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We’ve all been brainwashed….AARP is WOKE

Nobody’s Opinion

With all the chaos going on right now in the world, it’s HARD for me to stick to just one subject…you have NO idea how hard that is. I can start with a subject early in the morning and by the time I get here at night…there are at least 20 subjects that came up during the day, that I can have an opinion on. You might have noticed, how often I break that grammar rule: post the first sentence as to the subject of your piece and follow through. I almost never do that. My mind spills onto the page like a bucket of golf balls spilling over onto a putting green. Hardly any of them ever hit the hole.

But there has been a REALLY big concern with me in the past year, and that pertains to how humanity is being brainwashed, as you will, into accepting the New World the elites are trying to form. The world and all the people in it, are being told and manipulated into how to think, how to act, what is cool, what is not, and how they are made to accept with thankfulness, the slavery that is coming to them. And the elites do this brainwashing so….sweetly and with such finesse nobody notices it, because they are that REALLY good at it.

Every paper, magazine, news report, movie, has a message.

As you all know, I read AARP every month. Let me use that as an example.

The editors CLAIM everything they do for the age is good: THEY ARE FIGHTHING FOR YOU, you old person that should not even be here.

I open the magazine…and the wokeness falls into my lap.

ELECTRIC CARS: Okay, so in the first few pages they give you their opinions on what new cars you should buy. And no surprise! All the cars they loved were electric! Ford Mustang Mach-E…so much better than the original? Uh…no.


Under the cars they tell you if you visit Seattle, New Orleans, or Memphis you don’t even NEED a car? Raise your hand if you have ANY desire to visit any of these cities?  

GAS STOVES: The next Upfront page give you info on stoves, and guess which one they warn you on?

“Recent studies show that using a gas fueled stove can result in elevated levels of nitrogen oxides, which are toxic gases. A leak can be deadly. “


FOOTBALL: THEN…a few more pages and they are promoting the SUPERBOWL! We all know with the new movie that has come out with the four again movie star women comedy going to the Superbowl, is also a way to get people BACK into the game. Millions have stopped watching it.


BLACK STUDIES: Then we have the book reviews at which Michelle Obama’s “the Light We Carry” is top of the list. Then there’s In the Black Fantastic by Ekow Eshum. A book about Elizabeth the II, and Abraham Lincoln and the American struggle, and Our America, a Photographic History, which I’m SURE is filled with blacks being attacked and the usual blacks being hung. We’ve seen that all a million times. What’s this mean? Many are saying Michelle is going to run for President. And why not?


FEMINISM: Onward to Geena Davis who says, “We don’t just need one female president, we need lots of female president.” And adds to that the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. At the end of Thelma and Louise the movie, they both drive off a cliff and kill themselves because they can’t stand man’s abuse. Geena, the star of that movie says, “They took control of their lives and decided they’d pay any price to not give that up.”

WTH? Check. Suicide now a good idea for woman.

MONEY: And then there’s the ‘money’ advice, which I might write a whole column on. Basically…we KNOW you are losing, once again, your retirement money in your 401k’s but…LEAVE IT ALONE! In 35 years it will be back up. Of course, you’ll be dead, but best leave the dumping stocks to Pelosi. She knows what she’s doing, you don’t. Not to mention, they are working on a digital global currency. The dollar will be worthless.


Okay, I’m only halfway through the magazine. My point being EVERYTHING I read, or listen to, or watch goes through my ‘filter’ mind with amazing speed to the detriment of anybody who knows me.

I’m…I’ll say it. I can be obnoxious. I can hardly watch a movie without yelling “Chinese! Or Pee scene! Or here’s comes the puke! Or…sex…or climate change and mankind is destroying the earth!. Whatever.”

 THAT’s how much it bothers me. And the more I know, the more I KNOW that this kind of brainwashing has been going on around the world forever, by the men who run the world.

And it all comes down to follow the money.

I know. Too simple. But, most of the time, true.

Did I stick to one subject?

What subject? See what I mean…there goes my mind.

What I think should happen is that everyone should wake up to just how insidious they are being lead down the path to their own destruction.

And how do any of us do that? Wake the whole world up to what’s happening?

Nobody knows.

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  1. What is AARP?


    Comment by Amfortas | January 30, 2023 | Reply

    • It’s a magazine, Associated American Retired Persons, and the biggest lobby for retired people in America. Once you turn 55 you get bombarded with flyers to join, (it’s pretty cheap) and it’s bascially run by the same people who run the CDC. It’s very liberal, but if you want to know what’s going on in the government and your retirement issues, you get the magazine. It promises all kinds of discounts, but like all government agencies, it gives you little in return. Not all articles are WOKE, but since Obama appointed a black editor, it’s been VERY WOKE. I get it, to know what the Marxists are up to.


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | January 30, 2023 | Reply

      • Thank you m’dear. 🙂


        Comment by Amfortas | February 1, 2023

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