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Jordan Peterson: The New Moses

I literally cried, really I did, when I heard Jordan’s anouncement for the future meetings in London.

The poor people in the world cannot fight these insane and evil people who want to make us all into robots and slaves. They truly do. If you haven’t seen the video’s from Davos, go look them up.

But, Jordon is taking ACTION! Hopefully, he can get some of the REAL leaders of the world to stand up to these men. Power only understands other power. Remember Hong Kong? How many people stood up to China?

Did not matter one bit.

My fear is that the Kings of Davos will start WWIII before he can have this meeting.

God is with, this gracious man. The Moses of our time right now.

And I LOVED how he talked about Moses leading the people out of the desert and how they came to freedom. He can only get better…

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  1. What a pleasure to watch and hear. Rogan does a service providing a platform for Peterson, without trite interruptions. Peterson does a service with such a huge amount of back-of-shop work developing a vision and a mechanism for Human Growth and the Development of Governance. And the ‘Coach Colin’, sitting in the bottom left corner making unusually (for commenters who ride on the coat-tails of other people’s videos) cogent remarks, doing us a service by guiding us to the main points of the discussion in such a quiet and respectful manner. Many thanks Joyanna.


    Comment by Amfortas | February 2, 2023 | Reply

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