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It’s amazing how most of our own GOP, insisted that President Trump LOST the last election to Biden. So, since so many republicans decided that despite the stolen election, the GOP politicains had NO plans to make sure the midterms were not stolen. Trump should stop talking about it they said.

What did they do? Nothing. They just told everyone, and that was including President Trump who also suggested it, to make sure conservatives went on election day and voted…outnumber the cheating so bad they couldn’t commit fraud.

Ha ha ha ha…Chuck Sumer must have been having dinner with George W., laughing at the stupidity of the GOP.

Yes! We democrats are much smarter than you guys…we’ve been cheating for so long, we’ve got it down to a victorous science! You’re so stupid.

And then, in one of the most important states to win in the Midterms, Arizona, with one of the greatest woman candidates for office in American history, Kari Lake, the people of Arizona turned out in huge numbers, but were told, “Hey, the machines aren’t working! Come back later.”

All the people complained about THIS stolen election, and this man didn’t hold back.

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