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Nobody Wonders: Deep State Picks….Mike Pompeo!?

Your next President…Mike Pompeo!

Nobody Wonders

Mike Pompeo was on ALL the talk shows this weekend. Like a bear coming out of its winter hibernation, all of a sudden, he’s being set up as the NEW hero to save the United States. Go on, Google him. OMG the gushing articles are everywhere. Most every interviewer I heard, and he was on ALL the shows, made sure the listeners knew ALL of Mike’s wonderful assets, and that basically, he’s running for President as soon as Mike and His Wife ‘get off their knees of prayers.”

He’s from California! He was head of the CIA! He is religious! He went to Harvard! (Was he in Skull and Bones?) THEN HE WIN!

Can I barf here? I hate it when these globalists are lying sacks of BS.

Mike Is a West Point graduate, and was promoting his well-timed new book called “Don’t give an inch.” Basically glorifying his stance in the Trump administration. You would have thought that Trump was a dunce and Pompeo had to wrestle with him everyday.

Last week, Condoleezza Rice and X CIA director Gates, wrote an article in the Washington Post saying that RUSSIA must be stopped because…well those minerals. Russia simply cannot get that land.

Speaking of minereals…why didn’t George W. Bush GET those minerals when he went to war in Iraq? Iraq’s mountains are full of minerals, and China…just got them given to them by Biden.

The disaster in the pullout of Iraq had Obama’s fingerprints all over it. After all, it was in Bengahzi that Obama was running weapons to the Taliban through his gay ambassador. They could have cared less about that guy.

Obama armed the Taliban for years.  Obama and Biden working for the enemies…whomever can give them enough money it seems.

I can smell George W. Bush all OVER this Pompeo Presidential run. Remember, the CIA killed Kennedy and the CIA was run by his father President George H.W. Bush at the time. Pompeo was the CIA director before he became Secretary of State under Trump.

Do any of us trust the CIA now?

And if you follow that logic, that both the Democrats and the RINOS have been pushing (Including Kevin McCarthy) war with Russia is necessary. But what’s disgusting is that they tell Americans if we DON’T send money to Ukraine, our boys will die in WWIII.

Are we not sick of this “We fight over there so they won’t come over here” BS?

They will die exactly because of war with Russia. And I fear that Russia WILL attack the U.S. (Or our own government will and blame it on Russia) and then Pompero will be the old soldier to ‘save America.”

The great global masters are so predictable it’s becoming boring.

While Pompero didn’t really CUT down Trump as much as Pence, he made sure he took credit for all of Trump’s Foreign policies. He mentioned that he ‘served’ and he stayed on how Russia is our main enemy, and why we can’t let Russia win, and we should be sending more equipment, money etc, to Ukraine. And he insisted that it was HE stood up to Xi in China. Trump just wanted to be his friend.

Can’t these guys get off of continuous war?

At the same time in all the papers and news is how President Trump, Vice President and now VP Biden, AND Pence all were very careless with classified documents. It’s as if they want to take out all three contenders for President.

Of course they do.

Yes, the office is just too important, best we choose someone we can trust. Mike Pompeo.

So, Nobody Wonders if Mike will be the next President, simply because the pick is already in. Trump would win the popular support, but Mike…he’ll get the electoral college, that will be the argument, and that will be AFTER the attack, remember I said AFTER, whenever that comes.

And this attack will come before 2024.

It won’t wipe us all out, but it will put the fear of Putin in Americans, and help the narrative that only a West Point graduate can save the country.

Nobody Wonders….will THIS be the next page for the globalists?

Will America fall for it?

Will it even matter?

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