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Trump is Running…So…Where’s his fire?

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It’s almost as if he feels he has to run, but the fire is gone.

I’m listening to President Trump right now, and he sounds…defeated. Most of his speech, like many of his speeches, is all about what he accomplished. He has been doing this same speech over and over for years.

Not much is said about WHAT he will do. His soft voice, his words…he sounds beaten.

How can we blame him? He didn’t even mention what happened in Arizona. Maybe he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance of running because the GOP has already planned to beat him.

It’s all rigged.

They’ve been working against…Bush, Obama, The FBI, the Clintons. THE WORLD.

But he’s such a nice man, he doesn’t want to let America know that.

Sure, you might get more votes, but you GOT that in your last election, sir. THE MOST IN HISTORY, AND WHAT? They’ve got it rigged, and very few of the GOP will change the rigging.

At least, that’s what we feel.

I’m getting off now. He is still talking about his record. We KNOW about his record. What he should have…is fire. Teddy Roosevelt fire. Hell raising fire.

It’s gone. Maybe he doesn’t need this anymore.

Maybe he will be the last President of the United States. The last real one. I’ve said that before.

He says the same words, but his face, his voice, his softness…all portend…he’s tired.

He is simply going through the motions.

What happend to him should not have happened to any man.

This is not the fight that we need. And I feel…hopeless that they broke him.

DeSantis/ Rino/ will get help from this speech.


Brazil is out in the streets. Is Gates right? Are they setting up Trump to lose again so that we all take to the streets?

America…needs divine intervention.

Trump has lost his fire.

I’m going to bed.

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