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While Ameica was watching President Donald J. Trump annouce his running to be President in 2024, this new tyrant, right out of evil movies….

This new tyrant was mouthing off his Hitler plans for world domination to the ‘leaders’ at the G-20 meeting, where XI was the main tyrant who is working with Klaus and Gates, and it seems our own TURTLE and his wife, to transform the world into their one world government.

And while Russia seems also to be doing the bidding of China, who really doesn’t want to DESTROY America’s resources, with nuclear war, we can only imagine the meetings in secret. Biden went hiding when the all-important dinner of world tyrants came about.

We should be watching THIS guy. He is leading the destruction of the human race. Let’s call him what he is: a tyrant which should be STOPPED.

All politics lead back to this man.

He is helping China to take over the world, and if you don’t see that, then go watch football while you can. Soccer will soon take it over in America.

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