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Nobody Knows Paulina’s Lack of True Love

Nobody Knows

I found this video to be eye-opening. Paulina was certainly one of the most beautiful women in the world, and also a woman who suffered from scars clearly left by the abandoment of her parents in childhood. Then the really insufferable second husband divorcing her because she ‘lost’ her looks and got old. Or, too old for him.

What was really sad is that she is still searching for the love she needs. Her face has aged, and she has had no work done, but her body is one even most 30-year olds would love. She takes off her clothes to prove it.

She made her living by being the “perfect” body and face, and nobody dared to know her as a person, in fact, if she had shown how smart she is, which she is trying to do now, many would berate her to get “back into her proper dumb and beautiful” package that made them all so much money.

People think beautiful women have it made. Melania was beautiful but completely ignored by all the jealous people in the industry, not just because of her husband.

Beauty in woman has since the beginning of time, been what men AND woman wanted. I realized because I was on stage that I had to make the most of what I had and learned the art of makeup, and it IS an art. Make of it what you will.

This is why you see so many ‘feminists’ and democratic women go ballistic. They have been shunned, if they are born on the plain side, and refuse to wear makeup, and so blame society and men for their sorrrows of not being loved.

And look at the men who are torturing us all: Gates, Klaus…really all the very rich men…most of them a woman would not even look twice at. So, they got rich. But deep inside? Almost evil.

Hopefully, this video will find Paulina a man who will REALLY love her for herself.

But, I must admit, it was a brave confession, and one most people would not expect.

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