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Diamond In the Sky, and Trump

Nobody’s Opinion:

When Diamond and Silk, came out in support of Trump during the elections of 2016, everyone simply fell in love with them. And let’s face it, they helped get Trump elected in 2016. They were real warriors for common sense, and God only knows how many people they got to vote for him.

Diamond did most of the talking at first. And then, the shock: She has died suddenly of a heart attack. (Remember, I said they pick off the Trump supporters, one by one.)

Now, according to many Diamond was NOT vaccinated, but then again, she got Covid, got very sick and was put into a hospital. I’m sure, anybody in the middle of the night could have gotten that vaccine into her body. I’ve put up a few video’s on how dangerous the hospitals are right now.

At Davos, no other than Tony Blair has insisted that everyone in the world MUST get vaccinated. Then the I.D. cards come.

Not to mention, Trump supported the vaccine, and still does. It’s his nemesis. Sadly, many Americans are lead to believe that he helped with all the deaths. In fact, Dr. Malone, who has done a great job warning the public about the danger of the vaccines cannot support Trump anymore, he said. He’s right in that due to his position as one of the inventors.

But gee, thats coming from a man who got the vaccine himself? So did Elon Musk? Makes you wonder, if he was that smart, the man who invented the mRNI, he would never have gotten it would he? He warned the rest of the world about it’s danger and then he gets it himself? What’s up with that?

Yes, this Nobody Wonders. He got sick. Lucky him. We are watching people fall dead all over the world. And it’s from, the vaccine.

While I have tried to use the excuse that Trump had no choice, because NO President could have disobeyed Fauci when a world wide pandemic emergency was declared, (Thank you Congress) and that superceded the President, the longer he keeps silent now about it’s dangers the more you suspect: THEY’VE GOT HIM.

I feel for Trump. I think he really believes it when he said that he saved millions of lives. In his books, he brags about how quickly he can get things done. Like the New York skating rink. It’s something he takes a LOT of pride in. It’s a good thing, but this, time…the one talent that he was so very proud of, getting things done, in the long run, hurt him the most.

It’s like they caught him in his own web.

But then again, if he still thinks the vaccine is a good thing, (And I don’t see how he can see that with all the proof that it kills) tip-toeing around the subject and talking forever about how things were good during his Presidency is not enough to battle the onslaught of the deep state.

I don’t think he should have gone to that funeral at all. Send a picture. Talk about the two of them on the social platforms, Pay for it by all means. But we have watched Democrats make political speeches at funerals time and time again…it was rather sad to see Trump doing the same, no matter how sad he felt.

Sometimes I think, being a good guy is the one thing that will get you.

I think he did because he truly is a good man. Just…defeated. His own family is falling apart, as is the country.

So, this evil that is attacking all of us, is a lviathon of tremendous strength which we are still just discovering. All over the world, mountains of corruptions have been planning for this moment in time…and they control most all media.

But, not forever. Good things are happening, you just don’t hear about them. Not yet.

Anyway, I hope Silk keeps fighting on.

Her sister was one of a kind. And she will be missed. I will miss her.

She was really a special and fearless woman.

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