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Robert Tried to Warn Everyone…

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Everybody on cable, Beck, Bannon, Newsmax, all now admit that the midterms were stolen, and well, HEY, the GOP is just not as clever as stealing as those really clever democrats!

Rascually rabbits! We’ve just got to be more like them! Steal it back!

Yes, that’s what we’ve come to. For years, we heard the screaming, the proof, watched treason comitted time and again by our leaders, and watched them laugh at the Constituion, and nothing is done to arrest any of those that have destroyed our lives.


I could write about this, but not today. It’s Friday, I’m going into survival mode:

The only leaders who helped us was President Trump. And OMG…He’s going to need a platoon of men to protect him for the next two years. Who could imagine what crimes they would resort to? Honest men are having a problem believing any of it.

I posted this, because there are men trying to tell us what’s coming. Trying to wake us all up. Robert is one of them

Not many people now can afford to go out and buy bars of gold. But silver? Yep.

Sorry, they are burning it all down, and on purpose, and as fast as they can.

It is, what it is.

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