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Neil Oliver…Teaching the Children and the World

These two video’s go together. Like Tucker, Neil Oliver is making the BEST video’s depressing as they may be…

He says what most sensible people are thinking. I watched a video today on San Bernadino in California. I went there once when I was 16, it was great, and now, it’s a shithole. In the distance, beautiful mountains. Now, trash, homeless, emptly stores line the streets like a graveyard of a once great city.

Like my city of St. Louis, I remember. Threiving, full of businesses, shopping, restaruants, is it any wonder the rich are scared? They don’t talk about the cesspools and destructions of our country.

The kids don’t remember. My own son never even went downtown St. Louis. He has no idea that once upon a time, it was an American wonder. American History has been destroyed. So have all the major towns.

Are they coming back? Can Trump really SAVE AMERICA? No. The real question should be: Can the people of the WORLD survive the Global elites?

The truth is, the very rich with the help of our politicians are destroying the planet, and they place the blame on the simple man.

Since Crosby died last week, I thought it appropriate that I also put under Oliver, one of the best songs Crosby, Stills, and Nash ever did. Their live renditions are…pretty bad. Probably because they all did so many drugs. But the words, according to the internet were written by Nash.

They are…timeless.

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