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Can you believe that Obama just described the Democrats down to the very last word in this speech below? He insists it’s the republicans that are destroying everything? Can you believe that he wants you to ignore that very soon you will be starving because THEY are trying to save “democracy” and you all have to is scarifice YOUR life to save the planet, because too many of them have money invested in electric cars, wind mills and solar panel stocks? Not to mention, Obama and all the rest of the elites have very expensive mansions and jet planes they have to keep paying for.

And how about that big lie about the republicans will tell you what books you can read? Which means, Obama wants your 5-year old to see pictures of male genitals and be told that they really ARE gay? And if white, they are racist, and all kind of garbage propaganda that will damage the lives of millions of little kids who should not even be thinking about sex. And let’s not forget the blatent and now proved co-ordinated attack on censoring MILLIONS of Americans who just had a different viewpoint on communism, (we hate it) the vaccine, drugs, gays, race, and just about every other subject that you can think of?

Free speech is being annihilated at the speed of light, and Obama is doing it right here. If democrats win, all freedom will be gone.

The question is: how many people FALL for this absurd rant by Obama? He is going on his ‘appeal’ as the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT to try to convince people that they must suffer still, by the hands of the democrats, because the loss of democracy in history…well that leads to tyranny.

If you can’t hear tyranny talking to you through this mulatto’s mouth, then I’m not sure what else is left to say except:


Yes, you. If democrats pull out another coup this midterms, then…I HOPE all of you who bought this huge bag of Obama BS

REALLY suffer. And by the way, when you do, don’t come running to the REAL Americans for help.

We’ll be too busy trying to survive and taking care of our own.

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