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Nobody Flashes Mrs. O…

Mrs. O, one of my most prolific and educated readers, is having trouble seeing some of the video’s.

Elon Musk allowed this video on Twitter! Wonders never cease.

It’s kind of gruesome in spots, but God bless the doctors and morticians who put this out, because, how can they fire the guys who take care of the dead bodies? Can’t have bodies laying around can we now? Most of them are not part of a vast ‘network’ of state controlled medical system. And they show what’s coming out of the dead, and the blood, and the ‘fake’ clots.

God bless these people. .

This is by far, one of the best video’s ever put out about the real motive of the vaccines. It might take a while to watch it, (I did in in 15 minute intervals) but don’t miss the ending.

So, Mrs. O…or any of my other readers, IF you can’t see this, send me an email. I sent this to a friend in an email, and not only did I lose my internet connection, but my cell phone went blank at the same time…

AND I got a blank GREEN SCREEN on my cell phone at the same time.

That was a first.

Nobody Wonders if this video, which came out today, was the reason Fauci ‘retired.’ Coincidence?

I think not.

I hope it goes round the world.

Thanks Elon.

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