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IT’S Friday! Release the Riots!

Nobody Wins.

I don’t know about you, but the elites that control the world like to gaslight the public, with info or ‘racist’ video’s on Friday so that the country burns down MORE over the weekend. College kids have to go to class during the week you know.

They released a video, where five BIG burly black cops could not contain another black man, if you watch the video, it’s like watching a regular night in any New York or Chicago beat down of a white person, except this time it was a black guy and the beat down was done by black cops, in Memphis.

Notice, if you’ve seen the videos, when the ONE white cop shows up, they stop beating him.

I don’t know who gave these guys a badge, but clearly, they were like any thugs off the streets. I feel for all the good police in the United States tonight, because we have watched them all do a better job. To most anyone, these were NOT trained officers. They kept spraying themselves in eyes, with tear gas.

What is NOT discussed is WHY they were pulling him over. Why? And the way they talked this guy REALLY pissed them all off. Just like the Rodey King video in LA, we never knew what Rodney did to piss off the cops. And Rodney admitted years later, well, he really did a lot.

Nevertheless. There was no reason in the world to release this on a Friday night.

One reporter said:

In the case of the release of the Tyre Nichols arrest video, the intention by the leftists collaborating at every level is to set Memphis and other cities across the country on fire this weekend.

Add to that, ..the Police released the video of Pelosi’s husband being attacked, with a HAMMER. Clearly, the guy wanted this on a video, BY the police. It all looks suspicious, what guy WAITS until the police are watching and THEN attacks? I’m sorry. Something is very funny about this whole thing. Will they blame the police for this too?

So, you wanna know what I think? The video that was realeased yesterday about how Pfizer was maybe planning on making the virus more lethal, and Project Veratas caught the man on video, well, that was very upsetting I’m sure.

Also, the Biden tapes in his garage, and let’s not forget, he just declared WWIII on Russia by sending over tanks. Something had to be done and fast.

Was this staged? I don’t know. It looks real enough. BUT…we are finding out January the 6th was also staged pretty much.

Anything is possible when it comes to protecting the elites and their money.

This IS how they will get those BIGGER headlines off the news, and EVERYONE will forget Tanks, Deadly (Planned)Vaccine shots, and the crimes of Hunter and Joe biden.

We are going to be hearing about a call to dismantle the police.

And pay attention: BLM is now being mostly done by rich white kids. The blacks are wising up. If you want to see the video of the cops, I’m sure it will be all over the media this weekend.

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