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Obamacare, Covid, & Death Panels

When Obamacare was out, Emanuel Ezekiel, the designer of Obamacare, basically said that anyone “old” should just die, or…not get treatment. In fact, 75 should be the cut off age.

This is the death panels of Hitler, but put in a ‘be kind to your children’ and kill yourself way. Better yet, we will make sure you die.

This kind of thinking, the old should just get off the planet and save the hospitals money was being promoted even in 2000. I had to spend every minute with both my parents in hospitals who had suffered from strokes, because I saw the horrible mistakes and treatment the “old” got. They were treated every minute as if it was only right they should die, and I should just go away and accept their death.

I am old enough to remember when it was “GOD’s” will to take the old, not the doctor who treated them. NO matter what the age of the patient, they got the same treatment as the young.

This is no longer the case. Remember Terri Schiavo? The Bushes didn’t want to save her. We should have seen what was coming.

Below is a man who lost his daughter, to basically, the hospital deciding to kill her. As much as Obamacare, Fauci, and Covid has destroyed our medical systems, I still thought people did have somewhat a say…boy, was I wrong.

Just today, I told my husband we had to go and get witnessed a power of attorney to me, in case he is in the hospital and it’s up to the doctors not me, to decide his fate.

I discovered by watching this video, that is NOT enough. The doctors STILL have full power to kill anyone they want.

If you have Power of Attorney, and THINK you are protected, I’d advise you to watch this video.

You…and your family…are not.

Many years ago, on some morning program, two black twins, who had both just turned to be 104, were asked the secret to their longevity.

They both answered, while laughing, “Stay out of hospitals! They will KILL you!”

I never forgot that, and I will never forget this man’s warning. Neither will you, I promise.

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