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Nobody Flashes Scam No 4&5: Scare Porn

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I was interrupted yesterday on my AARP Scam warnings because Jeff Beck went and died.
So, I’m going to put two into one today.

They make you feel anxious, and they create instant terror.

The Trick: “We live in this age of anxiety where there are so many actual existential fears.” It’s pretty easy to get people to say, “All right, what do I have o do to make this one go away?”
The Trick: “When you’re afraid, the emotional part of your brain takes over the cognitive part of your brain. That’s what they want. When your emotions kick in, it swaps out the logic.”
This is obvious. They released a bio-weapon, scared us all to closing down our lives for over two years, and if we didn’t we were all going to die. They scared half of us into getting vaccines, which actaully killed more than the virus.

Pretty good plan if you want to kill a lot of people.

Fauci and Trump didn’t help at all with this. As much as I like and still like Trump, it was one of his biggest mistakes. Fauci, should go to jail for his ‘fear porn.’

Fear has been used by tyrants forever. Now, they are saying that they are going to take away our food, our houses, our money, our very existence. And Russia is going to nuke us, and China will send in troops to put a final nail in America.

Is it no WONDER we are all on pins and needles? The trouble is, much of this attack on America is actually happening.

Before you know it, Gates is saying the next pandemic will be worse, and we’ll all have to get ID’s, and be forced to stay in our homes again. (Got your puke bag ready?)

Is this just the ART OF DECEIT? Or the art of genocide by the unelected 300?

As for the House elections, one side tried to scare us all if McCarthy was elected, the other side was trying to scare us all if he wasn’t.

Scaring us all has worked.

The media controls, and forces you to have anxious emotions and drives everyone into…if you read the news…heart attacks.

Caused by the vaccines? Or simply because people are suffering from overemotions?

Both. By the way, I could only stomach about 4 mintues of Fauci, but there you are. The Scare Master of all Time.

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