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Nobody’s Christmas Countdown…And Warning

This song is EVERYWHERE on every store’s sound system. And why not? It’s just a catchy tune and you can’t help but start singing it. This guy was very popular with the girls, and sadly, his life turned to drugs and “coming out” so the women felt like “AW MAN…darn.”

Still, it’s an American Christmas favorite.

And then, “Don’t give it away” warning from George Orwell, who before he died wrote 1984, the classic 1984, a book which states the futue coming true right before our very eyes. Boots are on every human throats all over the world right now.

We need to take this warning to heart, and give our future hearts only to the “special.”

Or else, we might end up like the other George: Helpless.

December 22, 2022 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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