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The Starving Children

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Yesterday, Christmas Day, I was having a constance thought on my mind. My husband and I were watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, and there was an “ice storm” in the town, and the local innskeeper invited all the people of the town, whose electric was cut off, to come and stay at his little inn.

I know. Charity was pressed in every line of the program. When the last scene was shot, there was two gay guys dancing, two woman gays dancing, one black guy dancing with an hispanic, and the white couple staring in the movie.

Every film is being ‘propagandized.’

Still, one event kept me up last night. Even though I live in a “Once was middle class” neighborhood, we don’t see too many homeless on the streets. We DO see a lot of stealing and cars stolen nightly. But so far, not too many have ventured inside the homes. YET.

BUT…on most of the highway corners there are always men begging at the stop signs. Nobody gives money to them anymore, because many of them are making at least 40-60 thousand a year, tax free. We know this because too many of them brag about it.

The other day, in the middle of the day, my husband and I were getting into our car outside of Wal-mart and a decently dressed man came walking up to ME, holding the hand a beautiful little blond girl. Both were dressed nice. “Have you any money to spare for some food?” he asked me?

“Sorry, I said. I never carry cash with me.” It was true. I don’t.

“It’s not for me, it’s for her.” he said.

“Well, why don’t you go into Walmart, there are so many people there that might help you?”

He said, “sorry” and just walked away, but away from the store, going down the road with the little girl walking beside him. She seemed content to be with him. As if…he was the father.

My husband said nothing. He thought the guy was probably using the kid to scam.

But…in my gut, there was something about them, that told me, they were in some kind of dire straights. Who knows? It was sad to see the little girl walking around in the cold. Who were they? Usually the beggars are poorly dressed. And not polite.

Lately, we are seeing hispanic mothers standing on Wal-Mart corners with three kids and babies and begging for food. IN THE COLD.

What gets me is there is so MANY places handing out free everything, why aren’t the police picking up these people and taking them there?

The trouble is: When your own government is flooding the country with millions of people, with kids, you really don’t know WHAT to do. What kind of mother would stand on a corner in the cold with her children and beg for money in a Wal-Mart parking lot?

Is this happening all over?

Where are the Churches?

I watched Glenn Beck’s Christmas special tonight. It was better than Hallmark. It was an old fashioned Christmas special.

But really, I can see why people go on vacations at Christmas. And I wonder, can you even get away from the homeless and sorrow?

In this cold, to see people begging on the streets…I feel like I’m in a Dickens novel.

Is this really, the depression we were warned about?

I fear, it’s true.

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