…defeated. His own family is falling apart, as is the country.

So, this evil that is attacking all of us, is a lviathon of tremendous strength which we are still just discovering. All over the world, mountains of corruptions have been planning for this moment in time…and they control most all media.

But, not forever. Good things are happening, you just don’t hear about them. Not yet.

Anyway, I hope Silk keeps fighting on.

Her sister was one of a kind. And she will be missed. I will miss her.

She was really a special and fearless woman.

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Neil Oliver…Teaching the Children and the World

These two video’s go together. Like Tucker, Neil Oliver is making the BEST video’s depressing as they may be…

He says what most sensible people are thinking. I watched a video today on San Bernadino in California. I went there once when I was 16, it was great, and now, it’s a shithole. In the distance, beautiful mountains. Now, trash, homeless, emptly stores line the streets like a graveyard of a once great city.

Like my city of St. Louis, I remember. Threiving, full of businesses, shopping, restaruants, is it any wonder the rich are scared? They don’t talk about the cesspools and destructions of our country.

The kids don’t remember. My own son never even went downtown St. Louis. He has no idea that once upon a time, it was an American wonder. American History has been destroyed. So have all the major towns.

Are they coming back? Can Trump really SAVE AMERICA? No. The real question should be: Can the people of the WORLD survive the Global elites?

The truth is, the very rich with the help of our politicians are destroying the planet, and they place the blame on the simple man.

Since Crosby died last week, I thought it appropriate that I also put under Oliver, one of the best songs Crosby, Stills, and Nash ever did. Their live renditions are…pretty bad. Probably because they all did so many drugs. But the words, according to the internet were written by Nash.

They are…timeless.

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There are Two sides to White Replacement

Pretty cool. Daman Bryant Felder

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Obamacare, Covid, & Death Panels

When Obamacare was out, Emanuel Ezekiel, the designer of Obamacare, basically said that anyone “old” should just die, or…not get treatment. In fact, 75 should be the cut off age.

This is the death panels of Hitler, but put in a ‘be kind to your children’ and kill yourself way. Better yet, we will make sure you die.

This kind of thinking, the old should just get off the planet and save the hospitals money was being promoted even in 2000. I had to spend every minute with both my parents in hospitals who had suffered from strokes, because I saw the horrible mistakes and treatment the “old” got. They were treated every minute as if it was only right they should die, and I should just go away and accept their death.

I am old enough to remember when it was “GOD’s” will to take the old, not the doctor who treated them. NO matter what the age of the patient, they got the same treatment as the young.

This is no longer the case. Remember Terri Schiavo? The Bushes didn’t want to save her. We should have seen what was coming.

Below is a man who lost his daughter, to basically, the hospital deciding to kill her. As much as Obamacare, Fauci, and Covid has destroyed our medical systems, I still thought people did have somewhat a say…boy, was I wrong.

Just today, I told my husband we had to go and get witnessed a power of attorney to me, in case he is in the hospital and it’s up to the doctors not me, to decide his fate.

I discovered by watching this video, that is NOT enough. The doctors STILL have full power to kill anyone they want.

If you have Power of Attorney, and THINK you are protected, I’d advise you to watch this video.

You…and your family…are not.

Many years ago, on some morning program, two black twins, who had both just turned to be 104, were asked the secret to their longevity.

They both answered, while laughing, “Stay out of hospitals! They will KILL you!”

I never forgot that, and I will never forget this man’s warning. Neither will you, I promise.

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