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Desantis:Pompeo, Trump…Pick a Card

Nobody Knows:

Yesterday, it looked like the Bush dynasty was supporting Mike Pompeo, but some of the big money is supporting DeSantis:

And then there’s the suggestions from Wayne Allen Root, who knows that the polls say Trump leads them all by A LOT.

And he suggests THIS to help him win the nomination:


  1. Upon election as the 47thPresident of the United States, Trump promises to immediately issue an Executive Order banning any federal lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates ever again. And he needs to make it clear, with him as President, no American will ever again be forced to take any experimental vaccine for any reason. Period. “Your body, your choice.”
  2. Even if Trump personally approves of the vaccine, and thinks the Covid vaccine is a life-saver, he must acknowledge the questions, debates, controversies, and fear swirling around this vaccine…and for the good of the country, ask the GOP House to immediately open a Congressional Investigation into the Covid-19 vaccine, to once and for all settle this issue.

Read more, and Trump himself suggest he will form a Patriot Party…a third party.

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