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Nobody Flashes: Deceit No. 2


You won the sweepstakes! You are now rich! But if you don’t act fast….

Every conservative on cable is doing this: Hannity, Beck, Levin, Newsmax, Trump, Fox, many of the others..except for Mark Dice. He doesn’t play that game.

Yes, now that McCarthy has been annointed once again as speaker, we are all now being told to rejoice! Never before has the MAGA few got such wonderful concessions…like…they can bring term limits up for a vote! And look into a lot of things! YOU WON MAGA PEOPLE!

And then the kicker….but if we don’t act fast, this will all be for nothing. The country is now a third world hellhole, and that’s according to President Trump, (He has a point.) We still have to stop all the other terrible people in charge, before a nuclear war appears.

The Trick acording to AARP: Many people have a deep-seated fear of missing out on good opportunities, (WE SELL GOLD HERE!Buy now before the price goes up. ) given how infrequently they appear. The criminal encourages that the dwindling of availiabilty of the product or services. This spooks people into choices.

Okay, Amazon does this all the time. HURRY! Only one left! But have you thought about how often politicians use this tactic?

So, here’s the grand master of Deceit, Hillary Clinton, claiming that Trump will destroy democracy. She uses this scare tactic every time she opens her disgusting mouth. Pelosi does it. Klaus does it. (We have only one change to SAVE THE WORLD!) Al Gore has been doing it for years. Fauci does it.

Get the vaccine before you die!

You get the jest.

Next time you listen to a politican, wait for that “If we don’t do something the world is lost.”

And if climate change isn’t delt with…you will all be sorry. BUY that electric car now, before it’s too late.

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