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Nobody Flashes: Post Halloween News

Nobody Flashes

My most favorite ‘news’ of the morning…or shall I say: Halloween continues.


National Pulse: 150+ Researchers Funded By US Govt. Now Work For Chinese Communist Party, Report Finds. (

The report identifies over 150 Chinese-born scientists who have worked on taxpayer-funded projects at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the last two decades now conducting “sensitive” research in China. Some of the research presently occurring in China has “military application, [including] hypersonic missiles, deep earth-penetrating warheads, [and] quiet submarines.”

Based in New Mexico, the laboratory is a project of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that traces its roots to World War II, as it was launched for designing nuclear weapons such as the atomic bomb.

NOBODY: Remember…Bill Clinton was President when this ‘transfer’ of military secrets to China started. Not only was a Chinese guy found transferring Los Alamos secrets to China, but Bill was brokering deals between China and military contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin. At that time, according to Newsmax, they had nothing to hit us with. Bill made sure they had the tech to destroy every city in America. Evidently, the warm and fuzzy relations with China have been very lucrative for the Democrats. Only Newsmax kept this reporting going, but it’s been buried with Hunter Biden’s underwear.


TOWNHALL: Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie (

No, but the fact we have not seen the video or heard directly from the cops on the scene to clear up any misconceptions indicates that there probably are not any misconceptions to clear up. Guys tussling in their undies at oh dark thirty does not usually just sort of happen.

NOBODY: The main take from this is Paul is gay, and probably a drunk, (Like his wife) and got caught in a gay sex night gone wrong, and they used the media to blame it on Trump. OR it was all manipulated to get more votes for Nancy. But, why did the illegal hit the guy on the head with a hammer in FRONT of the cops? What? Really? Did the cop give him permission? Did they need to make this look like a ‘breakin?”


Report: Potentially Lethal New Super Strain Of COVID Created In London Lab

Renowned Molecular Biologist describes development as “insanity”

NOBODY: Labs all over the world are trying to engineer a more lethal virus because the first one didn’t kill enough people, and by the way, Bill Gates is telling us “It’s coming.” So…it’s coming. More lockdowns. Poor Bill. His first endeavor didn’t work as well as planned.


And speaking of lockdowns….This was a thought that one guy put together…I thought was important.

A Deal That Saved the Democrats’ Mid-Term Fortunes:

“The most basic historical fact about midterm elections is that the president’s party almost always loses seats in the House, and loses seats in the Senate about two-thirds of the time,” writes historian Andrew Busch.

But the 1962 midterms were a rare exception, he writes. JFK had botched the Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961, and his summit with Khrushchev six weeks later was a disaster. By the time October 1962 came around,, Democrats were in the same sinking boat that they are today, expected to lose over 40 seats in the House alone.

But after the crisis ended and the “Kennedy-Khrushchev Accords” were agreed to, Busch writes that Democrats lost “a mere four seats in the House and actually gaining four seats in the Senate” in the midterm elections held a week later.

And that wasn’t all.

“Democrats also suffered no net loss in governorships,” he adds, “the only time the President’s party could say that from the 1920s to 1986. Some of Kennedy’s fiercest critics, like Senators Walter Judd of Minnesota and Homer Capehart of Indiana, went down to defeat, and so did Richard Nixon in his bid to become Governor of California.”

Those historic wins also led to historic gains. In the next two years, the 88th Congress passed JFK’s tax cuts, the Civil Rights Act, and the legislative core of LBJ’s “Great Society.”

NOBODY: Wow. Start a “We are all going to die in a Nuclear blast…VOTE DEMOCRAT” in the midterms and 2024? Well, it worked before…will it work again? Makes sense. After all, Afghanistan was much worse than the BAY OF PIGS, and dems are expected to be wiped off the map. Makes you think doesn’t it? BUT….in the meantime, we must all keep our sense of humor…

Somebody save AOC…she is more worried about GOP terrorists.

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