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Nobody Remembers Orwell’s Warning: Don’t Let it Happen

Nobody Remembers

If the pundits and crazy millioniares in Congress think that the ‘terrorists’ in the House keeping McCarthy from staying on as speaker, are really upsetting the American people.They might want to think again. The elites have ruled for so long, and our rights and now our very existence in the balance, do they really think we would trust them now? Do they really think we care about all their empty promises?

We REMEMBER Orwell’s warning about how tyranny would feel: Like a boot crushing down on a face forever.

Are you feeling that crush? Me too.

And then he said, “Don’t let it happen.”

Right now, a handfull of 20 in the House are putting up a fight, and the whole media And D.C. establishment is fighting to keep their great wealth.

The rest of us are doomed to watch our country being destroyed.

And it was planned for years.

But, this tyranny shit is happening all over the world.


And this man in France, spoke up.

Hey, maybe HE would like to be speaker? If they can place whomever they like in any office they like, why can’t we?

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