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Nobody’s Fool: Dane Wigington

Yeah, this is a LONG movie. This one man is doing what I’ve been talking about for quite sometime…chemtrails, and the poisoning of the planet.

For the last ten years, I have found it too coincidental that political events often coinside perfectly with some sort of storm or weather disaster.

Obama’s appearance at the right moment after Hurricane Sandy destroyed New Jersey’s shore. That certainly helped him win the Presidency.

Hurricane Katrina…Bill Clinton putting New Orleans in his MY LIFE book, BEFORE it happened. And then, George Bush looking like a fool.

Ian, hitting Ft. Meyers RIGHT before the Midterms. DeSantis comes out looking like a King.

California burning down…mostly in the conservative areas. And the globalists wanting to make carbon taxes because of ‘global warming.’

And just this Christmas…millions suffer the worst snow storms we can remember. The cold. And then the WARM? Too weird. My freind’s swan froze to death, as did many a human. So did the strawberries in Florida. Expect OJ and Strawberries to cost more than a steak next year.

Long ago, there once was a reader of my blog, (I called him g-man) who whenever I would tell him about chemtrials and what they were doing to our weather, he told me all planes made chemtrails. He thought I was nuts. But, I’ve been watching the chemtrials over my house for decades. And remembering Defense Secretary Cohen say that the next wars would be weather wars.

I believed him.

Nobody talks about what’s happeing in the skies, and it’s all about MONEY, and control.

For the climate change dicatorship they all have planned.

Elon? Beck? Somebody should start talking about this.

Well, g-man, if you are still out there, this video proves I was right. Generals…talk about it. In fact, If there is one video you might want to give this a watch…this man is right. If we let this continue, another virus won’t matter.

Dane is one hell of a man. Even if you don’t watch, pass it around.

Please. Look up next time you go outside, and maybe, just maybe watch this video.

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