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Mary Did You Know? A Prayer for Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. Here in my house, my husband is asleep with a cold. Or something else. He was working in this cold bomb, and got sick. Millions in America will NOT be seeing their loved ones today, due to the weather.

All over the world is chaos. In Paris, riots. America is being bankrupted, and invaded. We are being threatened with wars, man made viruses, and starvation by an elite group of power hungry fools. Our government is broken. They’ve left the people.

2023 does not look good.

What can a Nobody do?

First off, pray. Second. Pray. Third…remember history, and don’t give up hope. Pray some more, and then, decide to take action, and never give in to tyranny.

After all, miracles CAN happen. This holiday alone proves that, does it not?

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